Mitt Romney

Former CIA agent Evan McMullin announces his presidential campaign as an Independent candidate in Salt Lake City, Utah, in August

How the Mormons dumped Trump

26 October 2016 15:22

Evan McMullin is running for president of the United States. A Mormon from Utah, a former CIA undercover agent, he…

Today in audio: Mitt Romney brands Trump a ‘phony’

3 March 2016 17:46

Mitt Romney launched an outspoken attack on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, branding the billionaire businessman a ‘phony’ and a ‘fraud’.…

Mitt Romney Campaigns With AK Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan In Anchorage

The ineffable sadness of Mitt Romney 2016

16 January 2015 14:58

The suggestion Mitt Romney might make another run for the Presidency of the United States made me think of a…

Mitt Romney addresses the crowd during a rally for Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan (Photo: David Ryder/Getty)

Obama was the Republicans’ greatest weapon last night. What will they do without him?

5 November 2014 12:45

Anchorage, Alaska You don’t mean a thing if your state’s not a swing, goes the saying in American elections. But…

Senate Chairman Of Transportation Committee Calls For Investigation Into George Washington Bridge Lane Closures

Rumours of Chris Christie’s political death are exaggerated.

8 January 2014 21:35

January 2014, two years before the Iowa caucuses and already Chris Christie, the pugnacious governor of New Jersey, has been…

Western Kentucky v Mississippi Valley State

Race, gay marriage and modern Conservatism. Lessons for David Cameron from America. - Spectator Blogs

13 November 2012 17:10

So, we’ve had nearly a week to digest the results of the American election and contemplate what, if anything, it…

The established criticism of George Osborne is that he is influential yet insubstantial, is that fair?

George Osborne, the insubstantial chancellor?

13 November 2012 16:00

George Osborne’s public interventions on issues other than the economy are few and far between, which is why his article…

Mitt Romney concedes defeat in the US Presidential election. Picture: Getty

The Romney campaign meets electoral reality

9 November 2012 15:23

When I worked in Washington, I was shown round the White House by a junior Bush administration staffer. As our…


Immigration is only part of the problem Republicans have with hispanic voters - Spectator Blogs

8 November 2012 1:24

Lord knows there are plenty of people to blame for Mitt Romney’s defeat. One chap has not been mentioned often…

Romney Campaigns Throughout Swing States Ahead Of Presidential Election

The View from the Cocoon of Denial and Epistemic Closure - Spectator Blogs

7 November 2012 19:48

William F Buckley has, alas, gone the way of all flesh but his National Review lives on and arguably remains…

President Obama Holds Election Night Event In Chicago

Barack Obama is Re-Elected President of the United States - Spectator Blogs

7 November 2012 5:45

Well, I was wrong. I thought Mitt Romney might do rather better than it seems he has. As I type…

Barack Obama

US election 2012: Obama wins Ohio… and four more years

7 November 2012 4:15

NBC has called Ohio for President Obama — enough to guarantee him the 270 electoral votes he needs for re-election.…

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Presidential Predictions: Barack Obama 294 Mitt Romney 244 - Spectator Blogs

6 November 2012 19:37

Asked my prediction a few days ago, I looked at all the possibilities and plumped for Obama 294, Romney 244.…


Barack Obama Deserves A Second Term - Spectator Blogs

6 November 2012 14:10

No matter the result of today’s Presidential election, it will not be Morning in America tomorrow. Of course the successful…

Which candidate does America really love? Photo: Getty Images

US elections 2012: God Bless Negativity

6 November 2012 11:46

Today, says American political journalist Michael Brendan Dougherty, ‘120 million Americans will choose who they don’t want to be president.’…

Would you vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama tomorrow? Image: Getty

Why I would vote for Mitt Romney

5 November 2012 16:58

What is the role of a commentator in an election in which he or she cannot vote? And how would…

President Obama is the strong favourite to win re-election tomorrow. Picture: Getty Images

Sorry, but Barack Obama’s clearly ahead

5 November 2012 16:09

Four years ago, on the weekend before the 2008 presidential election, political commentator John McLaughlin asked the four panellists on…

Mitt Romney at a rally yesterday in Virginia. Picture: Getty

The real Mitt Romney and why the American right can take heart

5 November 2012 12:56

Iain Duncan Smith last night threw his weight behind Mitt Romney in a manner his colleagues have been reluctant to…

Mitt Romney Campaigns Across The Country Four Days Before The Election

Mitt Romney’s narrow paths to the White House

3 November 2012 16:50

Can Mitt Romney win the presidential election on Tuesday? The answer is yes, he can — but it’ll be tough.…

Would British voters put up with politicians getting all touchy-feely with them in the wake of a natural disaster? Image: Getty

Sandy exposes another difference between the US and the UK

2 November 2012 17:27

Differences between the US and the UK are often commented upon. But the storm ‘Sandy’ this week has highlighted one…

Mitt Romney is within touching distance of the White House Photo: AFP/Getty

Mitt Romney is closer than ever to the presidency

23 October 2012 9:57

The presidential debates are over, and Mitt Romney is within touching distance of the White House. Barack Obama was the…

US President Barack Obama Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney make their way to greet their wives at the end of the third and final presidential debate. Picture: Getty

Barack Obama tells Mitt Romney: ‘We have fewer horses and bayonets’

23 October 2012 8:53

Whoever wins the US presidency on 6 November will owe little of their success to foreign policy. A recent poll showed that…

Barack Obama will be a diminished president, even if he wins re-election. Image: Getty.

The fall of Barack Obama

18 October 2012 18:08

I have a piece in this week’s magazine on the fall of Barack Obama. I’m not saying he may not…


Barack Obama wins the second presidential debate - Spectator Blogs

17 October 2012 15:10

Barack Obama won the second of the three Presidential debates last night but he did not beat Mitt Romney as…

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney shake hands after the second presidential debate last night. Picture: Getty

Obama campaigns for Clinton’s third term

17 October 2012 11:32

This debate was never going to be easy for Mitt Romney. After his evisceration of Barack Obama in the first…