Press regulation will silence pesky gadflies like me

9 January 2017 14:49

Nineteen years ago I was threatened with a libel suit by Harold Evans because of an article I’d written in…

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Competition: write a response to the government’s ‘consultation’ on press freedom

20 December 2016 14:00

Since my blog about the new threat to press freedom yesterday, and the notorious Section 40 being consulted on by the…


The new battle for press freedom

19 December 2016 14:34

The fight for press freedom is back on – and it needs your help. The government is consulting on a…

What the papers say: Labour’s ‘thunderous hypocrisy’ on press regulation

2 November 2016 8:48

Press regulation – something of a political hot potato – is top of the agenda once again after Culture Secretary Karen Bradley…


Labour goes to war with the government on press regulation

1 November 2016 17:14

Today in Parliament, press regulation was top of the agenda. The government secured a Commons victory overturning a Lords amendment…


The Whittingdale ‘scandal’ shows why Britain’s free press is more responsible than its critics

13 April 2016 14:08

For weeks, Westminster has been full of rumours about the private life of a certain cabinet member. It was said…

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When the press quivers before the powerful, no one benefits. Except, of course, the powerful

8 October 2015 11:37

Imagine living in a country where a politician could not only force a newspaper to retract a report but could…

A good old fashioned British scandal

Lord Sewel, you’ve made me proud to be British

27 July 2015 16:07

The Lord Sewel scandal makes me feel proud to be British. For here, thanks to some glorious John Wilkes-style dirt-digging…


Michael Gove vs. the ‘creaking’ legal establishment — round one

23 June 2015 9:06

Members of the legal profession who were hoping Michael Gove’s time would be consumed trying to solve the Human Rights Act…

Prince Charles meets Evgeny Lebedev during a visit to the Standard and Independent offices (Photo: Jeremy Selwyn/Getty)

Was it Evgeny Lebedev wot won it?

17 May 2015 7:03

During this election, every newspaper endorsed the party that most of their readers support – with two exceptions. The Independent…


Maria Miller reminds us why no politician should oversee the press

5 April 2014 11:43

The Daily Telegraph last night released the audio of Maria Miller’s special adviser implying very clearly that its reporter should…

Might the battle between Hugh Grant and the press be rejoined? David Cameron fears it will.

David Cameron: the press may regret its defiance over regulation

26 December 2013 7:41

In my interview with David Cameron in the current Christmas edition of The Spectator, there wasn’t enough space for everything…

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BBC vs newspapers – who wields the power?

29 November 2013 11:00

David Yelland, a former Sun editor turned a PR director, is today giving a lecture to Hacked Off’s parent group…

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Why does the Guardian only get worked up about the press’s freedom to leak?

16 October 2013 16:34

Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian, has been busy tweeting comments from Jill Abramson, the new executive editor of…

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The ‘polite protests’ from Buckingham Palace over Leveson

16 October 2013 16:07

As the whole Leveson wrangle approaches its climax (or anti-climax), one collateral, innocent victim of it all is the Queen.…

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The Spectator’s two-letter response to politicians’ plans for licensing the press

11 October 2013 17:24

What part of ‘no’ don’t they understand? Our politicians have proudly unveiled their new plan to license the press, as…

Newsnight's Allegra Stratton breaks the news

Sorry, Privy Council – press freedom was never yours to reject

7 October 2013 23:28

The Queen need not bother attending Wednesday’s meeting of the Privy Council: the decision over press regulation has already been…

Witnesses Are Recalled To The Leveson Inquiry

The Daily Mail is disreputable, twisted, tendentious and malignant. Thank heavens for that

4 October 2013 10:18

For the want of a question mark, the empire was defeated. Something like that anyway. Changing The Man Who Hated Britain to A…

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Ministers made a poor use of Parliament on press regulation

6 May 2013 18:47

The government’s decision to delay signing off the Royal Charter for press regulation was initially heralded as a dramatic change…

Leveson: Don’t be frightened by the state

26 March 2013 13:12

If David Cameron had any sense, he would stand up in the Commons and say “I am withdrawing the Royal…

Will bloggers escape from the shackles of press regulation?

‘Small-scale’ bloggers hear the chimes of freedom

25 March 2013 16:57

Bloggers of the United Kingdom rejoice – an exemption from the all-new press controls looks to be on the way.…

Hacked Off have tabled an amendment today in the Lords to exempt some bloggers. Photo: Getty Images.

It’s down to the House of Lords to save the bloggers

22 March 2013 18:24

On Monday, Parliament will decide the future of blogging in this country. As the government’s press regulation proposals stand, blogs…

Peter Lilley and George Eustice. Both Conservatives but voted differently on press regulation.

The View from 22 — Peter Lilley vs. George Eustice on press regulation and the 2013 Budget

21 March 2013 22:19

The Spectator has categorically said ‘NO’ to signing up to the government’s new regulatory body, but why are MPs so…


Hacked Off says press damages plan is a mistake

21 March 2013 18:30

So the latest twist in the surreal saga of statutory regulation of the press is that the campaign group which…

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Why The Spectator said ‘no’ to David Cameron’s Royal Charter for regulation of the press

19 March 2013 20:11

After due consideration, we at The Spectator have decided our response to the proposed Royal Charter system of press regulation.…