Margaret Hodge

The 2010 General Election - Barking And Dagenham Declares Its Result

Is Margaret Hodge the ‘tarantula’ good for politics?

13 March 2015 10:08

It’s not just on the Health Select Committee that election fever is starting to take hold. The Public Accounts Committee had a party-political row this week too, with accusations that… Continue reading

Margaret Hodge at the Debrett's 500 party in January 2015. The event was sponsored by HSBC (Photo: David M. Benett/Getty)

Who on earth does Margaret Hodge think she is?

10 March 2015 15:23

Most people, when they hear the word populist, will think of Marine Le Pen going mad about Muslim immigrants or a Ukipper saying he wouldn’t want an Albanian living next… Continue reading

Margaret Hodge (Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty)

Why does the skin colour of London’s next Mayor matter one toss, Margaret Hodge?

9 February 2015 18:30

Shocking news belatedly reaches me that the Labour MP Margaret Hodge has pulled out of the race to become the next Mayor of London. I am not sure how London… Continue reading

Margaret Hodge has accepted £8,000 from Bryan Sanderson, the former chief exec of BP Chemicals

Margaret Hodge’s oily donation

12 January 2015 13:42

Despite being the heiress to a steel fortune, Margaret Hodge never stops criticising multinational corporations over their tax affairs including the use of offshore havens and complex company schemes that befuddle the taxman. BP,… Continue reading

Ignore this women. Image: Getty

Ignore Margaret Hodge and the BBC – free schools are working

11 December 2013 16:58

Today’s NAO report on free schools has recognised the ‘clear progress’ we have made opening 174 schools in three years with significantly lower costs than Labour’s school programmes. But, as Isabel… Continue reading

It is not yet clear why  key evidence about ex-BBC Director General Mark Thompson was excluded from Nick Pollard's £3 million review of the BBC's handling of the Savile affair. (Photo PA)

The BBC Trust is a classic New Labour horlicks

9 September 2013 18:43

Nobody is ever ‘invited’ to appear before Margaret Hodge and the Commons public accounts committee. They are always ‘hauled’ before her. Thus it was with a whole phalanx of BBC… Continue reading

Margaret Hodge Speaks At Local Government Association Conference

The curious case of Durand boarding school

3 July 2013 17:36

The Durand boarding school project is a wonderfully ambitious attempt to give children from one of the most deprived parts of London the kind of education that has traditionally only… Continue reading

Google CEO Eric Schmidt arriving in Downing Street yesterday. Picture: Getty

Cameron’s tax tightrope

21 May 2013 9:25

David Cameron didn’t spend yesterday wringing his hands in Downing Street about the progress of his gay marriage bill: he was meeting his business advisory group. He allowed Google CEO… Continue reading

The quest for renewable energy continues to raise household incomes. Photo: Getty Images.

Wind power is unnecessarily stretching the cost of living

14 January 2013 19:01

The perfect news to greet a freezing Britain today — energy bills are set to take another hike thanks to a series of dodgy wind energy contracts. According to today’s… Continue reading

Image: Getty

When ‘boycott’ isn’t quite the right word

22 November 2012 16:22

Boycott Amazon was the message from Margaret Hodge MP in last weekend’s Observer. This comes in the wake of new revelations about just how little UK tax is paid by… Continue reading

Liz Truss' seamed tights, with bow. Photo: © Alan Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd

Boris, bishops and other gossip from the Spectator Parliamentarian awards

21 November 2012 16:04

Justin Welby, the nominated Archbishop of Canterbury, accepted his Spectator award for Peer of the Year (in recognition of his work on the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards) by conceding… Continue reading

Photo: © Alan Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd

The Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards

21 November 2012 14:51

The Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year awards are being held this afternoon at the Savoy Hotel. In total 14 awards were presented by Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education,… Continue reading

Lin Homer insisted that HMRC was not giving big business an easy ride.

Headmistress Hodge grills HMRC on tax avoidance

5 November 2012 18:17

Ever since Margaret Hodge took over the chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee, its evidence sessions have become rather lively: more like a fearsome grilling from the headmistress than a… Continue reading


Hodge’s new nemesis: Sir Jeremy Heywood

15 March 2012 16:33

Margaret Hodge subjected senior civil servants to a fierce ear-boxing this morning. She accused them of trying to avoid the scrutiny of her Public Accounts Committee, and declared the current… Continue reading


The dark side of the Big Society

24 February 2012 8:56

The A4e scandal is getting worse. Emma Harrison has quit as David Cameron’s back-to-work tsar, the police are still investigating a case discovered last year and there’s a suggestion their… Continue reading


Another fine mess at HMRC

20 December 2011 11:41

Today’s report by the Public Accounts Committee hasn’t so much been released as detonated onto the Westminster scene. The Exchequer is owed around £25 billion, it suggests, from major companies… Continue reading


MPs turn on PFI

18 January 2011 9:03

There is nothing like being wise after the event. The Public Accounts Committee has turned on the private finance initiative, saying there is ‘no clear evidence’ that PFI delivers more… Continue reading


Select committee chairmen in full

10 June 2010 15:43

Courtesy of PoliticsHome, here is the full list of the new chairmen of select committees: ‘The following candidates have been elected unopposed as select committee chairs: – Culture, Media and… Continue reading


The Battle Against the Extremists in East London

19 November 2009 22:33

I have written about the battle against the neo-Nazis and radical Islam in this week’s Jewish Chronicle. This is such an important issue that I am cross-posting the two pieces.… Continue reading