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David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Image: STEFAN ROUSSEAU/AFP/Getty Images

Cameron and Clegg’s last-ditch attempts to save the Union

8 September 2014 15:26

After the panic in Westminster over the weekend about the Sunday Times‘ poll putting ‘Yes’ in the lead came the something-must-be-dones. David Cameron said he would ‘strain every sinew’ to… Continue reading

Mike Hancock

Mike Hancock: I crossed the line

18 June 2014 16:22

Mike Hancock has settled the civil case brought against him by a constituent alleging that he sexually assaulted her (Julie Bindel outlined the case for the magazine here). In a… Continue reading

Nick Clegg and a young person. Image: Getty

Nick Clegg is setting out what the Lib Dems stand for

16 June 2014 12:32

What is Nick Clegg up to? He held a press conference today to tell us that his party’s manifesto will be a Lib Dem manifesto, not a manifesto aimed at… Continue reading

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Three things we learnt from Nick Clegg’s comeback speech

9 June 2014 17:51

Nick Clegg gave his mop-up speech today after the European elections. It was an attempt to reassure his party that he has listened to their concerns, and to tell everyone… Continue reading

Put the liberal back into the Lib Dems (Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/GettyImages)

In a saturated political market, the Lib Dems must define themselves by their liberalism

6 June 2014 17:18

The British political marketplace increasingly represents a busy bazaar. It is chaotic and unpredictable. The old assumptions about fixed allegiances are crumbling. Customers shop around. They feel little obligation to… Continue reading

Today is the last Queen's Speech for this coalition government. At last.

Lord Dobbs to the Lib Dems: time to sod off

4 June 2014 9:08

‘There are three stages to any coalition,’ House of Cards creator Michael Dobbs told me at Tuesday’s annual Macmillan Lords vs Commons tug-of-war in the grounds of Westminster School. ‘First… Continue reading

Time for some Lib Dem reflection (Photo: Ben Gurr - WPA Pool/Getty)

The Lib Dems must start to claim credit for the Coalition’s economic successes

3 June 2014 14:58

Jokes about their lock-in aside, today’s re-launch by Nick Clegg and Vince Cable apparently heralds the Deputy Prime Minister’s attempt to get the Lib Dems to take credit for policies announced… Continue reading


Ken Clarke’s yellow badge of honour

2 June 2014 13:52

Despite trying to fend off Ukip in the Newark by-election, the Tories have thought it a good idea to put neighbouring MP, and devout Europhile, Ken Clarke on their candidate’s… Continue reading


Political meltdown

30 May 2014 17:03

I have consistently maintained that the Liberal Democrat party is an anachronism, a perversion and general waste of political space. So imagine my joy in recent weeks at discovering that… Continue reading

The only person who can remove Clegg is Clegg himself (Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty)

For a group of Lib Dem MPs, the war is already over

29 May 2014 15:02

The anti-Clegg Liberal Democrats are fond of World War One analogies, likening their leader to a general sending wave after wave of troops over the top to their deaths. But… Continue reading


Polls closed: what to expect

22 May 2014 22:56

Now the waiting begins. If you’re interested in the results of around 50 councils which expect to declare overnight, here they are: Basildon, Basingstoke & Deane, Bexley, Birmingham, Bolton, Brentwood,… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

Tories and Lib Dems will want to break the rules if there’s another Coalition

9 May 2014 13:03

The Coalition has been much more of a success than anyone could have predicted when it formed in 2010. It hasn’t just held together for spending cuts, but has passed… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Nick Clegg is wrong on knife crime – we need minimum sentences

8 May 2014 12:21

In today’s Guardian Nick Clegg sets out his reasons why he is stopping the government tabling clauses that would require mandatory sentences on second conviction for possession of a knife.… Continue reading


Clegg lost against Farage, but that’s not the point

4 April 2014 11:37

Why did Nick Clegg bother debating Nigel Farage? The Ukip leader bagged two decisive victories in the battles. But that doesn’t mean the Lib Dem leader has failed to set… Continue reading

FILES - This pool picture provided 03 Se

Nick vs Nigel: Clegg gets a little help from Farage’s mate Vlad

2 April 2014 8:37

Nick Clegg ‘lost’ last week’s LBC debate with Nigel Farage, not for want of trying to sound reasonable or appear at ease and polished, but because there are simply fewer… Continue reading


Nick vs Nigel sketch: Farage edged ahead of a pompous Clegg – but there was no knock-out blow

27 March 2014 11:29

Never mind the arguments, the body language said it all at the EU debate last night. Nigel Farage was relaxed, smiley and upbeat. Nick Clegg had a solemn and rather… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

PMQs sketch: what Tony Blair knew about being a toff, and what Nick Clegg doesn’t

12 March 2014 17:37

Hattie Harman tried to crack Clegg today. The deputy prime minister, standing in for David Cameron, explained carefully that his boss was visiting, ‘Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories.’ Not… Continue reading

Nick Clegg: does not want to annoy teachers. Photo: Getty Images.

Nick Clegg: Vince Cable never intended to offend teachers

6 March 2014 18:18

Nick Clegg spent this morning singing the Lib Dem equivalent of Take That’s Back for Good, telling his target voters from the teaching profession that whatever one of his colleagues… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Miliband turned Cameron’s flooding fraud into a faux pas

26 February 2014 17:22

Earlier this week David Cameron threatened the Lib Dems with divorce. Today, two of their senior figures offered to kiss and make up. Sir Alan Beith and Sir Bob Russell,… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Clegg admits that the quango he and the Lib Dems boasted of saving made the floods worse than they needed to be

24 February 2014 15:46

At Lib Dem conference last autumn, the Liberal Democrats couldn’t tell you often enough how they had saved the quango Natural England from the Tory axe. Both Nick Clegg and… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Is Nigel Farage wimping out on scary Nick Clegg’s debate challenge?

20 February 2014 13:07

Who knew Nick Clegg was so scary? As James revealed this morning, the Lib Dem leader has challenged Nigel Farage, never knowingly silent, to a televised leaders’ debate for the… Continue reading

Computer says no

I’m a Liberal Democrat… get me out of here!

18 February 2014 15:09

It seems the launch of the new Liberal Democrat website is not going very well. Apparently the party of tuition fees and Nick Clegg is ‘untrusted’. ‘What should you do?’,… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Mike Hancock’s son in alleged assault on journalist

23 January 2014 15:12

More unwanted drama for the Lib Dems. Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock’s son has been filmed allegedly assaulting a photographer outside his father’s home, with Hampshire police saying that ‘a reporter… Continue reading

Lord Rennard. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The cowardly Lib Dems should have taken action over Chris Rennard

16 January 2014 16:14

Alistair Webster QC has decided that the threshold for disciplining Lord Rennard for sexually inappropriate behaviour could not be met, and that the allegations could not be proved beyond reasonable… Continue reading

Michael Gove, fighting for tougher teaching in schools. Photo: PA.

Education reform works. Who knew?

19 December 2013 13:50

Education reform that actually works is one of the noblest, but most thankless, tasks in politics. Noble because it’s necessary, thankless because it doesn’t earn much in the way of… Continue reading