Lord McAlpine

Bell Pottinger Summer Party

Rachel Johnson lifts the lid on Newsnight

23 June 2015 14:28

Rachel Johnson has never been shy of using her Notting Hill neighbours as a source of ‘inspiration’ for her series of chick-lit Notting Hell books. Her latest book Fresh Hell is no exception.… Continue reading

Sally Bercow In Court Over Tweet About Lord McAlpine

Sally Bercow libelled Lord McAlpine, High Court rules

24 May 2013 11:14

Welcome, Sally Bercow, to the naughtiest club in town: the Libel Club. The colourful Mrs Bercow has often got it in the neck from the press; what with her demimondaine ways… Continue reading

Patten dedicates about eight days a week to the BBC, he said today. Image: Getty

Lord Patten’s select committee catfight

27 November 2012 22:28

Sparks flew this morning in the Culture, Media and Sport select committee, as Lord Patten came to verbal blows with Tory MP Philip Davies over the extent of his involvement… Continue reading

Lord McAlpine is back in London, and looking for a wine store. Image: PA

Things get worse for Lord McAlpine

22 November 2012 10:51

As I report in today’s Spectator, Lord McAlpine’s libel tour continues. The wrongly accused peer is in London to collect damages from shamed broadcasters, contrite journalists and numbskull Twitter addicts.… Continue reading

Twitter Co-Founders Biz Stone And Ev Williams Address Developers Conference

Suing Twitter for Libel is a Mug's Game - Spectator Blogs

20 November 2012 15:55

Rod Liddle asks a question of the kind one frequently sees raised by media types: [W]hy is [Lord McAlpine] not suing Twitter itself? It is not Philip Schofield who the… Continue reading

Surely it's Twitter McAlpine ought to be suing, not Monbiot   Image: Getty

Why isn’t Lord McAlpine suing Twitter?

20 November 2012 11:53

I understand entirely why Lord McAlpine would wish to sue individuals such as George Monbiot for having wrongly tweeted, or re-tweeted, his name in regard to allegations of child sex… Continue reading

McAlpine says he is still 'in shock' over abuse claims. Photo: PA.

Lord McAlpine speaks out

15 November 2012 13:38

Lord McAlpine has just given an incredibly moving interview to BBC Radio 4′s World at One. He talks about how the false accusations affected him. He said, ‘It gets into… Continue reading