Lord Ashcroft

Lord Ashcroft’s warnings about David Rowland

19 August 2010 19:28

Here in Westminster, the David Rowland story is the talk of the hour. It seems that Lord Ashcroft and Michael Spencer had both warned Cameron that Rowland would come in… Continue reading


Ashcroft poll suggests that the Tories might do better under AV than first past the post

20 July 2010 19:38

A Lord Ashcroft poll of marginal seats suggests, intriguingly, that the Tories could do as well—if not better—under AV than first past the post. Now, this is, obviously, just one… Continue reading


The Ashcroft report

3 July 2010 10:36

One thing that the AV referendum might do is revive the debate in Conservative circles about why the party did not win a majority in the general election. As the… Continue reading


Lord Ashcroft clarifies a few things

19 June 2010 11:56

After all the hoo-haa about Lord Ashcroft’s tax status, it’s only fair to mention this passage from his interview with the Telegraph today: "He explains that new laws brought in… Continue reading


People loathe politicians – but do they loathe the political media too?

22 April 2010 13:40

One thing’s for certain: the Lib Dems are coming in for greater scrutiny and attention from the media.  The covers of the Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express and, yes, The Spectator… Continue reading


The strange case of Charlie Whelan’s Commons pass

8 April 2010 11:37

Well, now we know. Charlie Whelan enjoys the liberty of Westminster at the invitation of the parliamentary Labour party. Guido points out that it’s highly unlikely Whelan isn’t officially connected… Continue reading


The Lib Dems attack Labservatism

30 March 2010 14:04

In this post-expenses election, there is going to be a considerable vote going for the none of the above party. The Lib Dems are clearly determined to try and tap… Continue reading


The Tory donor who’ll take a sword to the ‘morons’

21 March 2010 16:24

Buried deep in the Sunday Times is the Tories’ answer to the problem that is Lord Ashcroft. James Tyler is a fund manager who has donated £250,000 to the Tory… Continue reading


When does reputational damage become real damage?

18 March 2010 15:05

So has the Lord Ashcraft saga fouled the Tories’ reputation?  Well, looking at this One Poll survey in PR Week it would seem it has.  52 percent of respondents feel… Continue reading


The Tories try to plug a leak

18 March 2010 13:08

What a difference two weeks make.  When the Ashcroft story first broke, the Tory response was equal parts sloppy and defensive.  Now, their operation seems altogether more incisive.  William Hague… Continue reading


The Lib Dems keep ‘em guessing

18 March 2010 12:21

Last week, Nick Clegg was singing the blues.  But, this week, it’s clear that he’s doing as much as possible to distinguish his party from the others.  Indeed, his performance… Continue reading


The Tories and Lord Ashcroft – stupidity rather than wrongdoing?

18 March 2010 9:12

So the Lord Ashcroft story is back on the airwaves, courtesy of a document leaked to the BBC.  That document shows William Hague was "satisfied" with the discussions about Ashcroft’s… Continue reading


For the workers?

17 March 2010 9:05

One of the defences that Labour types are mustering over Unite is, bascially, that it’s better to be funded by a body which represents some two million workers than by… Continue reading


The Tory campaign is getting back on track

16 March 2010 17:59

Whisper it quietly, but there is a sense that the Tory campaign is getting back on track. The Tories have had three good days in a row, have Labour on… Continue reading


At last, the Tories get organised

12 March 2010 10:49

Three weeks ago, James argued that the Tories’ incoherence emanated from their disjointed campaign management. Steve Hilton, Andy Coulson, George Osborne and George Bridges were not communicating and the stark… Continue reading


Tornado in the chamber

10 March 2010 15:04

It was like a volcano going off. At PMQs today Cameron was calmly dissecting the prime minister’s underfunding of the Afghan war when he quoted two former defence chiefs who’d… Continue reading


The Tories will have waves of dirt thrown at them

10 March 2010 13:01

If you want a flavour of what is going to be thrown at the Tories between now and May 6th, read Jonathan Freedland’s column today. Freedland has a fair point… Continue reading


A well-timed change of heart from Lord Paul?

9 March 2010 10:32

Previously, there were rumblings that Lord Paul was considering quitting the Lords to keep his non-dom status. Today, he has confirmed that he will end his non-dom status and remain… Continue reading


Guess what Miliband and Mandelson are going on about…

8 March 2010 9:04

Fourteen years on from "education, education, education," Labour seems to have hit upon three new priorities for government: "Ashcroft, Ashcroft, Ashcroft".  Sure, we all knew that they would push this… Continue reading


Cameron Must Show a Ruthless Streak

7 March 2010 8:53

There is an excellent piece on the Ashcroft affair from Martin Ivens in the Sunday Times today. He quotes a member of Team Cameron: "Why didn’t David just take Ashcroft… Continue reading


Any fallout that the Tories face over Ashcroft is of their own making

4 March 2010 16:08

Although the heat seems to be coming off Lord Ashcroft himself, attention is now rapidly focussing on the Tory leadership.  I mean, it was one thing when William Hague admitted… Continue reading


Ashcroft in the clear?

4 March 2010 12:39

The Beeb were reporting it an hour or so ago, but now it’s been confirmed: the Electoral Commission has cleared the Tories and Lord Ashcroft of any wrongdoing over £5.1… Continue reading


Hague gives Hattie a PMQs kicking

3 March 2010 15:37

Brown bunked off PMQs today, claiming a prior luncheon engagement with President Zuma of South Africa. Downing Street blamed the Queen for double-booking the PM. Can that be true? The… Continue reading


Labour will relish this opportunity to prolong the Ashcroft story

3 March 2010 11:27

When Gordon Brown pulled out of PMQs this week because of Jacob Zuma’s state visit there was much chortling that he didn’t much fancy PMQs. But I suspect that Labour… Continue reading


Labour’s pursuit of Ashcroft could backfire

2 March 2010 12:18

I wrote yesterday that Lord Ashcroft’s statement about his tax status should have drawn a "rather neat line under the issue".  Sure, it’s hardly ideal that someone with such influence… Continue reading