Modern Slavery

What would happen to the UK if Scotland votes for independence? Photo: Getty Images.

Podcast: The UK without Scotland, assisted dying and modern slavery

3 July 2014 8:42

How would the rest of the United Kingdom cope without Scotland? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, James Forsyth discusses his Spectator cover feature with Fraser Nelson and Eddie… Continue reading

What will Her Majesty read out in tomorrow's speech? Photo: OLI SCARFF/AFP/GettyImages

Pensions, pubs, shale, slavery and recall — what to expect in tomorrow’s Queen Speech

3 June 2014 17:07

The last Queen’s Speech of this Parliament is almost upon us. Will the final session prove right the claims that this is a ‘zombie parliament’? Or can we expect a… Continue reading

86th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

Theresa May: it’s time to stamp out slavery. Again.

3 March 2014 16:43

In his Oscars acceptance speech Steve McQueen declared he was dedicating the award for his film 12 Years A Slave to ‘all the people who have endured slavery. And to… Continue reading

Slavery has not yet been abolished in England. Photo: Getty Images.

Did slavery never go away?

22 November 2013 9:22

There is blanket media coverage of ‘London’s shame’ – the news of the escape of three women who had been held as slaves in Lambeth for 30 years. The women… Continue reading

Image: Getty

A historic opportunity for Britain to put an end to modern-day slavery

17 October 2013 13:48

Last year I met Ben, a British man who’d been made homeless and had been living on the streets. Collecting food at a soup kitchen one evening, he was approached… Continue reading

The Conservative Party Spring Forum

Theresa May, action woman

25 August 2013 9:44

The Sunday Times p1 today reveals (to people who don’t read the Daily Telegraph or CoffeeHouse) that Theresa May is planning a Modern Slavery Bill. The Home Secretary writes about… Continue reading