Lord Ashcroft

Ashcroft returns fire but the ‘scandal’ rolls on

14 February 2010 14:48

Lord Ashcroft looks like a man not to cross and he will do anything to protect his privacy. He faces down criticism with complete silence, patient before turning on his detractors. According… Continue reading


Unless they defuse the issue, the Tories will face Ashcroft questions every day until the election

16 December 2009 17:18

If PMQs today showed anything, it’s just how eager the Tories’ opponents are to bring up the issue of Lord Ashcroft.  Vince Cable set the ball rolling by referring to… Continue reading


Cameron and Ashcroft should come clean

7 December 2009 9:04

David Cameron’s ‘nothing to do with me guv’ response to the Ashcroft tax question on yesterday’s Politics Show has not put the issue to bed. In fact, his obfuscation has… Continue reading


Is it Possible to Have a Twit-Scoop?

5 November 2009 10:07

I was interested to see the Observer story at the weekend about Lord Ashcroft accompanying William Hague to Washington.  I tweeted this on October 23rd. I even teased Iain Dale… Continue reading


Until Ashcroft is clear about his tax status, the press will make a mountain out of everything he does

1 November 2009 11:55

I have long thought that the secrecy surrounding Lord Ashcroft’s tax affairs is a strategic liability for the Conservative party. The Conservatives should be able to say if their party… Continue reading


Why is Lord Ashcroft so important to David Cameron?

23 February 2009 23:55

The Conservative Party’s reliance on Michael Ashcroft has always mystified me. How a once great political party has allowed itself to become quite so dependent on one man, I will… Continue reading