Members of both houses of parliament fil

The Quiet and Sorry Death of Liberalism, Part CCXXXIV

10 January 2014 14:31

The whole point of the House of Lords is that it lacks democratic legitimacy. This, as they say, is a feature not a bug. A damn good feature too. It… Continue reading

Please SIr

Let Them Eat Gruel: The Government-Health-Security Complex Invades Your Kitchen - Spectator Blogs

5 January 2013 14:11

Addressing the American people for the final time as President, Dwight Eisenhower warned that: This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the… Continue reading

Ibiza Club Life -2007

The War on Drugs is as pointless as it is immoral; obviously it must continue. - Spectator Blogs

10 December 2012 15:29

Like Tom Chivers I’d not planned to write anything about the latest suggestion our drug laws are sufficiently confused, antiquated and beyond parody that at some point it might be… Continue reading

General Election - Week Two

UKIP is not a libertarian party - Spectator Blogs

27 November 2012 1:11

I’m sure, as James says, that the idea of some kind of Tory-UKIP non-aggression pact will not go away. But that’s because many Tory backbenchers are remarkably stupid. Proponents of… Continue reading

Senators Speak To Media After Vote On Stopgap Spending Bill

Rand Paul: Leader of the US Senate's Tiny Awkward Squad - Spectator Blogs

16 November 2012 15:52

Speaking of politicians worthy of your support, here’s Senator Rand Paul doing his thing: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is holding up a vote on the Defense Authorization Act until he… Continue reading

Obama Admin. Unveils New Policy Easing Medical Marijuana Prosecutions

Amidst Obama's Triumph, America Enjoys A Libertarian Moment - Spectator Blogs

7 November 2012 16:57

Amidst last night’s Democratic triumph and the confirmation that Obama is, in many respects, Ronald Reagan’s heir let’s not forget that this election was also a triumph for libertarians and… Continue reading


The Department of Something Must Be Done & the Drink Police

23 March 2012 12:35

Even if you accept that the government’s plans for a minimum alcohol price in England and Wales are well-intentioned you can be pretty sure that it’s a bad idea. How… Continue reading


Ed Miliband Surpasses Himself

27 January 2012 0:27

Miliband Attacks Cameron Over Chocolate Oranges might win a prize for the headline that best summarises Ed Miliband’s stewardship of the Labour party. In case you still can’t believe this… Continue reading


Ron Paul’s Newsletter Problem

22 December 2011 16:58

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who remembers anything about Ron Paul’s run for the Presidency four years ago that The Newsletter Issue has cropped up again. There are many things that… Continue reading


Can the Dutch Government Really Be Abandoning Smokers to Their Fate?

13 December 2011 16:30

Let us hope they are. A wailing letter to the editors of the Lancet, signed by Stanton Glantz and other anti-tobacco fanatics, complains that the Dutch government "is all but… Continue reading


The Polish Invasion Was A Good Thing

28 September 2011 0:09

It seems typical of Labour’s reaction to being removed from office after 13 frustrating years in power that it should have decided to disown one of its braver, better, bolder… Continue reading


Adam Curtis Is At It Again

16 September 2011 18:26

  The great story-teller’s latest piece is a rum business indeed. Apparently: The guiding idea at the heart of today’s political system is freedom of choice. The belief that if… Continue reading


Winning with Governor Moonbeam

8 September 2011 21:56

Surprise: there’s some good news coming out of California! Governor Jerry Brown, enjoying his second tour in office, has taken to slapping down the kind of mollyocddling absurdities much favoured… Continue reading


Our Crazy Drug Laws, Part XVI

31 August 2011 18:21

As legal entertainments go Man facing jail after reporting his cannabis plants stolen is a pretty good one. The Edinburgh Evening News reports: Police were called to David Williamson’s home… Continue reading


The Death Penalty: A Matter of Emotion, Not Reason

2 August 2011 14:17

As a torch-and-pitchfork populist it’s not a great surprise that Guido Fawkes is in favour of the death penalty. Nor will it be a great shock when he gathers the… Continue reading


How A Mensch Responds to the Press

29 July 2011 13:31

Journalist seeks to embarrass politician for crime of enjoying themselves before they became a politician and, apparently, must expect to have their every move vetted by prudes and scolds. Said… Continue reading


U-Turns in the Government’s DNA

29 July 2011 13:08

But first, another grubby little piece of u-turning from this government. You might think that a commitment to remove from the DNA database the details of more than a million… Continue reading


Parliament and Mob Rule

24 June 2011 16:05

You’d need a closed heart not to feel great sympathy for the family of poor Milly Dowler. Her killer Levi Bellfield is a vile, appalling creature and one can understand… Continue reading


Yes, There Is A War on Drugs. Part XIV.

21 June 2011 13:46

On the one hand, it’s good that Ed Vulliamy is in the Guardian today highlighting the appalling miseries of the Mexican Drug War; on the other it’s unfortunate that his… Continue reading


Is It April 1st?

15 June 2011 17:11

There is a stramash over government bin policy! James writes: The government is, rightly, receiving a monstering from the papers for its u-turns on weekly bin collections. But what is… Continue reading


Blue Labour? Red Tory? Reactionaries One and All?

8 June 2011 13:22

It might seem axiomatic to observe that Red Tories and Blue Labourites must have as much in common as anything that might divide them. That’s one thing to take from… Continue reading


Yes, There Is A War on Drugs

7 June 2011 13:33

John Rentoul’s column in the Independent on Sunday this week was uncharacteristically unpersuasive. His text was Mencken’s aphorism that "There is always a well-known solution to every human problem –… Continue reading


Gary Johnson vs Ron Paul

24 May 2011 20:04

In the grand drama of an American presidential campaign, wondering whether Gary Johnson or Ron Paul will win the vestigial libertarian-minded vote in the Republican primary is but a tiny… Continue reading


An Increasing Population is a Good Thing. So is Immigration.

13 May 2011 2:09

Plenty of folk seem to think otherwise. Including George Bridges who has written a very curious post for the Motherblog in which he seems most perturbed by the prospect of… Continue reading


Just Say Yes, Dave

11 May 2011 1:39

When David Cameron was a backbench MP he condemned the "abject failure" of the War on Drugs. And when he campaigned for the Troy leadership he said it was time… Continue reading