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The real ‘Super Thursday’ will be when interest rates rise

6 August 2015 12:23

Turn-up. Eat lunch. Swap a few pleasantries with the other people in the room, leave interest rates on hold, and then collect a cheque on the way out. I am… Continue reading


People are avoiding retirement because of low interest rates. Who can blame them?

14 May 2015 17:11

‘Bank of England says that migrants are holding down wages’ the headlines screamed this morning. Yet Mark Carney, when interviewed on the Today programme this morning, spun a slightly different… Continue reading


Up the workers!

14 August 2014 13:08

Mr S was interested to read that Mark Carney has sounded the alarm on low wage growth. In light of yesterday’s announcements, the Times’s business commentator Andrew Clark calls for… Continue reading

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Interest rates are poised to rise – which means we’ll find out how much of the recovery is real

13 June 2014 16:10

Mark Carney’s hefty hint that interest rates could rise sooner than markets anticipate is politically awkward but important, as until they do so, we shall have very little idea of… Continue reading

Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney. Image: Getty

An EU referendum isn’t ‘bad for the economy’ – businesses want it to happen

18 February 2014 10:30

Mark Carney has been a very successful Governor of the Bank of England. Since coming to office in June last year, the British economy has gone from strength to strength.… Continue reading

Bank Of England Cut Interest Rates To All Time Low

The Battle for Threadneedle Street

30 January 2014 16:13

I thought it obvious that Mark Carney’s trip to Scotland yesterday was a bad day for Alex Salmond and the Scottish nationalists. Sure, the governor of the Bank of England… Continue reading


Alex Salmond writes a cheque – in pounds sterling – he cannot honour

29 January 2014 9:52

As I type this, Alex Salmond and Mark Carney are chowing over porridge at Bute House, the First Minister’s official residence in Edinburgh. There is always the risk of exaggerating… Continue reading

Mark Carney on his first day as Governor of the Bank of England. Picture: Getty

Miliband’s big speech challenge isn’t Mark Carney

17 January 2014 10:45

Even though Labour is quite clearly rather peeved by George Osborne’s minimum wage announcement, it is, in one way, a compliment to Ed Miliband that the Chancellor felt it strategically… Continue reading

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Britain is booming. So do we still need ultra-low interest rates?

7 January 2014 9:10

Car sales are up 11pc, making the FT splash this morning. House prices are soaring again, up 8pc last year. And the British Chamber of Commerce has this morning released… Continue reading

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Carney may call for the end of Help to Buy sooner than you think

11 December 2013 11:44

Mark Carney’s speech to the Economics Club of New York yesterday made clear that very low interest rates now ‘put a premium on macroprudential policies’. Translation: he’s not going to… Continue reading

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The economy is booming, says the Bank of England. So why won’t it raise rates?

13 November 2013 12:13

Yet another survey suggests that Britain is booming – this time, it’s from the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. They’re the guys who kept interest rates too low for… Continue reading

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Tax cuts R us! Ten points from David Cameron’s Marr interview

29 September 2013 12:43

Here’s what jumped out at me from David Cameron’s interview with Andrew Marr in Manchester this morning: Tax cuts: the Tory weapon ‘As this economy has started to recover, it’s… Continue reading

Mark Carney giving his first public speech last week.

Charm-y Carney shows his bookish side

2 September 2013 15:46

Mark Carney’s charm offensive continues. I hear that the new governor of the Bank of England was laying it on thick last week when he bumped into Faisal Islam, Channel… Continue reading

Mark Carney 'chillaxes' at the Wilderness Festival this weekend.

Institute of Directors trial the end of the suit

13 August 2013 17:43

Is this the end of business attire? The slow degradation of the standard issue suit has reached the Institute of Directors — the Pall Mall-based bastion of all things business.… Continue reading

Mark Carney 'chillaxes' at the Wilderness Festival this weekend.

The creepy cult of Mark Carney

13 August 2013 12:10

Of all the qualities one hopes for in a Bank of England Governor – a brilliant mind, the courage to tell politicians they are wrong, supernatural foresight – coolness is… Continue reading

Chris Bryant is in hot water over his allegations about Tesco and Next. (SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP/Getty Images)

AUDIO: Chris Bryant’s car crash Today interview puts more pressure on Ed Miliband

12 August 2013 9:14

Listen to Chris Bryant’s disastrous interview on Today earlier today: listen to ‘Chris Bryant on immigration and employment’ on Audioboo Chris Bryant, the shadow borders and immigration minister, is under… Continue reading

Mark Carney has said that rates will be held until unemployment reaches 7 per cent. (JASON ALDEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Interest rates set to stay low for the foreseeable future

7 August 2013 11:20

Mark Carney made his mark this morning. Moments ago, he opened his inflation report and issued his ‘forward guidance’, which is designed to make the markets aware of his long-term plans… Continue reading

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The View from 22 — the men from the colonies running Britain, the rise of the Death Café and male toplessness

18 July 2013 10:57

Has the British establishment been taken over by men from the Commonwealth? What with a Canadian in charge of the Bank of England, an Aussie strategy advisor for the Tories,… Continue reading

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Mark Carney on his first day as Governor of the Bank of England. Picture: Getty

What can we expect from Mark Carney?

1 July 2013 17:36

What the Mark Carney era may offer is a little bit more predictability on monetary policy. Under Mervyn King the main guidance came from the Bank’s quarterly Inflation Report press conferences, MPC… Continue reading

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Sir Mervyn King to Mark Carney: You’re Worth It!

25 June 2013 13:23

Sir Mervyn King held an emotional farewell with the Treasury Select Committee this morning ahead of his move from the Bank of England to the House of Lords. Committee chair… Continue reading

Mark Carney's arrival at the Bank of England will have far greater significance than yesterday's Budget. Picture: Getty

Forget beer and petrol: will MPs debate monetary policy today?

21 March 2013 10:40

MPs are debating the detail of the Budget today, and will doubtless pick over some of the lines from George Osborne’s round of interviews this morning, particularly the confusion over… Continue reading

Mark Carney

The problem with Mark Carney

14 March 2013 14:52

In Washington last week, I encountered amazement that the Bank of England is about to be run by a foreigner. This was not because of any contempt for Mark Carney,… Continue reading

Mark Carney giving evidence to MPs today.

Mark Carney: I want a debate on inflation target

7 February 2013 15:22

If Mark Carney had any reservations about his move to Threadneedle Street later this year, he might now add to his list regular sessions with the Treasury Select Committee. His… Continue reading

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Like the Mounties, Osborne gets his man

26 November 2012 17:09

George Osborne pulled off one of those bits of political theatre that he so enjoys today. Watching his statement in the Commons, one sensed something was up as Osborne delighted… Continue reading

Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada, has been appointed the next Governor of the Bank of England. Picture: Getty

Osborne’s coup: Mark Carney is the new Bank of England Governor

26 November 2012 16:52

Hiring Mark Carney may just be George Osborne’s best move since becoming Chancellor. Britain badly needed a break from the failed economic consensus which still hangs around the Bank of… Continue reading