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Keith Vaz is all things to all men. (ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images)

Keith Vaz on the smarm offensive

14 April 2014 15:52

Keith Vaz was in full oil slick mode on Friday night when he found himself as the only Labour MP at the Asian Business Awards in Waterloo. Surrounded by dozens… Continue reading


Has anyone noticed Tory tanks rolling onto Labour’s lawn?

7 April 2014 8:40

It’s unfashionable to talk about the battle for the centre ground these days. The fight to win political credibility is conducted through a new prism. Populists versus the establishment, centralisers… Continue reading


Michael Gove is right — the Conservatives are the party of social justice

1 April 2014 12:00

Yesterday, George Osborne dedicated himself the mission of ‘full employment’. Today, Michael Gove has given a speech declaring that the Conservatives are the ‘party of social justice’. This is not… Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s sympathy for ‘needy’ Gove

25 March 2014 13:30

Congratulations to Sarah Vine. Last night the Mail columnist achieved the almost impossible feat of getting the leader of the Labour Party to defend his party’s favourite pantomime villain: Michael… Continue reading

Labour Attempt To Hold On To Stoke As The BNP Target The Seat

Michael Gove attacks Tristram Hunt for not knowing difference between education and health

24 March 2014 16:23

Education questions is always interesting in the sense that the main players are quite energetic and keen for debate and there is a genuine divide now between the two main… Continue reading

David Cameron has rebuked Michael Gove for comments he made to the FT. Picture: Getty

Exclusive: PM vents fury at Gove for interview on Etonians

17 March 2014 20:17

Unsurprisingly, Michael Gove’s FT interview in which he attacked the ‘preposterous’ number of Old Etonians around David Cameron – widely interpreted as a sally on behalf of George Osborne –… Continue reading

Gove and Osborne. Image: Getty

Why no Tory can lecture another on leadership challenges

17 March 2014 14:51

The continued speculation about who in the Conservative party is putting the most effort into preparing their leadership hat to throw into the currently non-existent ring is quite amusing. But… Continue reading

David Davis delivers notification of his intention to stand down as an MP on June 18, 2008; the act that appears to have cost him a senior ministerial career. (Image: SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

David Davis should be in Cabinet – or at least in government

17 March 2014 10:21

Class never quite goes away as an issue for the Tories, for the simple and sufficient reason that it matters. Lately it was Michael Gove stating the obvious, that the… Continue reading

David Cameron And Nick Clegg Visit Nottingham Following Yesterday's Spending Review

I’m exposing Clegg’s gimmicks to stop him interfering with schools

15 March 2014 10:51

Simon Jenkins has written a bizarre piece in the Evening Standard. As well as answering that, I’ll explain a few others things about it. Unfortunately, he has completely misunderstood the basics… Continue reading


It’s time for the Tories to rally to the aspiration agenda

13 March 2014 17:59

School reform is economically essential for Britain’s future success, morally necessary for a fairer, more socially mobile society and politically essential for a centre-right party that wants to show that… Continue reading

Tristram Hunt – enemy of choice. Image: Getty

Tristram Hunt should worry about failure in council schools, not free schools

13 March 2014 12:10

Tristram Hunt seems delighted today that Britain’s first profit-seeking school has been deemed ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted. The scores of council-run failing schools, several in his Stoke constituency, don’t seem to… Continue reading

Michael Gove and Boris Johnson — the two camps in the ongoing fight to succeed David Cameron.

Podcast: Gove’s last stand, the march of the dog police and the future of conservatism in America

13 March 2014 8:27

Why is Michael Gove under attack from his coalition partners, his own party and numerous enemies? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Toby Young, James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson… Continue reading

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Revealed: how Nick Clegg cooked up his ‘free school meals’ pledge

11 March 2014 17:44

For those who missed Dominic Cummings, recently departed Michael Gove adviser, on BBC Radio 4′s World At One, here’s the extraordinary transcript which confirms what Coffee Housers will have feared.… Continue reading

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Gove, Cameron and the myth of ‘state vs private’ schools

10 March 2014 12:51

Will David Cameron send his kids to a state secondary school, as Michael Gove is doing? Today’s papers are following up James Forsyth’s suggestion that Cameron will slum it as… Continue reading

Nick Clegg Gives A Speech On Britain In Europe

Bickering about bickering

7 March 2014 11:32

Lib Dems are excitedly travelling to their Spring conference in York, which kicks off this evening with the traditional rally (hopefully a stand-up free one, though). Vince Cable and Tim… Continue reading

Nick Clegg: does not want to annoy teachers. Photo: Getty Images.

Nick Clegg: Vince Cable never intended to offend teachers

6 March 2014 18:18

Nick Clegg spent this morning singing the Lib Dem equivalent of Take That’s Back for Good, telling his target voters from the teaching profession that whatever one of his colleagues… Continue reading

History of Art is more than just a subject for nice girls with nice hair

History of Art shouldn’t just be a subject for posh girls

4 March 2014 15:48

There’s a campaign running at the moment to rebrand History of Art and clear up some of the myths surrounding the subject. It’s seen as a posh subject, studied by… Continue reading

Tristram Hunt on the Sunday Politics today. Photo: BBC.

Does Tristram Hunt think that choice in education should be only for the rich?

2 March 2014 13:48

At last – Labour has made its intentions over education clear. Throughout his interview on the Sunday Politics today, Tristram Hunt showed that Labour has switched allegiances to adults, not… Continue reading

First Aid Kit: IES free school alumni

How to repair a free school – the next stage of Michael Gove’s reforms

28 February 2014 15:36

Any government can set out on a journey of reform – the question is whether they can stay on course upon hitting turbulence. The coalition is entering this phase now.… Continue reading

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If this picture puts your toddler off his lunch, he should consider vegetarianism

28 February 2014 14:40

How can we encourage children to be closer to nature, when 80% of Britons live in urban areas? This is the question that Michael Gove attempts to answer in his… Continue reading

Opening Of The Isis Education Centre In Hyde Park

Nature belongs at the heart of school life

27 February 2014 9:31

History, Edmund Burke wrote, is ‘a pact between the dead, the living and the yet unborn.’ Nowhere is this pact more important than in our relationship with nature. Conservative governments… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

Gove: Lib Dems think we’re anti-apple pie, cream and custard. Clegg: We’re being grown up about Coalition

26 February 2014 21:51

The Coalition is merely cohabiting now – that much has been clear for a while. But one partner doesn’t seem to acknowledge quite how unreasonable its behaviour is. The Lib… Continue reading

Is this an offer that Simon Cowell can refuse? (Images: Getty)

Michael Gove offers Simon Cowell guided tour of ‘hundreds’ of state primary schools

12 February 2014 13:27

Michael Gove has been practising one of his favourite sports: winding up Simon Cowell. Last year, the education secretary lambasted the music mogul for encouraging youngsters to live the X-Factor… Continue reading

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The education big tent is collapsing

10 February 2014 17:14

The pegs are definitely coming out of Michael Gove’s education big tent, although it’s not just the Secretary of State who is pulling them out. Time was when Stephen Twigg… Continue reading

Ministers Attend Cabinet Meeting At Downing Street

Gove sticks it to the Telegraph

7 February 2014 18:32

Downing Street comms supremo Craig Oliver texted ‘could this be the start of a beautiful new relationship?’ to a Telegraph executive when Tony Gallagher departed as editor of the once… Continue reading