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Sell your Tory glory story: The Sun offers cash for Conservative testimonials

5 May 2015 16:34

Mr S reported over the weekend that Rupert Murdoch has jetted in to Britain ahead of the election. Now in the UK, the…


Rupert Murdoch jets into London to see off Miliband

2 May 2015 10:00

Ed Milband used his interview with Russell Brand as a chance to bash his arch-enemy Rupert Murdoch. The Labour leader…

Why did Murdoch lose confidence in Times editor James Harding? Photo: Getty Images.

Why James Harding had to quit as Times editor

13 December 2012 14:31

Given that James Harding is generally regarded as the best editor of The Times to have worked under Rupert Murdoch,…

Demonstrators from the campaign group Av

Hunted Jeremy faces the media crowd

26 June 2012 14:45

One time Tory leader contender (now cabinet dead man walking) Jeremy Hunt faced the suits last night at his first…


On the eve of Hunt’s Leveson appearance

30 May 2012 18:51

It has become the conventional wisdom in Westminster that Jeremy Hunt’s career will turn on his appearance before the Leveson…


Leveson continues, but it is a sideshow to the Euro drama

24 May 2012 14:16

Fred Michel’s testimony this morning at the Leveson Inquiry was embarrassing but not devastating. The texts between him and Jeremy…


Brooks charges mean more trouble for Cameron

15 May 2012 11:02

The news that Rebekah Brooks and Charlie Brooks have been charged with perverting the course of justice means that there’ll…

Embarrassment for Cameron, trouble for Hunt

11 May 2012 16:54

Rebekah Brooks’s testimony at Leveson was embarrassing for the Prime Minister — but no worse than that. I suspect that…


Coulson easily handles his Leveson test

10 May 2012 17:16

Andy Coulson’s evidence to the Leveson Inquiry was a reminder of why he rose so quickly. He never said more…


Today’s theatrics will soon be overshadowed by Leveson

8 May 2012 21:22

Today’s Cameron-Clegg event was meant to be very different from the one in the Downing Street garden two years ago:…


Leveson narrows Cameron’s fightback window

3 May 2012 16:39

During the government’s recent troubles, Cameroons have talked about the ‘window’ for action that David Cameron will have if Boris…

MPs squabble over their own phone hacking report

1 May 2012 12:48

The education select committee reported earlier, but it is the report of another select committee that will get all the…

Boris drops the f-bomb (again)

30 April 2012 16:05

More ‘colourful language’ from Boris Johnson today. Interviewed by the BBC about his reported attempts to secure sponsorship from News…


Hunt still hasn’t answered the main question

25 April 2012 13:23

In his statement to the House of Commons, I heard no answer from Jeremy Hunt to the most serious question…


Hunt’s special adviser resigns

25 April 2012 11:45

There’s been a resignation this morning, but it is not Jeremy Hunt’s. Instead, it’s his special adviser Adam Smith. Smith’s…

Hunt: I’m not quitting

24 April 2012 20:06

Here’s the full statement: ‘Now is not a time for kneejerk reactions. We’ve heard one side of the story today…


Hunt’s in real trouble

24 April 2012 16:23

If anyone doubted just how dramatic the Murdochs’ evidence to Leveson was going to be, then the five hours of…


The Hunt becomes the hunted

24 April 2012 15:09

The Eurocrisis may be nagging at our political class, but it’s got nothing on the Leveson inquiry. Today has been…


Motorman returns

10 April 2012 13:46

  Guido Fawkes has caused a stir this morning by releasing a section of the Operation Motorman files, naming those…


Cameron lands in America

13 March 2012 19:35

David Cameron’s plane has just landed in Washington. The next few days should provide him with a set of images…


What James Murdoch’s move tells us

29 February 2012 16:16

When Rupert Murdoch visited the Sun newsroom recently, eyebrows were raised by the fact that he was accompanied not by…

Murdoch resigns from newspaper boards

23 November 2011 14:26

The Evening Standard has the scoop: ‘Companies House filings show James Murdoch has stepped down from the boards of both…

Murdoch denies all knowledge

10 November 2011 16:45

James Murdoch’s great advantage today was that he didn’t mind if people came away thinking he was a bit of…

Tom Watson calls James Murdoch a "mafia boss"

10 November 2011 13:48

During Murdoch’s appearance before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which has just concluded:

Kelvin MacKenzie: I was hacked too

28 September 2011 14:31

Kelvin MacKenzie reveals in tomorrow’s Spectator that he was interviewed as a potential victim of the News of the World…