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An American, an Australian and a South African walk into a British election

18 April 2014 13:37

All three main parties have now hired foreign advisers to help run their general election campaigns. These foreign advisers have one thing in common: they’re all from the English speaking… Continue reading

United Kingdom Minister of State for For

What are the Liberal Democrats for?

12 April 2014 10:06

Of the three main parties, none is clearer about how they intend to fight the next election than the Liberal Democrats. Their message will be that they’ll make the Tories… Continue reading

United Kingdom Minister of State for For

Alas poor Jeremy Browne, the man who loved this government not wisely but all too well

8 April 2014 11:20

Poor Jeremy Browne. Sacked for believing in the government in which he served*. Then again, no-one claims politics, or life, is fair. So it is good to see Mr Browne… Continue reading

The Prime Minister And Deputy Prime Minister Announce Their Mid-Term Review

Cameron’s renegotiation strategy is no longer an obstacle to a second Tory-Lib Dem coalition

6 April 2014 16:11

David Cameron’s plan to renegotiate Britain’s membership of the European Union has long been regarded as a major obstacle to a second Tory-Lib Dem coalition. But, as I report in… Continue reading


Clegg lost against Farage, but that’s not the point

4 April 2014 11:37

Why did Nick Clegg bother debating Nigel Farage? The Ukip leader bagged two decisive victories in the battles. But that doesn’t mean the Lib Dem leader has failed to set… Continue reading

David Laws will be working out the key themes and messages for the Lib Dem manifesto over the next few days. Picture: GETTY

Lib Dem manifesto horsetrading begins

2 April 2014 18:09

After Tim Farron set out a new position for the Lib Dems on the ‘bedroom tax’ this morning, Labour wants to try to humiliate the party by staging a vote… Continue reading

Liberal Democrats Annual Spring Conference 2014

Clegg, Farage and the poverty of Britain’s EU debate

28 March 2014 11:09

Two of the writers I most admire have fallen out over the Clegg vs Farage debate. James Kirkup calls it for the Lib Dem leader (his reasons here) and Peter… Continue reading

Nick Clegg And Nigel Farage Debate Britain's EU Membership

Clegg and Farage’s real mission: getting their voters to turn up

27 March 2014 17:22

‘You guys always love the zero sum game, you know, politics as Premier League football,’ Paddy Ashdown said this morning when asked whether he accepted whether his leader had lost… Continue reading

Maajid Nawaz deserves support. If the Lib Dems won't provide it then the Tories must.

Hampstead and Kilburn – it would be a disgrace if the Lib Dems don’t back Maajid Nawaz to the hilt

27 March 2014 14:41

In the past 30 years British English has received a number of loan words from Arabic, words which would have meant very little to our young grandparents but are now… Continue reading

Maajid Nawaz on Youth Radicalization Redefined At The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival

Exclusive: Lib Dems go cold on candidate after ‘Jesus and Mo’ row

25 March 2014 17:22

The Lib Dems are considering scaling back their fight for Maajid Nawaz to win the Hampstead and Kilburn seat after the row about his ‘Jesus and Mo’ tweet, I have… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 13.08.35

Nick Clegg’s new running sore

25 March 2014 13:34

Nick Clegg spent the first 20 minutes of Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions looking a little miserable. A wan smile did flicker across his lips at about 18 minutes in, but… Continue reading

Sir Menzies Campbell Holds Press Conference

Alistair Carmichael: Chris Huhne put the ‘T’ in Cancun

11 March 2014 15:40

Jovial Lib Dem Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael addressed lobby journalists over lunch today. Speaking from his experience as the party’s former chief whip, he managed to praise the discipline of… Continue reading

Liberal Democrats Annual Spring Conference 2014

Nick Clegg’s ‘I love Britain’ speech: full text

9 March 2014 14:32

Since I became the Deputy Prime Minister I have had the privilege of spending a bit of time representing Britain’s interests in other parts of the world. I have visited… Continue reading

Home Office Minister James Brokenshire today said the government would make changes to the Data Communications Bill. Picture: Getty

David Cameron pays the price for another lazy shuffle

9 March 2014 12:07

The Tory leadership is not best pleased with James Brokenshire, the Immigration Minister whose ill-judged speech turned a media spotlight onto the Cameron’s nanny. There are mutterings in Downing Street… Continue reading

Nick Clegg Gives A Speech On Britain In Europe

Bickering about bickering

7 March 2014 11:32

Lib Dems are excitedly travelling to their Spring conference in York, which kicks off this evening with the traditional rally (hopefully a stand-up free one, though). Vince Cable and Tim… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Exclusive: Cameron and Osborne ambush Lib Dems in Cabinet meeting

4 March 2014 11:05

A dramatic Cabinet this morning as the Tories ambushed the Lib Dems over the contents of the Queen’s Speech. First, Cameron took them by surprise by demanding that a recall… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

Gove: Lib Dems think we’re anti-apple pie, cream and custard. Clegg: We’re being grown up about Coalition

26 February 2014 21:51

The Coalition is merely cohabiting now – that much has been clear for a while. But one partner doesn’t seem to acknowledge quite how unreasonable its behaviour is. The Lib… Continue reading

David Cameron & Nick Clegg Hold Their First Joint News Conference

Minority government hint is boost for backbenchers – if they believe it

25 February 2014 9:05

That David Cameron is reportedly considering committing to minority government above coalition is a strong message to his backbenchers that he’s not preparing to hop back into bed with Nick Clegg… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

Nick Clegg softens his language on Labour

17 February 2014 8:56

Nick Clegg’s comments on Radio 4 about the possibility of a coalition deal with Labour in 2015 are significant, not because the Deputy Prime Minister is airing the possibility of… Continue reading

Lord Rennard Image: PA

Lord Rennard sets out legal threat to Lib Dems

10 February 2014 15:54

Just when the Lib Dems thought the Lord Rennard row had calmed down, the peer announces that his lawyers have demanded that he be reinstated as a member by Thursday,… Continue reading

Gus O'Donnell giving evidence to a select committee today.

Tory plotters mull ‘sacking’ Lib Dems as Lib Dems continue to grump about Gove

6 February 2014 18:29

What are the Coalition parties going to do for the next few months in the run-up to the general election? Judging by the way the Liberal Democrats have behaved this… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

Return of the native as Danny Alexander tries to differentiate from Tories

5 February 2014 10:35

‘I know a few people who could arrange just that,’ remarked a Tory MP this morning on reading Danny Alexander’s remarks in the Mirror that the Conservatives would reduce the… Continue reading


Gove row paints dispiriting picture of a post-2015 Lib-Con coalition

3 February 2014 8:51

The row between the Lib Dems and Conservatives over Ofsted has taken a curious turn this morning, with Lib Dem MP David Ward, not particularly well-liked by the leadership, appearing… Continue reading

A Highlander sees a man he thought was his clansman stick the knife in, on orders of his commander. In the above case, the Glencoe Massacre.

What the LibDems are up to

2 February 2014 15:30

David Laws’ attack on his former BFF Michael Gove is leading the news bulletins today, and rightly. Its wider significance lies in that the Liberal Democrats have decided it’s time… Continue reading


It’s cohabitation, not coalition now

1 February 2014 8:09

The Tories and the Liberal Democrats are increasingly going their separate ways. But they’ll stay in government together until the election is called. As one Whitehall Lib Dem told me… Continue reading