Metropolitan Police

Last year around 19,000 bicycles were reported stolen to the Metropolitan Police yet only 666 (3.5 per cent) of these thefts were solved

Property crime is not a victimless crime

3 March 2015 12:01

While researching Taking its Toll, a report written with Policy Exchange on the regressive impact of property crime, some troubling facts became clear. In the year to March 2014 there… Continue reading

Mitchell apology

Andrew Mitchell demands the police publish transcripts of ‘plebgate’ hearings

20 May 2014 19:24

The plebgate scandal has flared back to life tonight with a letter from Andrew Mitchell to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bernard Hogan-Howe. Mitchell alleges that one of the… Continue reading

Gary Dobson And David Norris Found Guilty Of The Murder Of Stephen Lawrence

Govt response to Stephen Lawrence ‘smear’ allegations: what you need to know

24 June 2013 17:44

David Cameron was quick to condemn the alleged attempt by police to ‘smear’ the family of Stephen Lawrence this morning, while Home Secretary Theresa May was quick to tell Parliament… Continue reading

Norman Cook with his Novello award in 2013. Image: Getty

Going, going gong: Part II

4 June 2013 12:54

The Met’s finest have been left baffled by the discovery of an Ivor Novello statuette, found during a raid on the lair of some scrap metal thieves in Croydon.  Officers have ‘carried out… Continue reading

Andrew Mitchell says he no longer has confidence in the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Picture: Getty

The Mitchell row could plunge the Met into an even bigger crisis

21 December 2012 9:48

That Andrew Mitchell no longer has confidence in the Metropolitan Police Commissioner escalates this scandal. I understand from those close to Mitchell that he was particularly concerned by Bernard Hogan-Howe’s declaration… Continue reading


Prescott’s pitch for the police commissioner job

15 February 2012 17:50

How strange — John Prescott is fast becoming the poster boy for elected police commissioners. He appeared on the Today Programme earlier to explain why he’s putting himself forward for that very… Continue reading


Telegraph reports that Wallis was paid for stories by the News of the World while working for Scotland Yard

23 September 2011 19:59

The Daily Telegraph is tonight alleging that Neil Wallis was paid by the News of the World to provide crime exclusives while working as a consultant for the Metropolitan police.… Continue reading


Cameron mustn’t let the police top brass bully him into silence

14 August 2011 15:20

The police have been busy defending themselves this weekend against any criticism of their performance. They aim to stop elected politicians from making any comment on their performance. But David… Continue reading


Stephenson kicks Cameron on the way out

17 July 2011 21:37

Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation statement contains three paragraphs that hand plenty of political ammunition to Labour: "Now let me turn to the reported displeasure of the prime minister and the… Continue reading


Now Sir Paul Stephenson resigns

17 July 2011 20:22

This story just keeps speeding up. Paul Stephenson, the commissioner of the Met, has now resigned because of his links to Neil Wallis. Wallis is the former News of the… Continue reading


Rebekah Brooks arrested

17 July 2011 16:39

There is a growing controversy about the timing of the arrest of Rebekah Brooks. Having now been arrested, Brooks may well not appear before the select committee on Tuesday. This… Continue reading


The spotlight moves onto the police

16 July 2011 19:08

Tomorrow’s New York Times contains more revelations on the overly cosy nature of the relationship between the police and News International. The paper alleges that Neil Wallis, who was acting… Continue reading