National security

Soham Trial Nears Conclusion

British journalists lock each other up and throw away the key

28 October 2013 21:23

In the past few days, my colleagues on the Guardian have been publishing stories of national and international significance – indeed, if truth be told, they have been publishing them… Continue reading

Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda.

The reaction to David Miranda’s detention is completely ridiculous

20 August 2013 11:58

It may not have been the smartest move to detain David Miranda, the Brazilian partner of Guardian ‘journalist’ Glenn Greenwald, under the Terrorism Act.  But the explosion of righteous anger… Continue reading

The real-life Bond is on the rack, with the laser beam of the Human Rights lobby moving closer towards his vitals.

No, Mr Bond, I expect you to settle out of court

21 December 2012 15:43

Right now, there are about 60 assorted cases of people trying to sue Britain’s intelligence services. Is that because our spies are unusually wicked, cavalier or brutal? Or because they… Continue reading


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Tax Evader

6 April 2012 18:48

Rather than respond to CoffeeHousers in the comment thread of my blog earlier, I thought I’d do it in a post (and also take in some of the comments from… Continue reading


What is being done in the name of ‘national security’?

6 April 2012 9:15

The liberty versus security debate has returned to Westminster, and it’s just like old times. David Davis is having great fun beating up the government, except this time it’s a… Continue reading


Web surveillance plan divides the coalition

3 April 2012 9:49

The government’s under fire from members of both coalition parties over its plans to extend the state’s investigatory powers to cover new means of communication. Currently, under section 22 of… Continue reading


Replacing control orders: an unsatisfactory compromise 

26 March 2012 19:09

A small silver lining for David Cameron in the ‘cash for access scandal’: on a quieter day, today’s report on the coalition’s replacement of control orders with ‘Terrorism Prevention and… Continue reading


Afghanistan Isn’t Working

12 March 2012 14:03

For years now, Afghanistan policy has been governed by a simple question: Do the unknown costs of leaving Afghanistan trump the known costs of staying in Afghanistan? Until now the… Continue reading


Britain makes new senior diplomatic appointments

24 June 2011 14:53

From the Number 10 website: The Prime Minister is pleased to confirm the following senior appointments: Sir Peter Ricketts, currently the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor, to become HM Ambassador… Continue reading


Gates: Current state of Nato is ‘unacceptable’

10 June 2011 21:05

The outgoing US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has delivered a remarkably frank warning to the European members of Nato that if they do not spend more on defence, the United… Continue reading


What were the SAS doing in the eastern desert?

8 March 2011 9:01

When the official files are opened in 30 years time, we will see what series of decisions led the government to send a helicopter-born SAS team into eastern Libya when… Continue reading


How to build democracies

6 March 2011 18:40

Following the events in the Middle East, I have proposed a democracy review of UK bilateral relations and former Europe minister Denis MacShane has suggested that David Cameron set up… Continue reading


My BBC Radio 4 Analysis programme on Secrecy

25 October 2009 21:32

Can secrets ever be good for you? I used to describe myself as a “free speech fundamentalist” and believed that there were almost no circumstances in which official secrets should… Continue reading


Mr Obama, tear down these missile sites

17 September 2009 18:43

Today Barack Obama publicly tore down the missile installations that George W Bush put up in the Czech Republic and Poland. The system was ostensibly meant to counter threats from… Continue reading


How Cameron should structure his national security team

8 August 2009 13:01

Reports that the Tories are thinking about appointing a Minister for Afghanistan raise the broader question of how they should structure their national security team. Though the Tories bang on… Continue reading