Dr Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury, leaves Number 10 Downing Street on 6th December 1936 after meeting with Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin and other ministers to discuss the abdication crisis. Image: Getty.

Cosmo Lang, his part in Edward VIII’s downfall

10 December 2012 9:30

In December 1936, following the Abdication of Edward VIII, a rhyme circulated about the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cosmo Lang: ‘My…

Michael Portillo dressed as King Charles II, the 'Merrie Monarch'. Image: Getty.

Henry Jermyn – the hidden power behind Charles II’s throne

4 December 2012 10:00

350 years ago, Charles II ruled over a Britain whose destiny – as a world power or a defeated backwater…

Image: Getty

Kate Middleton pregnant, the world reacts

3 December 2012 23:16

Ask not where I was when I heard that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant, ask rather where I was…

Prince Charles on a healthy-eating campaign with Jamie Oliver today Image: Getty

The Hippy King

26 November 2012 17:55

Last month I brought you news that Prince Charles was blocking Freedom of Information requests to ensure that his communications with government…

Prince Henry's death prompted an outpouring of public grief, similar to that of Winston Churchill. Image: Getty.

William Rowley and the death of Prince Henry – poetry

5 November 2012 10:26

‘To the Grave’ Unclasp thy womb, thou mortuary shrine, And take the worst part of the best we had. Thou…

Prince Charles' letters to ministers are to remain secret, the Attorney General has ruled. Image: Getty.

Prince Charles’ letters covered up again

16 October 2012 14:17

It is no secret that the Prince of Wales is a plant-whispering greeny; but the precise nature (and bias) of his…

The Duchess of Cambridge has been incredibly dignified in the face of adversity. Image: Getty.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s dignity

17 September 2012 12:53

Mr Steerpike is no Middleton fan, but it has to be said that the Duchess of Cambridge has maintained her composure remarkably well…

Pippa pulls it off. Image: Getty

Pippa Middleton cashes in

30 August 2012 16:54

Mr Steerpike was overcome with joy when he read the press release from Pippa Middleton’s publishers. It told him that…

Elizabeth the Great, Getty Images

Compromised by not compromising

24 July 2012 14:51

‘In a relationship, when does the art of compromise become compromising?’ Thus spoke Carrie Bradshaw. Such knowledge suggests that I…

Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh Visit Northern Ireland - Day 2

A question for Martin McGuinness

27 June 2012 13:30

‘God speed’ was apparently what Martin McGuinness said to the Queen when they met a short time ago. I wonder…

A protester holds up two Irish flags in

A Jubilee moment of historic significance

22 June 2012 16:30

Martin McGuiness will meet Her Majesty the Queen and shake her hand in Northern Ireland. This is a seminal moment.…

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince

Vivat Regina

10 June 2012 17:00

This article appears in the latest issue of Spectator Australia. We thought that CoffeeHousers would like to read it. The…


Why the Jubilee Coverage was so bad

6 June 2012 10:45

One of my objections to monarchy is that it is a vulgar institution that encourages verbosity, prurience, sycophancy and banality.…


Rain and royalty

3 June 2012 23:30

This picture, to me, sums up today’s Jubilee flotilla: drenched Royal College of Music students cheerfully singing Land of Hope…


Inside our Jubilee Special

3 June 2012 13:30

The rain makes today’s Jubilee celebrations a truly British event. We didn’t want any of this continental sun, anyway. The…

The Queen Does Not Inspire; That’s a Feature Not a Bug

31 May 2012 13:01

Can’t republicans do better than this? If keeping quiet and cutting ribbons is all we can expect of our head…


The Queen’s Speech: full text

9 May 2012 11:47

My Government’s legislative programme will focus on economic growth, justice and constitutional reform.   My Ministers’ first priority will be…

The Queen’s speech to Parliament (minus John Bercow)

20 March 2012 12:37

The Queen has just delivered her Diamond Jubilee address to Parliament, which you can watch below. CoffeeHousers will be terribly…


From the archives: Britain’s new Queen

6 February 2012 18:07

To mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne in 1952, here is the leader that…

The building of our history

31 October 2011 16:24

Athens, for all its current woes, still has the Parthenon. Rome has the Colosseum, Paris the Louvre, Berlin the Reichstag,…

Reigning for dummies

22 October 2011 18:24

  What is the Queen’s secret? She seems to defy political gravity. Right now, an English monarch is in Australia being…

This year’s other Royal Wedding

30 July 2011 18:14

Coffee House congratulations to Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, who were married in Edinburgh today. Footage via ConservativeHome:

A (slightly belated) Birthday message for Prince Philip

11 June 2011 21:16

The Spectator is very proud to be the purveyor of a long-distance birthday message to Prince Philip, who turned 90…


26 May 2011 15:07

A lovely picture of Her Majesty with the Obamas. Captions please! (Also, what joke is Prince Philip keeping to himself?)…

When Dublin trembled

17 May 2011 18:00

On 17 May 1974 — 37 years ago today — I was a 19-year-old student at Trinity College Dublin, celebrating…