2013 Scottish Hydro Challenge - Day One

How can the BBC be allowed to break their own editorial standards?

29 November 2016 17:37

I recently had the misfortune of featuring in a BBC documentary that repeatedly breached the corporation’s own editorial standards. I…

House Prices Widen The North-South Divide

Rent increases are a problem in London – but not, really, for the rest of Britain

28 October 2016 12:18

When I made my Dispatches documentary about generational inequality for Channel 4, I was struck by how many of the…


Foreign investors aren’t to blame for London’s housing crisis

30 September 2016 12:45

I hate gentrification; my area was so much cooler when there were people openly selling drugs on the high street,…


London’s old elite is discovering how it feels to be priced out

4 September 2016 8:30

‘Super-rich foreigners are “forcing” the old money elite out of London’s prime postcodes.’ So declares London’s Evening Standard newspaper –…


What more does Boris Johnson need to do to be taken seriously?

15 August 2016 18:35

Boris Johnson has spent his adult life being underestimated and sneered at. But today’s attack by Tim Farron, the leader of what…

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How the British bobby turned into Robocop

4 August 2016 10:47

To the casual glance it looks like a normal police car — same markings, same lights, same faces at the…


London knife rampage: Police hold Norwegian-Somali suspect

4 August 2016 7:08

One woman has been killed and five injured after a knifeman went on the rampage in Russell Square, London, late…

A neon sign created by Kemp London for TFL

Can the Night Tube save London’s nightlife?

3 August 2016 12:15

On Friday 19 August, London Underground will run its first night tube services as the capital congratulates itself on becoming…


From small beginnings grow multi-billion pound financial industries

4 July 2016 11:15

Have you ever wondered what led to the birth of the modern insurance industry? No, me neither. But it turns…


Sadiq Khan’s advert ban shows he is an illiberal censor at heart

14 June 2016 12:20

Six weeks ago I was one of the 1.3 million Londoners who voted for Sadiq Khan as mayor. Boy do…

Labour Mayoral Hopeful Reveals His Vision For London

Is it ‘Islamophobic’ to draw attention to Sadiq Khan’s links with extremists?

2 May 2016 9:28

Zac Goldsmith came in for a fair amount of criticism yesterday after writing a piece in the Mail on Sunday…

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Holborn’s ‘standing only’ escalators create a stairway to hell

18 April 2016 17:42

Holborn station has today started a six-month trial of ‘standing only’ escalators. As anyone who has travelled on the London…

Chelsea Flower Show - Press & VIP Preview Day

Zac Goldsmith promises to be ‘pansexual’ for London

4 March 2016 16:52

As Zac Goldsmith fights to be the next Mayor of London against Labour’s Sadiq Khan, he is striving to appeal to…

Russell Brand Delivers The Reading Agency Lecture

Is Russell Brand thinking about going to university?

17 February 2016 19:13

During Russell Brand’s brief foray into politics, the comedian struggled to be taken seriously by members of the establishment. On…

Household incomes are rising – but are Londoners really reaping the benefits?

16 February 2016 7:49

Household incomes have finally topped the levels they were at just after the financial crash. The average household in Britain…

Boris Johnson (left) and MP Zac Goldsmith, who has been chosen as the Conservative Party's candidate to run for London mayor in 2016.

Zac Goldsmith is the Tory candidate for London Mayor. But is he too posh to push?

2 October 2015 11:16

As expected, Zac Goldsmith has won the Conservative nomination for next year’s Mayor of London race with a sweeping 71…

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 17.16.56

Cabbies storm London City Hall over Uber row

16 September 2015 17:56

Boris Johnson’s war with black cab drivers stepped up a notch today. His monthly Mayor’s Question Time session was abruptly…

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Ukip wars: Party’s London MEP blasts ‘undemocratic’ Mayoral and GLA selections

1 September 2015 15:38

Ukip’s selection procedure for its London Assembly and Mayoral candidates is ‘undemocratic’, the party’s own MEP for London has told Coffee House.…

The Evening Standard's Labour mayoral hustings at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Could a row with Uber be taxi for a London mayoral candidate?

27 August 2015 16:48

One of the striking things about the contest in Labour for the mayoral candidacy is how many of the candidates…

Andy Burnham addressing at Q&A at St Pancras Parish Church in London, 24 August 2015.

An evening with Andy Burnham and his conventional Labour supporters

24 August 2015 22:10

Andy Burham’s rally this evening had only one similarity with Jeremy Corbyn’s last week: it was held in a place…

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National Busking Day is an insult to real buskers

16 July 2015 15:53

This Saturday is National Busking Day, a series of events across the country proving that Britain’s arts establishment just don’t…


We need a Campaign to Protect Urban England

10 July 2015 16:02

If a political subject is inconvenient to both Left and Right then the chances are that it won’t get addressed,…

Zac Goldsmith and Boris Johnson attend a rally against the Heathrow expansion. Photo: Getty Images.

Constituents give Zac Goldsmith ‘permission’ to run for Mayor of London

23 June 2015 13:39

Zac Goldsmith is in the race to be the Tory candidate for Mayor of London. After announcing his intention to seek the…

Syed Kamall is vying to be the Tory candidate in the London mayoral election

Syed Kamall enters race to be Tory Mayor of London candidate

19 June 2015 18:03

Syed Kamall, the Conservative leader in the European Parliament, has entered the race to be the party’s Mayor of London candidate. The…

Zac Goldsmith is leading a group of rebel MPs on homeowners' development rights. Picture: Getty

Why so many senior Tories want Zac Goldsmith to run for mayor

7 June 2015 11:36

Over the last few weeks, a string of senior Tories have urged Zac Goldsmith to run for Mayor of London.…