Mary Beard

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Dear Mary: How can I prove that the Romans are better than the Greeks?

29 December 2015 13:00

From Professor Mary Beard Q. I’m having a bit of trouble in the office. Where I work we teach both…

Mary Beard (right) at the Roman Society Centenary (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid, Getty)

Spectator books of the year: Ruth Scurr on a terrific year for women writers

7 December 2015 15:00

2015 has been a terrific year for women writers. I have especially enjoyed Mary Beard’s sceptical and subversive history of…


Boris shows a hint of Euroscepticism — but he still can’t beat Mary Beard

20 November 2015 21:02

Thank God for Mary Beard. Sure, she’s wrong about Jeremy Corbyn. She was wrong about 9/11. She’s wrong about plenty.…

A Japanese maple in autumn (Christopher Furlong, Getty)

Spectator books of the year: Mary Beard on how Clive James went viral

19 November 2015 18:02

I am unashamedly sticking to my own home territory. Cambridge has become something of a literary hotspot. Last year it…

Peter Tatchell has received a torrent of abuse from supporters of transgender rights after signing a letter about censorship (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

Identity politics has created an army of vicious, narcissistic cowards

19 February 2015 14:26

Has there ever been a more petulant mob of moaners than that which is currently hurling abuse at Peter Tatchell?…


Rod Liddle vs Mary Beard – the re-match. Tune in tonight to Any Questions

1 August 2014 13:02

Last year, Rod Liddle waded into the Mary Beard ‘misogyny’ row. You may recall that Beard appeared on Question Time,…

Kenneth Clark in the cloisters of the Cathedral of Santa Croce in Florence

Civilisation doesn’t need a woman presenter – and it doesn’t need to be remade!

1 May 2014 15:40

I was pleased to see that June Sarpong had added her weight to Kathy Lette’s petition to get a woman…


Lord Heseltine is ‘Golden Oldie of the Year’

12 February 2013 16:56

To Simpson’s-in-the-Strand this afternoon for The Oldie of the Year Awards (the ‘Tootys’ for short), which were presented by Sir…


It’s still you, Professor Beard

4 February 2013 16:01

It’s time to panic. I read at the weekend that sophisticated hackers have burrowed their way into no less than…