Podcast: Buying your way into the establishment and Osborne’s 2014 budget

20 March 2014 10:20

How easy is it to buy your way into the British establishment? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Harry Mount and journalist Ben Judah discuss whether Britain has become… Continue reading

Protests Are Held Throughout The UK Opposing The Coalition Government's Spending Review

‘Almost a conservative’ – in praise of Bob Crow, 1961-2014

11 March 2014 10:28

Very sad to hear of Bob Crow’s death. Doubtless his erstwhile political opponents will be falling over themselves to say that he will be ‘sadly missed’. But I’ve admired him… Continue reading

UKIP Annual Spring Conference 2014

Say it loud, say it proud: UKIP are a party for reactionary xenophobes

3 March 2014 12:49

Sometimes what doesn’t occasion interest or drama or controversy is more interesting – or at least more telling – than what does. So perhaps it is a tribute to the… Continue reading


What’s Lord Adonis up to?

19 February 2014 15:53

Lucky Lord Adonis has spent the last few days travelling around London by bus as part of his ‘London By Bus’ campaign. He’s been chatting to commuters and sharing interesting… Continue reading

Stratford station this morning. Photo: @symeonbrown.

Sorry RMT, there’s no proof the public support the Tube strikes

5 February 2014 8:19

Statistics can be used to prove anything, a wise man (Homer Simpson) once said. It looks like the RMT union are trying to do just that, with a new poll they’ve… Continue reading

A Ukip candidate has suggested that the Department for Media, Culture and Sport should be moved to Manchester. Why not move the whole civil service and political establishment to Manchester?

Could we move all politicians to Manchester?

4 February 2014 14:32

The Ukip candidate for Wythenshawe and Sale East has come up with a rather interesting idea: he wants to move the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to Manchester, bringing… Continue reading


To fix the north-south divide, revive the Council of the North!

28 January 2014 15:32

These, ranked from first to tenth, are the urban areas in Britain with the highest average weekly earnings in 2012: London, Reading, Crawley, Aldershot, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Aberdeen, Southend, Brighton.… Continue reading

Why build in the countryside when you can build in dead urban space or in some of London's commons?

One solution to the housing shortage – build on Hampstead Heath

15 January 2014 11:03

If I was going to measure possible reasons to desert the Tories at the next election, and I can think of a couple, plans to concrete over the countryside would… Continue reading


Vince Cable: London is ‘becoming a kind of giant suction machine’

19 December 2013 8:53

Vince Cable’s Today interview was remarkable for two reasons. The first was that the Business Secretary announced that he doesn’t want to ‘rush into legislation’ on zero hours contracts and… Continue reading

Cork Street

Andrew Marr: London is being hollowed out by global investors

14 December 2013 11:39

During this year of recovery, I have enjoyed the turn of the seasons more than ever before. This has been a spectacularly beautiful autumn, with brighter colours going on for… Continue reading

englandinfrastructure copy copy

London is different: the government will spend money there

4 December 2013 18:14

The chart at the top of this post comes from the government’s National (sic) Infrastructure Plan 2013. (Sic because it is largely a plan for England.) You can find it… Continue reading

The Russian Debutantes' Ball concludes the takeover of London. (DANIEL GARCIA/AFP/GettyImages)

Russia’s take over of London is complete

3 December 2013 17:44

There are so many Russians in London that they are able to pack the Royal Albert Hall for the launch of their own season. Bentleys lined South Kensington for last… Continue reading

The Met are tackling London's rogue cyclists.

Operation Safeway: the Met are on the look out for rogue cyclists

25 November 2013 12:28

The Met Police took 166 of London’s traffic junctions hostage this morning. After a recent spate of cycling fatalities across the capital, a ‘major road safety operation’ kicked off today,… Continue reading

There is not enough housing and insufficient properties are being built. Social landlords have had to adapt.

Housing associations have had to change in order to fulfil their social responsibilities

22 November 2013 14:30

Regardless of your views on social housing, you’d have to admit there are far more obvious, and natural, targets for people to choose to protest against rising rent levels in… Continue reading

Slavery has not yet been abolished in England. Photo: Getty Images.

Did slavery never go away?

22 November 2013 9:22

There is blanket media coverage of ‘London’s shame’ – the news of the escape of three women who had been held as slaves in Lambeth for 30 years. The women… Continue reading

From 2015, some parts of the Tube will run at weekends. Photo: Sebastian Payne.

24 hour Tubes are on their way — the impact on London will be huge

21 November 2013 14:51

Ravers of London rejoice — 24-hour tubes at the weekend are finally on their way. TfL has announced today that trains on the Victoria, Central, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines… Continue reading

Cyclists in London are at the mercy of local government authorities' confused plans.

Has local government in London left cycling in the wrong lane?

19 November 2013 10:42

A couple of months ago I wrote to the Crown Estate about its bike-unfriendly redevelopment of London’s Haymarket area, and was rather surprised when their London team offered to meet… Continue reading

A demonstrator supporting Egypt's ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi drives through London earlier this autumn.

The Muslim Brotherhood thrives in Britain

15 November 2013 9:27

The Muslim Brotherhood aren’t doing so well in Egypt at the moment. Happily they are making some gains in Britain. On Tuesday the organisation’s dauphin – Tariq Ramadan, famous Islamist… Continue reading

Cars are great in places like Montana. But they are a disaster in big cities. (Jan Hennop/AFP/Getty Images)

Drivers are a menace to society

8 November 2013 16:44

I hate drivers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all of them, just a considerably larger proportion than I hate of the population as a whole. And, like most… Continue reading


Ho ho no

6 November 2013 11:51

Parents who have taken their little angels to see Father Christmas in his grotto at Selfridges got a shock: he’s not there this year. No lists, no photos on the… Continue reading

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Northern voters turn against HS2

1 November 2013 11:13

When George Osborne first announced his plans for high speed rail, I was all for it. I’ve spent too much of my life on broken-down trains between Inverkeithing and London… Continue reading


Boris’s immigration issue

21 October 2013 16:17

When you discuss Boris Johnson’s leadership prospects with Tory MPs, one subject nearly always comes up: immigration. The Mayor is a liberal on the subject while most of the party… Continue reading

Supporters of West Ham United were treated to an extraordinary spectacle of local diversity on Saturday evening.

Three cheers for the board at West Ham

21 October 2013 11:22

What a pleasure it is to bring you a good news story this morning, something uplifting. On Saturday afternoon, West Ham entertained Manchester City, but a substantial number of City’s… Continue reading

What did Londoners gain from the sale of this property in Cromwell Terrace for £80 million earlier in the year?

What have Londoners gained from the London housing bubble?

14 October 2013 13:40

Now that the middle class squeeze has become my sujet du bore at the fancy north London dinner parties I attend, I was interested in Saturday’s New York Times piece… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Boris Johnson’s speech to the Conservative conference: full text and audio

1 October 2013 15:13

listen to ‘Boris: ‘It’s time to cut the yellow Lib Dem albatross from around our necks’’ on Audioboo Good morning everyone. Good God … good morning everybody, thank you very… Continue reading