Liam Fox

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox Visits Manchester

When Liam Fox gave up his hand

4 January 2017 10:06

As No.10 reels from Ivan Rogers’ resignation letter in which he accuses Theresa May’s government of ‘muddled thinking’, Liam Fox…

Former U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox Interview

Wanted: Good press for Liam Fox

29 November 2016 16:31

Of all the government departments, it’s the Department for International Trade that manages to find itself in the firing line…

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Liam Fox throws the book at civil servants

15 November 2016 15:10

Although Theresa May is adamant that she will trigger Article 50 come what March, today’s Times splash suggests otherwise. A ‘leaked’ memo…

Edinburgh Zoo's Sir Nils Olav has an official knighthood from the Norwegian King's Guard

Norway never said ‘nei’ to Liam Fox

11 October 2016 20:19

Being half-Norwegian, I can rarely find anyone in Westminster to discuss the Norwegian papers with. But Monday’s front page of…


The three Europhiles take on the three Brexiteers

11 October 2016 12:52

Today it was a case of the ghosts of governments past as George Osborne, Michael Heseltine and Vince Cable were…

The Conservative Party Conference 2016 - Day Two

Liam Fox looks towards the sunny world of Brexit Britain

3 October 2016 18:28

This afternoon’s session of speeches at the Tory conference might best be described as the ‘Why My Department Exists’ section.…

Full text: Liam Fox’s conference speech

3 October 2016 16:44

There was a time when the terms ‘Britain’ and ‘trade’ would have been almost synonymous. For over two centuries we…


Listen: Liam Fox savages Nick Clegg at Tory conference

2 October 2016 23:30

On Sunday afternoon both Boris Johnson and David Davis gave speeches on Brexit in the main hall at Conservative conference.…


Chris Grayling suggests Britain will leave the customs union

2 October 2016 13:20

Good news for Liam Fox. It looks as though the Secretary for International Trade may have a job after all. After No.10…

Theresa May’s Brexit silence isn’t going down well

30 September 2016 10:29

Theresa May has said she won’t be providing a ‘running commentary’ on Brexit. That refusal, the Prime Minister insisted, was…

Former U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox Interview

Liam Fox doesn’t have a job – he just doesn’t know it yet, says Nick Clegg

13 September 2016 15:47

Given the fragile egos of Theresa May’s three Brexiteers — Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis — Mr S…

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The Brexiteers will always blame everything but Brexit

13 September 2016 10:27

The worst men always find themselves in others. If they are instinctive liars, they accuse their opponents of lying. If…

Liam Fox is giving a speech on the economy to the IEA today. Picture: Getty

Liam Fox confirms that Britain now has a nationalist government

11 September 2016 13:42

Unlike the boss, I thought Liam Fox’s comments on fat and lazy British businesses that could be exporting more but aren’t because, well, an…

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Liam Fox is right: we need to talk about Britain’s trade problem

10 September 2016 13:44

When Theresa May appointed three of the most outspoken and free-minded Brexiteers to her Cabinet, her fellow Remainers were delighted.…

Let’s not overhype a free trade deal with Australia

7 September 2016 8:34

The best thing to say about the UK kicking off preliminary trade talks with Australia is that they’re a start. In…

Former U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox Interview

Listen: Liam Fox boasts of Foreign Office land grab

22 August 2016 12:25

For weeks there have been reports of simmering tensions between Theresa May’s three Brexiteers. After the Prime Minister appointed David…

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The 17.4 Million Committee must be launched, urgently

20 August 2016 8:00

When it was reported that Liam Fox and Boris Johnson are already squabbling about who should be in charge of…

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Betraying Brexit: the revolt of the elites against the people

15 August 2016 12:45

Why is everyone so chilled out about the threats to Brexit? Why isn’t there more public fury over the plotting…

Boris Johnson Campaigns To Leave The EU

Theresa May won’t be surprised Liam Fox and Boris are already battling it out

15 August 2016 8:16

The dawn of a new government sparks a search amongst journalists for the flashpoints and tensions within it which are likely…

Chevening, an official residence of the Foreign Secretary (Photo: Getty)

I was caught smoking a rollie in Chevening. What will Boris & co get up to?

23 July 2016 8:00

Chevening, the stately home in Kent henceforth to be shared by David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson — and…

Former U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox Interview

Liam Fox celebrates his new job

14 July 2016 21:23

While today’s political climate might not be great for the country, the watering holes of Westminster are certainly doing okay out…

David Cameron Holds The First Cabinet Meeting Since The UK Voted To Leave The EU

Theresa May has just shown she really is serious about Brexit

13 July 2016 22:41

‘Brexit means Brexit’ has been Theresa May’s message since she started running for the Tory leadership. But Brexit could mean…


Some thoughts on today’s Tory leadership elections

5 July 2016 17:28

You know what to expect: Theresa May wins, Andrea Leadsom comes second. Liam Fox forced out today, Stephen Crabb probably…


Ken Clarke caught on camera discussing Tory leadership hopefuls – ‘Theresa is a bloody difficult woman’

5 July 2016 14:31

Don’t expect to see Ken Clarke on Sky News anytime soon. The former Chancellor has been left red-faced after the…

Why I’m backing Theresa May

5 July 2016 7:08

The EU Referendum has served to emphasise the huge divisions which exist across our country. One of the most prominent…