Lynne Featherstone

Prime Minister David Cameron Attends A Meeting On Forced Marriages

Lynne Featherstone replaces Baker as Osborne mocks ‘conspiracy theorist’

4 November 2014 12:53

Lynne Featherstone is to return to the Home Office to replace Norman Baker as Minister of State for Crime Prevention, Nick Clegg has announced. This is interesting because Damian Green… Continue reading

Lynne Featherstone, enemy of free speech.

Julie Burchill, trannies and the free press

27 March 2013 16:05

If anybody doubts that free speech would be in danger after Leveson it is worth remembering what it is already like in this country. A couple of months back Julie… Continue reading

Lynne Featherstone believes that women ought to be more like Christina Hendricks of 'Mad Men' fame. Image: Getty.

Can’t we even throw out Lynne Featherstone?

22 January 2013 11:49

I gave a talk to the Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party last night. If you don’t know the area, the constituency covers Highgate, Muswell Hill and Crouch End: leafy… Continue reading


May backs gay marriage

24 May 2012 17:14

So Theresa May has voiced her support for same-sex marriage, joining Lynne Featherstone, Yvette Cooper and the PM’s Parliamentary Private Secretary Desmond Swayne in recording an Out4Marriage video. Of course,… Continue reading


Political Stepford Wives

21 September 2011 16:16

At the beginning of the conference season I mused on Twitter that these occasions were very tribal, but that I had never been able to work out what defined the… Continue reading


Compromise time for Nick Clegg?

7 December 2010 11:38

Where are we with the tuition fee rebellion? Nick Clegg has an article in the FT claiming that the coalition’s policy is fairness codified, but he is running out of… Continue reading


Confession Time: I Voted Labour

9 May 2010 23:25

I left the Labour Party in 1994 and re-joined on May 6th 2010. There, I’ve said it. I had always intended to vote Liberal Democrat in this election, but changed… Continue reading


Old Comrades Drift Back to Labour

3 May 2010 9:46

I have had a number of shocked emails from old friends on the left following my previous post here, which many saw as an endorsement of the Liberal Democrats. In… Continue reading


The Oxbridge Elitism Debate: Lynne Featherstone Intervenes

27 February 2009 17:53

I always worry about attacks on the so-called elitism of our top universities. It strikes me that academic excellence must always be the "sine qua non" of access to the… Continue reading