David Cameron in Prime Minister's Questions this afternoon

PMQs sketch: Miliband has ‘one of those days’

27 February 2013 17:14

What a strange PMQs. The house seemed half empty. The tug of elsewhere dominated proceedings. Richard Drax asked the prime minister if ‘prospective members of parliament’ should ever speak in… Continue reading


Labour’s Disingenuous Flirtation with an EU Referendum

21 May 2012 11:50

Apparently the Labour leadership is considering making a commitment to hold an In or Out referendum on British membership of the EU sometime in the next parliament. Guido says this would… Continue reading


Does Ed Miliband Have A Clue About Scotland?

27 April 2012 13:14

I’m not sure Ed Miliband’s people will be altogether happy that James McIntyre’s Prospect interview with the Labour leader devotes quite so much time to Miliband’s leadership credentials. This is… Continue reading


David Miliband should join the shadow Cabinet or quit British politics

12 June 2011 18:39

David Miliband’s statement today declares that he ‘wants no part’ of the ‘soap opera’ of leadership drama. But as long as David Miliband remains outside the shadow Cabinet and, therefore… Continue reading