Michael Gove

Hilton: Brexit would be the crowning achievement of Tory modernisation

25 May 2016 0:01

In a speech to Policy Exchange today, Steve Hilton—David Cameron’s former senior adviser—will make the case that ‘any intellectual rigorous…

Jacob Rees-Mogg And Nigel Farage Speak Out Against The European Arrest Warrant

Brexit: the-stab-in-the-back myth is coming

17 May 2016 15:50

I don’t know if ‘Leave’ supporters will win. With the young abstaining and the old voting in a low-turnout referendum,…


Tory unity after the referendum is looking increasingly difficult

16 May 2016 16:33

One of the big questions about the EU referendum campaign is whether the Tory leadership is running its campaign in…

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The Brexiteers have brought romance back into politics

16 May 2016 10:25

I recently got round to reading Francis Fukuyama’s famous book The End of History and the Last Man. As well…

Is the Brexit campaign ‘morphing into Ukip’?

13 May 2016 8:25

Is the Brexit campaign ‘morphing into Ukip’? That’s what Sir John Major will say he fears is happening later. In…

Today in audio: Gove’s case for Brexit

19 April 2016 17:03

Michael Gove has been making his case for Brexit and doing his best to knock the stuffing out of the…

Did Stephen King write the In campaign’s script?

19 April 2016 12:16

One of the most striking things about the debate on Britain’s future relationship with Europe is that the case for…


The danger of Michael Gove’s vague optimism

19 April 2016 9:23

After yesterday’s furore over Treasury warnings about exactly what Brexit will cost British families, today it’s Michael Gove’s turn to…

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Vote Leave given designation as official Brexit campaign

13 April 2016 15:18

After months of waiting, the Electoral Commission has announced that Vote Leave has been given the official designation for the…


Sorry, Danny Finkelstein, but you didn’t change Iain Duncan Smith’s career

23 March 2016 17:19

A few years back, Mr Steerpike wrote a blog entitled ‘How Danny Finkelstein botched the reshuffle‘ – revealing how those…


There are no easy answers to the EU question

11 March 2016 12:02

People — nice people, members of the public, concerned voters — keep coming up to me saying, ‘We want to…

The Spectator podcast: Donald Trump’s angry America

3 March 2016 8:37

In this week’s issue, Freddy Gray discusses Donald Trump’s success on Super Tuesday. America has been the world’s most benevolent…


Watch: Tom Watson jokes about Labour’s misery

29 February 2016 18:09

Although the Tories currently find their party divided over Europe, they can at least take heart that the opposition face greater…


The best state schools have pulled ahead of private schools. Why is that so hard to accept?

28 February 2016 14:37

edict For years, now, the Sutton Trust has been releasing research showing how many doctors, judges, journalists etc were privately educated…

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Sarah Vine lifts the lid on Gove’s Brexit negotiations: dinner with Evgeny Lebedev

24 February 2016 9:29

Over the years David Cameron has faced much scrutiny over his close relationship with Rupert Murdoch — as well as…

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Michael Gove attacks EU reforms as ‘not legally binding’

24 February 2016 8:45

Michael Gove’s BBC interview, in which he disagrees with his Prime Minister over whether his renegotiation deal is indeed legally…

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove at last year's Spectator awards. Picture: PA

This referendum is now a battle between two visions of the future

21 February 2016 19:04

George Osborne’s plan for this referendum was to turn it into a question of the future versus the past, for…

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Blow to Cameron as Boris backs Brexit

21 February 2016 16:01

David Cameron used to always remind people who asked him about what Boris would do in the referendum that the…

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Contrary to what Cameron and Osborne say, Gove hasn’t been an Outer for 30 years

21 February 2016 10:53

David Cameron and George Osborne have responded to Michael Gove’s decision to campaign for Out by saying that he has…

The Door To Number 10 Downing Street

What was said at the EU referendum Cabinet

20 February 2016 14:45

At Cabinet this morning, every minister spoke in strict order of Cabinet seniority. This meant that Michael Gove was the…

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Will more than half a dozen Cabinet Ministers back Brexit?

20 February 2016 8:00

The Cabinet convenes this morning at 10am with, at least, six of those present set to back Out. The most…

Newspaper front pages dump on Cameron’s deal – again

20 February 2016 1:06

For David Cameron, the only upside to such a late agreement on his deal is that news didn’t break in…


Cameron is now resigned to losing Michael Gove to the ‘Out’ campaign

19 February 2016 16:34

As the EU Council meeting in Brussels drags on and on, the chances of a Cabinet meeting this evening are…

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Will the big political beasts throw their weight behind Cameron?

18 February 2016 14:01

David Cameron heads to Brussels today still not knowing which Tory big beasts he will have supporting him in the…

It’s here: David Cameron’s long-awaited EU deal D-day arrives

18 February 2016 9:26

David Cameron – and the travelling circus of officials and journalists around him – is in Brussels today for that…