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The New Statesman used a photo for their cover rather than a cartoon by Art Spiegelman (Credit: Art Spiegelman)

Did the New Statesman censor its censorship issue?

29 May 2015 17:02

This week’s New Statesman, guest-edited by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, is titled ‘Saying the unsayable’. It promises to ‘address the ideas…


Why wasn’t the head of Hamas properly cross-examined during his BBC interview?

10 April 2015 13:26

When journalists have the much sought after opportunity to interview the heads of states and organisations with appalling human rights…

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The media and political elite need to stop treating the electorate like dogs

2 April 2015 15:41

There are many grating phrases in modern British politics. ‘Best practice.’ ‘Fit for purpose.’ ‘Let me explain’ (just bloody well…

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Revealed: The reason behind Alex Salmond’s pink champagne order

2 April 2015 12:57

After Alex Salmond was outed as ordering pink champagne in not one but two interviews last week, naysayers were quick…


Grayson Perry has a pitiably phalloscopic perspective

9 October 2014 17:12

Calm down, dears: the strange coughing noise that was heard across Britain at around 8.30 yesterday morning was not the…

26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 - Award Winner Portraits

Was Russell Brand’s phrase ‘Harry Potter poofs’ offensive?

14 January 2014 17:15

Russell Brand is in the naughty boy’s corner today after he jokingly told raucous members of the Cambridge Union last…

Amnesty International's Secret Policeman's Ball 2012 - Show

Russell Brand: an adolescent extremist whose hatred of politics is matched by his ignorance

28 October 2013 12:11

So, I recommend a trip to Sri Lanka. Wonderful place. Go now before everyone else does. Being (almost entirely) offline…

Medhi Hasan, BBC

A letter to the Editor of the New Statesman

17 October 2013 17:21

I have a letter in this week’s New Statesman. It is a response to an article in last week’s magazine…


The View from 22 — Twitter abuse wars, Theresa vs Boris and Egypt’s Arab winter

1 August 2013 13:40

Will online abuse and trolling ever be stopped? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Hugo Rifkind discusses his Spectator…


The View from 22 — Sex and success, Conservative vs. Labour unity and the two-wheeled tyranny of cyclists

25 April 2013 9:20

What do Margaret Thatcher, Sheryl Sandberg and Angela Merkel have in common? They are the ultimate alpha-female icons, according to…

Boris shows KP how it's really done. (PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images)

A birthday challenge to the New Statesman

11 April 2013 16:10

Slight treachery from Boris, who has written a glowing piece on the occasion of the New Statesman’s centenary. While most people…

David Cameron in Prime Minister's Questions this afternoon

PMQs sketch: Miliband has ‘one of those days’

27 February 2013 17:14

What a strange PMQs. The house seemed half empty. The tug of elsewhere dominated proceedings. Richard Drax asked the prime…

David Cameron manages to bat away Ed Miliband's attacks at PMQs today. Photo: Getty Images.

David Cameron sails through what should have been a difficult PMQs

27 February 2013 13:25

Today’s PMQs should have been a tricky one for David Cameron. Ed Miliband had the ratings downgrade with which to…

George Orwell: friend or foe of the New Statesman? Photo: PA

Down the memory hole for Orwell Week

24 January 2013 12:20

Amid much Twitter self-congratulation, the New Statesman has declared this ‘Orwell week‘. Oddly, however, it has yet to mention some…

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The truth about dead bats and wind farms

6 January 2013 14:23

Are wind turbines really good for the environment? The economics, as we know, is often deeply dubious. But in this week’s…

Beth Stockbridge, an intern with the US

Will 2013 bring an end to unpaid internships?

17 December 2012 19:45

It’s a bit early for predictions for 2013. But my feeling is that it could be the year of the…

David Miliband is much exercised by Mehdi Hasan's revised biography of Ed. Image: Getty.

Steerpike at Labour: No such thing as a free glass of wine

1 October 2012 16:24

David Miliband blasted New Statesman columnist Mehdi Hasan’s updated Ed Miliband biography yesterday afternoon: ‘Judging by extracts about me in…

New Statesman's Rafael Behr with Lib Dem President Tim Farron.

Lib Dem conference: Tim Farron discovers his coalicious side

23 September 2012 20:11

Distinctive not destructive — that’s Tim Farron’s view on how the Liberal Democrats can redefine themselves within government. Speaking to…

Bernie gag cartoon - 'Unhappy, please help'

Does the New Statesman need more cartoons? Yes!

24 August 2012 12:56

The current issue of the New Statesman leads off with a characteristically elegant and thorough feature by its deputy editor,…


The other Miliband under attack

4 February 2012 10:42

By now, we’re all used to waking up to newspaper columns describing Ed Miliband’s flaws and proclaiming him unfit to…

Labour wants to be the party of law and order

27 September 2011 11:33

Andy Coulson was right to worry about the coalition’s law and order policies: Labour is trying to outflank the government…

Ed’s opportunity

22 September 2011 13:08

Ed Miliband is the man to rip up the rulebook. He uses the phrase half a dozen times in an…

The Real New Statesman

12 February 2010 23:35

I am the last person to speak ill of the New Statesman. But even during those golden years when I…

Geoffrey Robinson in The Times

22 April 2009 11:20

I was delighted to see Geoffrey Robinson’s letter in The Times today where he clarifies that my departure from the…