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Tim Farron Congratulates Sarah Olney On Her By-election Win

Lib Dems’ new marketing strategy

12 December 2016 15:46

During the coalition years, Lib Dem conferences were well-attended events with many businesses, too, opting to exhibit. However, since the…


Labour has even bigger problems than Jeremy Corbyn these days

10 December 2016 10:38

Want proof of how bad things are for Labour? Jeremy Corbyn and his disastrous leadership is not even its biggest…


The LibDems will make the Richmond Park by-election into a referendum on Brexit

25 October 2016 19:09

Zac Goldsmith has announced this evening that he’ll be standing as an independent in the Richmond Park by-election he has…

Theresa May’s Ukip opportunity

23 October 2016 11:13

Since Nigel Farage’s latest resignation as Ukip leader, it has become clear that he is the only person who can…


Tim Farron bangs the anti-Brexit drum as he reaches for the centre ground

20 September 2016 16:44

Tim Farron’s hardest task in his conference speech today was convincing people to actually listen. A test of how successful…


Why does no-one think of the Lib Dems?

11 August 2016 14:41

Talking to Labour MP these days is a pretty miserable business, to the extent that many journalists are starting to…

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Speech On International Development

Is the man who gave us fixed term parliaments now trying to do away with them?

27 June 2016 15:27

Nick Clegg has written an interesting column for the Evening Standard today about the referendum result. You will not be…

The Spectator podcast: Erdogan’s Europe

6 May 2016 16:54

To subscribe to The Spectator’s weekly podcast, for free, visit the iTunes store or click here for our RSS feed.…

May 2016 elections: The Spectator guide

4 May 2016 18:38

Britain goes to the polls this week, as electoral contests take place in London, Scotland, Wales and across England. They’re…


Watch: George Osborne promises to ‘abolish’ the Liberal Democrats

16 March 2016 14:25

Of course no Budget announcement would be complete without some customary ‘banter’ from the Chancellor of the Exchequer. With George…

(Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty)

Simon Hughes’ new job brings him back to the Commons

11 March 2016 13:45

After Simon Hughes lost his seat in the general election, the Liberal Democrat stalwart went from Justice Minister to unemployed…

(Credit: Ben Rathe)

Nick Clegg visited dogging site during his time as deputy PM

4 March 2016 9:50

With Nick Clegg now a mere backbencher, his former staff appear to no longer feel the need to protect the…


Lib Dem rising star quits party in ‘gendered abuse’ row

16 February 2016 17:47

The Liberal Democrats’ track record with female party activists has suffered in recent years after Lord Rennard was accused of sexual harassment.…


Why can’t Labour decide if it opposes the Investigatory Powers Bill?

10 November 2015 18:36

Last week brought into focus how Labour is in complete and utter disarray. After the Home Secretary’s statement on the…

Tim Farron.

How will Tim Farron make sure the Lib Dems are heard?

23 September 2015 13:34

When the Liberal Democrats voted for Tim Farron as their next leader, they didn’t know that the Labour party was…

Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron speaks to staff at the offices of housing charity Shelter on the fourth day of the Liberal Democrats annual conference on September 22, 2015 in Bournemouth, England.

Tim Farron tells Lib Dems to roll up their sleeves and prepare for government

23 September 2015 8:44

The Liberal Democrats’ autumn conference rolls to a close today with Tim Farron’s keynote address. In light of the party’s…


Lib Dem ‘Glee Club’ goes to party conference

22 September 2015 13:13

As the Liberal Democrats try and find a place for themselves in politics following a disastrous election result, the party…

Former leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg speaks on the third day of the Liberal Democrats annual conference on September 20, 2015 in Bournemouth, England.

Labour should learn from Nick Clegg on how to deal with its history

21 September 2015 18:50

Nick Clegg has stepped back into the limelight today and he’s been pretty chirpy about his party’s time in government…

Tim Farron and his wife Rosemary arrive to speak with media ahead of the Liberal Democrats annual conference on September 19, 2015 in Bournemouth, England

Tim Farron: I’m not a ‘homewrecker’ for Labour MPs

21 September 2015 9:14

The Liberal Democrats are gathered in Bournemouth for their annual conference and the media hasn’t taken much notice. But according to…

Lord Rennard (Photo: PA)

Lord Rennard’s call for House of Lords reform backfires

8 September 2015 10:12

In this year’s dissolution honours, the Liberal Democrats were awarded 11 peerages, three more than their total number of MPs. Since this brought…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Announces His Party's Education Manifesto

Labour’s centrists have held up the white flag of surrender

2 September 2015 13:46

Smart political operators are often the stupidest people. In conventional Westminster terms, it was smart of Labour’s Chuka Umunna to…

Shas Sheehan, "possibly the least capable or deserving person to ever be made a peer in the history of the Lib Dems"

Is Shas Sheehan the “least deserving person to ever be made a Lib Dem peer?”

27 August 2015 17:29

As well as it being rather amusing that a party officially committed to the abolition of the House of Lords…

Members of House of Lords in robes at State Opening of Parliament, House of Lords, England, United Kingdom.

Long-serving frontbenchers and the Spadocracy dominate the 2015 dissolution peers

27 August 2015 13:42

The 2015 Dissolution Peerages have been announced, with many of the names floated in the press over the last few weeks…

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg speaks to  party activists alongside Jasper Gerard (left), the partyÕs candidate for Maidstone & The Weald, at Hush Heath Winery on May 3, 2015 in Tonbridge, England.

Coming soon: more Lib Dem advice on how to win an election

27 August 2015 13:30

Given that the general election proved disastrous for the Liberal Democrats, it’s surprising how many party members seem keen to revisit…

Michael Dugher

Labour’s attack dog takes a swipe at the Guardian after Burnham snub

14 August 2015 8:37

Oh dear. Is the Labour leadership campaign beginning to get too much for the Burnham camp? After the Guardian announced…