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Bank of England Governor Mervyn King adj

Mervyn King hits out at ‘wildly exaggerated claims’ in referendum ‘debate’ – ‘the government has to take some responsibility’

29 May 2016 19:37

Although Mark Carney has warned that a Brexit is the ‘biggest domestic risk to financial stability’, his predecessor Mervyn King…

A resurgent America - who is responsible? Illustration: Stephen Collins.

The View from 22 — Osborne’s spending review, the return of America and goodbye to Mervyn King

27 June 2013 8:38

George Osborne’s latest spending review has demonstrated how little progress he has made on pushing Britain towards fiscal sanity. On…

U.K. Sterling Bank Notes As Cameron Warns Of Euro Risk

Jane Austen and Winston Churchill are practically the only credible banknote candidates

26 June 2013 12:37

Silly season is here. A minor row has broken out over which long-dead figures should appear on the reverse side…

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Mervyn King vs. Goldman Sachs

15 January 2013 16:39

What did the Governor of the Bank of England think of Goldman Sachs’ plan to wait until the 50p rate…

Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada, has been appointed the next Governor of the Bank of England. Picture: Getty

Osborne’s coup: Mark Carney is the new Bank of England Governor

26 November 2012 16:52

Hiring Mark Carney may just be George Osborne’s best move since becoming Chancellor. Britain badly needed a break from the…

Bank of England figures show lending is not picking up. Picture: Getty Images

Another growth plan falters

1 October 2012 11:56

It seems that yet another coalition growth scheme is falling flat on its face: this time, Sir Mervyn King’s ‘Funding…

Bank Of England Considers Further Quantitative Easing

Everybody duck! It’s macho Merv

14 July 2012 19:15

Just as Mervyn King, as Isabel flags in her blog, is being dragged into the Libor scandal, comes a truly…

Bank Of England Quarterly Inflation Report News Conference

King joins Libor drama

14 July 2012 16:00

Up to now, Sir Mervyn King has played largely a walk-on part in the Libor scandal, prompting Bob Diamond’s resignation…

Bank Of England Quarterly Inflation Report News Conference

Sir Mervyn and money-fixing

2 July 2012 11:15

Is manipulating interest rates really as shocking to the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England as they…


Of bankers and bartenders

30 June 2012 14:00

It suits a great many people to blame the banks. The ministers (like Ed Balls) who oversaw the debt-fuelled credit…


Meryvn has his case for more QE

19 June 2012 12:45

Last Thursday Mervyn King said ‘the case for further monetary easing is growing’, and today’s surprise inflation figures give the…

Sir Mervyn Allister King, Governor of th

Fisking Peston

17 June 2012 16:30

How to explain the King-Osborne plan to pump more cheap credit into the economy? Robert Peston gave his explanation of last…

Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Leaves ITV's Daybreak Following Yesterday's Budget

The return of Osborne’s good spirits — and his cat

17 June 2012 12:45

The most important event today is the Greek election, with its huge implications for the future of the Eurozone. But…

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King adj

Osborne leans on King

15 June 2012 12:45

What we saw at the Mansion House last night gave us some hints of where British economic policy will go…


The IMF says it’s the Bank’s economy now

22 May 2012 11:35

When the IMF published a report into the UK economy last year, I wrote a blog post detailing how it…


Metaphorical Merv

16 May 2012 17:56

Mervyn King unfurled a mast of metaphors this morning. ‘We are navigating through turbulent waters, with the risk of a…


Mervyn’s mini mea culpa

3 May 2012 17:34

The newspapers and internet today are full of headlines about Mervyn King admitting the Bank of England was ‘late to…


GOD isn’t good enough for Threadneedle Street

3 May 2012 12:44

When Gus O’Donnell was running the civil service, he was known by his initials — GOD. It seems to have…


QE is a government hijack, says King

23 April 2012 17:05

While Mervyn continues to inflate our universe via Quantitative Easing, another Mr King — Stephen, the chief economist of HSBC…


Yes to new roads, no to a pensions raid

19 March 2012 17:04

New roads in Britain are badly-needed, but who should bear the costs? Motorists, says David Cameron — and his speech…


How Mervyn King’s role has changed

12 March 2012 9:02

A week devoted to Mervyn King and his eight-year reign at the Bank of England sounds like pretty turgid stuff.…


Post-Moody’s, King backs Osborne

15 February 2012 14:20

Moody’s doubts might not be making much difference to the actual economy, but they could make a good deal of…


A feast of Quantitative Easing

9 February 2012 12:25

Fire up the printing presses, once again. The Bank of England has just announced another £50 billion of Quantitative Easing,…


Inflation at 4.2 per cent is nothing to cheer

17 January 2012 11:41

Are today’s inflation figures cause for celebration? The Consumer Price Index rose a mere 4.2 per cent in the year…

Inflation down, but the squeeze goes on

13 December 2011 10:39

Has Mervyn King’s downwards trend in inflation, promised for over a year now, finally arrived? After all, going by today’s…