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Nick Clegg: I couldn’t get hold of Charles Kennedy before his death

25 June 2015 9:58

Nick Clegg appeared on LBC this morning to take part in his first interview since his party’s defeat at the polls. With the host Nick Ferrari taking questions from listeners,… Continue reading

Norman Lamb and Tim Farron on the Victoria Derbyshire show today. Photo: BBC.

Tim Farron strengthens his position in the Lib Dem leadership race

23 June 2015 17:11

While the media has been focused on the Labour leadership contest, the Liberal Democrats are also shuffling closer to choosing their new leader. The ballot papers are being sent out… Continue reading


Nigel Farage slips into the background at charity cricket match

22 June 2015 18:42

With taxpayers currently facing the prospect of a £3 billion bill in order to stop Parliament turning into a ‘ruin’, perhaps it’s time the Speaker took a note out of Baroness Benjamin’s… Continue reading

Tim Farron

Tim Farron: I want to make the Liberal Democrats the party of small business

5 June 2015 12:26

When you’re a smaller party I think it naturally gives you an understanding of what it feels like to be an underdog, and a passion to level the playing field.… Continue reading

Referendum Debate Continues As Campaigns Enter Final Week

Charles Kennedy, 1959-2015

2 June 2015 10:52

Charles Kennedy had many favourite jokes but when, as he often did, he returned to the Glasgow University Union, he was particularly fond of regaling his audience with the story… Continue reading

Charles Kennedy, photographed in 2004 during his time as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Photo: Getty.

Fighting talk from a dove — Peter Oborne interviews Charles Kennedy

2 June 2015 10:40

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Kennedy has died at the age of 55. He was the party’s most successful leader in 80 years, winning 62 seats in… Continue reading

Charles Kennedy Campaigns For The Lib Dems in Bearsden

Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy dies aged 55

2 June 2015 6:26

Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, has died at his home in Fort William aged 55. His family released this statement this morning: ‘It is with great sadness,… Continue reading


Tim Farron interview: Lib Dems scared Tories off British Bill of Rights in the Queen’s Speech

30 May 2015 21:06

I spotted the Liberal Democrat leadership candidate Tim Farron in a pub on Whitehall, enjoying half a pint of lager and nachos with fellow party activists after marching in defence of… Continue reading


Will Nick Clegg’s response to the Queen’s Speech mean anything at all?

27 May 2015 9:17

Could there be a sadder sight today than Nick Clegg, intervening on behalf of his now tiny ‘minor party’ in the Queen’s Speech debate? The Lib Dem leader is responding… Continue reading

Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael prepares to make his first speech of the year setting out his case for Scotland remaining part of the UK at Stirling University..

Malcom Bruce defends Alistair Carmichael: ‘lots of people have told lies’

26 May 2015 9:10

Alistair Carmichael’s battle to remain an MP is turning into a debate about whether it’s acceptable to lie in public office. The SNP are keen to talk the up the notion… Continue reading

Alistair Carmichael attends a Cabinet Committee  meeting in September 2014 (Photo: Getty)

Alistair Carmichael responsible for Nicola Sturgeon leak

22 May 2015 15:33

During the election campaign the Telegraph reported that Nicola Sturgeon wanted David Cameron to remain Prime Minister, after a memo was leaked to them which included an account of a private conversation between Sturgeon and the… Continue reading

Norman Lamb

Lib Dem leader hopeful Norman Lamb wins a celebrity backer

14 May 2015 16:43

Although Labour’s celebrity endorsements from Martin Freeman, Robert Webb and Russell Brand did little to help the party in the election, Norman Lamb will be hoping his new backer will help… Continue reading

David Cameron feeds a lamb in April 2015. Image: Getty

Pandering to animal rights extremists will get MPs rejected, not elected

14 May 2015 11:47

The reasons why England and Wales voted so convincingly for a Conservative Government on Thursday will be debated forever, but one of the most obvious is the complete rejection of… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron hosts the first cabinet meeting with his new cabinet in Downing Street on May 12, 2015 in London, England.

Cameron, May and Javid are trying to prove the Tories are the natural party of government

13 May 2015 8:53

The Tories are already putting some clear blue water between the coalition and the present majority government. Firstly, the new Business Secretary Sajid Javid has promised new tougher strike laws —… Continue reading


Liberal Democrats face soaring fines for failing to win enough votes

8 May 2015 9:58

Oh dear. Not only have the Liberal Democrats only won eight seats so far compared to the 56 taken in 2010, many candidates face losing their deposit. If a candidate fails to win… Continue reading

Stephen Twigg, who ousted Michael Portillo in the 1997 general election.

Election night: the ten ‘Portillo moments’ to watch out for

7 May 2015 18:34

Election night is going to be a long affair but some excitement will ensue if any prominent politicians lose their seats — unexpectedly or otherwise. There is likely to be… Continue reading


Tory backbenchers increasingly reconciled to another coalition

6 May 2015 12:18

Speaking to various senior Conservative backbenchers in the past 24 hours, I’ve been struck by how much support there is for the formation of another coalition. There is a recognition… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron arrives at a construction site for the South Devon Link Road as a rainbow is seen behind him on May 5, 2015 in Devon, England.

Campaign-kick off: 24 hours to go

6 May 2015 8:11

Finally, after six weeks of campaigning, endless opinion polls and the semi-TV debates, the final day of the 2015 general election campaign is upon us. David Cameron, Ed Miliband and… Continue reading


Election podcast special: 48 hours to go

5 May 2015 15:42

In today’s election special podcast, Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I discuss David Cameron’s election rally with Boris Johnson in Hendon and whether the Mayor of London has been underused during the… Continue reading

David6 (1)

Cameron wins 81 seat majority in the (junior) General Election

5 May 2015 11:40

At last, David Cameron has won an election. First News, a weekly newspaper for school children, organised a national Junior General Election and surprisingly the PM has romped home with… Continue reading

Alistair Carmichael is trolled by an SNP voter.

Coffee Shots: SNP voter trolls the Secretary of State for Scotland

4 May 2015 18:28

Although one recent poll suggested that the SNP will win every seat in Scotland, there are still a few Liberal Democrat MPs who hope to retain their seats come Thursday. However, although Alistair… Continue reading

Education Secretary Michael Gove Speech On Education Reform

Michael Gove: Tories could still work with the Lib Dems

4 May 2015 9:00

The Tories were less than pleased last week when Danny Alexander revealed confidential communications between the coalition partners regarding child benefit to a paper, as part of an election campaign ambush. The disclosure brought… Continue reading


Miriam González Durántez breaks political protocol at fashion event

28 April 2015 15:02

After Nick Clegg enjoyed a night out at the pub earlier this month, it only seems fair that his wife Miriam González Durántez should also be allowed to let off some… Continue reading

Nick Clegg at the Lib Dem manifesto launch.

Coffee Shots: Liberal Democrats struggle with the small print

24 April 2015 11:00

As the Liberal Democrats fight for survival in the general election, word reaches Mr S that things in the yellow camp may be even more dire than first thought. Mr… Continue reading


Image from Islington: Lib Dems troll Emily Thornberry

23 April 2015 11:01

It’s St George’s Day today, and presumably Labour’s Emily Thornberry is out looking for ‘amazing’ houses draped in English flags. To help her out (in a way), her Lib Dem… Continue reading