Margaret Thatcher

Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep won an Oscar for imitating the afflicted

11 January 2017 14:07

At the Golden Globes ceremony, Meryl Streep attacked Donald Trump because he ‘imitated a disabled reporter’. ‘When the powerful use…

The Big Bang did more harm than good

29 October 2016 13:00

As the 30th anniversary of Big Bang loomed, I found myself back at the scene of my City demise. Ebbgate…

Dave’s bargain basement book deal isn’t quite the big earner he was hoping for

26 October 2016 12:20

Poor old David Cameron. His defeat in the referendum campaign left critics saying he was the worst Prime Minister ever.…

Theresa May is Blue Labour at heart

15 October 2016 12:18

I never really agreed with the central-thesis of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — that ‘42’ is the answer…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Lessons for the Prime Minister’s speech-writer

26 September 2016 16:16

To a new Prime Minister’s speech-writer the party conference approaches like a bullet train. If my friend, Sir Ronald Millar,…

The women who paved the way for Hillary’s bid for the White House

19 September 2016 12:37

If Hillary Clinton wins she will be the first female president of the United States, taking over from the first…


New Ukip leader says Putin is one of her heroes

18 September 2016 12:05

Diane James, Ukip’s new leader, did her first major TV interview as Ukip leader this morning. And very revealing it…


Andrea Leadsom’s line about children? Thatcher did it first

14 July 2016 12:42

On Tuesday night in London, I spoke to Women2Win, a Conservative organisation dedicated to recruiting more women candidates. My title,…

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John McDonnell compares the Labour coup to the Thatcher government at rate-capping rebellion event

9 July 2016 9:17

Although John McDonnell has been busy of late helping fight off the Labour coup, he was able to find time this…

Amidst the noise at the Corbyn rally was the sound of a political movement throwing itself into the abyss

28 June 2016 11:56

Whenever I write – or think – about Jeremy Corbyn supporters, I sound like Quentin Letts. For this I apologise. It…

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I know that Margaret Thatcher would have fought for Brexit with all her strength. Here’s why

7 February 2016 14:55

To be quite so desperate, quite so early, in the pre-referendum campaign as the In campaigners must be to wheel…

Margaret Thatcher was advised not to publicly support leaving the EU. Photo: CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images

Charles Moore: Sorry, but Margaret Thatcher would not have voted to stay in the EU

7 February 2016 9:37

Margaret Thatcher would have voted to stay in the European Union, her former foreign policy adviser Lord Powell writes in…

Maxine Peake as Rebekah Brooks in Red Top

Maxine Peake is wrong: Margaret Thatcher and Rebekah Brooks are feminist role models

25 January 2016 17:05

Margaret Thatcher has been out of power for twenty-six years and dead for three, but in our brave new world…

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Oliver Letwin’s ‘racist’ memo proves two things: politics change and people change

30 December 2015 17:33

What Oliver Letwin wrote in that 1985 memo to Thatcher was ugly. But you know what is also ugly? The…

Margaret H. Thatcher

The Imperial War Museum should consider accepting Margaret Thatcher’s wardrobe

4 November 2015 13:57

It is good to learn that the current management of the V&A want to reverse their predecessors’ lack of interest…

Vivienne Westwood dressed as Margaret Thatcher on the cover of Tatler, April 1989

There’s no shame in the V&A changing their mind about Thatcher’s wardrobe

4 November 2015 12:05

The news that the V&A had rejected an offer of Margaret Thatcher’s wardrobe was met with dismay yesterday. ‘Shame the V&A…


The V&A must be mad to reject Margaret Thatcher’s wardrobe

3 November 2015 13:53

The V&A have defended their decision to turn down the offer of Margaret Thatcher’s wardrobe on the basis that it only collects…

Matthew Macfadyen and Stephen Mangan as Jeeves and Wooster in 'Perfect Nonsense' at the Duke Of York's Theatre on November 05, 2013 in London, England.

I think I’ve found the perfect title for my Thatcher biographies

1 November 2015 14:43

One of the best of P.G. Wodehouse’s works is The Inimitable Jeeves, which I have recently re-read. In order to…

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Why my book is no longer a bestseller at Eton

23 October 2015 15:38

After my experiences promoting volume one of my biography of Mrs Thatcher, I had focused on boarding schools for sales…

Thatcher and Gorbachev  in 1984 (Getty).

The lunch that began the end of the Cold War

22 October 2015 15:35

It is one of the great counterfactuals of contemporary history, what if Mikhail Gorbachev had walked out of that Chequers…


The Tory party is now at ease with Margaret Thatcher

16 October 2015 13:51

Last night, George Osborne interviewed Charles Moore to mark the publication of the second volume of Charles’s magisterial biography of…

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Where will David Cameron end up in the history of Conservative Prime Ministers?

7 October 2015 17:08

At a large Tory breakfast meeting that David Cameron spoke to recently, the tables were named after all of the…

Denis Healey relaxing on Brighton promenade.  Image: Getty

Denis Healey was one of the most entertaining lunch guests I’ve ever had

6 October 2015 19:55

Denis Healey and my father Deryk Vander Weyer — a big cheese at Barclays and spokesman for the high-street banks…

"Margaret Thatcher - The Authorised Biography, Volume One: Not for Turning" by Charles Moore - Book Launch Party

Come and see Charles Moore and Andrew Neil at Tory conference

4 October 2015 18:23

The waiting is over – the next volume of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher has, at last, been published.…

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Struggling to get on the property ladder? Qualifying for social housing may soon be your best bet

25 September 2015 17:47

That the Conservatives came up with the idea of extending the right-to-buy to housing association tenants was a symptom of…