Mike Hancock


X MI5 SPY: Do Mr and Mrs Banks have something to tell us?

13 April 2016 9:34

Back in 2010, Arron Bank’s Russian wife Katya had the ability to generate more press than the eccentric Brexit backer. Formerly…

Mike Hancock

Mike Hancock: I crossed the line

18 June 2014 16:22

Mike Hancock has settled the civil case brought against him by a constituent alleging that he sexually assaulted her (Julie…


Coffee Shots: Mike Hancock’s son in alleged assault on journalist

23 January 2014 15:12

More unwanted drama for the Lib Dems. Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock’s son has been filmed allegedly assaulting a photographer outside…

Mike Hancock

Mike Hancock suspended from Lib Dems

22 January 2014 18:05

Mike Hancock has been suspended this afternoon as a Liberal Democrat councillor following the leak of the report into his…

As reported in The Spectator, the Liberal Democrat leadership has been aware of the Mike Hancock allegations for a number of years. Illustration: Christian Adams.

The Mike Hancock imbroglio

4 June 2013 12:49

Mike Hancock last night resigned the Lib Dem whip to fight a court case that includes serious allegations about his…

Mike Hancock

Mike Hancock resigns from Lib Dems

3 June 2013 22:37

Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock has resigned from the party to fight ‘very serious allegations’ about his conduct. He took…

After Ukip's second place in Eastleigh, Farage thinks they can win a by-election. Picture: PA

Nigel Farage shouldn’t get Ukip’s hopes up for a win in Portsmouth South

24 April 2013 11:56

Talk of a by-election in Portsmouth South has been growing, fuelled by allegations against MP Mike Hancock. And, in a…

Sex party

Exclusive: Clegg ignored a sexual harassment complaint about a SECOND Lib Dem

27 February 2013 16:24

In this week’s Spectator, Julie Bindel explores the culture of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ in Parliament. Her piece, “Carry on Westminster”, makes…

The mundanity of espionage

5 December 2010 15:55

And the most curious political story of the day has to be the one about Mike Hancock’s 25-year-old parliamentary researcher,…