Leveson inquiry

Conservatives, Labour And Lib Dems Agree A Deal On Press Reform

Lord Leveson’s legacy could be the death of investigative journalism

15 October 2015 14:24

Later this year, or more probably in the spring of 2016, the following scene may play out on the steps…

Demonstration Outside Houses Of Parliament As MPs Debate Lobbying Bill

Index on Censorship is thriving and defending free speech around the world

1 April 2014 15:17

Index on Censorship defends free speech and debate for all – so we defend Nick Cohen’s right to write a…

"The Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY Salute To The Beatles" - Roaming Show

Sir Paul McCartney’s media manipulation

27 February 2014 18:49

Having been whole-heartedly hacked off during the phone hacking scandal, one assumes that Sir Paul McCartney has always been an…


The new press Royal Charter must be ignored

30 October 2013 18:11

The foxes have voted, and after careful deliberation concluded that they should be in charge of the chicken coop. No one…

Soham Trial Nears Conclusion

British journalists lock each other up and throw away the key

28 October 2013 21:23

In the past few days, my colleagues on the Guardian have been publishing stories of national and international significance –…

Judges Procession To Westminster Abbey To Mark The Start Of The Legal Year

Sir Brian’s PR offensive continues

22 October 2013 17:24

Sir Brian Leveson, who has ascended from his inquiry podium to President of the Queen’s Bench Division and Chairman of…

Lord Leveson Publishes His Eagerly Awaited Report Into Press Standards

The Leveson Test – separating the ‘Decent Left’ from ‘the Idiots’

22 October 2013 14:18

If the Leveson Inquiry does nothing else, then it has at least provided a useful guide to the British Left…

Julian Assange - one of the Guardian's information gatherers. Image: Getty

The left might not believe it, but The Guardian was morally wrong

10 October 2013 17:29

The Guardian seems to be hurt that larger selling Fleet Street newspapers (ie almost all of them) have not rallied…

Man of mystery Brian Leveson, who has no opinions. Photo: Getty Images.

Leveson: press regulation is ‘your problem, not mine’

10 October 2013 15:12

Brian Leveson has no opinions on press regulation, apparently. It just took him three hours to repeat this to MPs,…

The Spectator's response to Maria Miller

Sorry, Maria Miller. We still won’t sign

8 October 2013 18:06

The very fact that a Cabinet member has stood up in the House of Commons to make a statement on…

Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Hacked Off’s double standards on press freedom

29 August 2013 14:41

Professor turned campaigner Brian Cathcart, executive director of Hacked Off, wrote a comment piece for the Guardian this week where…

Funeral For Actor James Gandolfini

Alec Baldwin Vs the Media: Round 57

28 June 2013 11:09

Not for the first time, grumpy actor and Obama fan-boy Alec Baldwin has lashed out at the press and left…

Lynne Featherstone, enemy of free speech.

Julie Burchill, trannies and the free press

27 March 2013 16:05

If anybody doubts that free speech would be in danger after Leveson it is worth remembering what it is already…

Photo: Getty.

Dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good

22 March 2013 10:45

I have a piece in this morning’s Wall Street Journal (Europe) on our new press regulations titled ‘We have the…

Peter Lilley and George Eustice. Both Conservatives but voted differently on press regulation.

The View from 22 — Peter Lilley vs. George Eustice on press regulation and the 2013 Budget

21 March 2013 22:19

The Spectator has categorically said ‘NO’ to signing up to the government’s new regulatory body, but why are MPs so…

The Sun Sets Behind The Houses Of Parliament

Jim Sheridan MP and those “parasites” in parliament

19 March 2013 15:14

Labour MP Jim Sheridan covered himself in glory this morning by asking why the ‘parasitical press’ is ‘even allowed to…

Cameron heads for Commons debate on Leveson Royal Charter. Photo: Getty Images.

Leveson Royal charter debate: statutory or non-statutory?

18 March 2013 17:40

The three party leaders have just opened the debate on the Royal Charter. David Cameron was at pains to stress…


Which Tories will be Hacked Off’s useful idiots?

17 March 2013 12:55

Reading the Hacked Off memo on how to lobby Tory MPs is to be inducted into a wholly cynical world…


Breaking: Leveson cross-party talks collapse

14 March 2013 10:28

BBC News is reporting the cross-party talks on implementing the Leveson press regulation proposals have broken down. Apparently the divisions…


The View from 22 — Leveson debate special

1 February 2013 13:15

The Spectator hosted a sell out debate on Thursday night on the motion ‘Leveson is a fundamental threat to the…

Why did Murdoch lose confidence in Times editor James Harding? Photo: Getty Images.

Why James Harding had to quit as Times editor

13 December 2012 14:31

Given that James Harding is generally regarded as the best editor of The Times to have worked under Rupert Murdoch,…

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have held talks about Labour's draft bill on press regulation. Picture: Getty

Labour could force vote on draft Leveson bill

10 December 2012 13:15

Labour will discuss its draft Leveson Bill with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats at the next tranche of cross-party talks…

Tony Gallagher, editor of The Telegraph, and Chris Blackhurst, editor of The Independent, arrive in Downing Street for talks on press regulation earlier this week. Picture: Getty

Number 10 coy on Royal Charter proposal for press regulation

7 December 2012 11:49

Newspaper editors are under pressure to come up with a new system of press regulation that works, and the Prime…

Picture: Getty Images

Who speaks for the British press?

4 December 2012 17:57

At the end of the editors’ meeting in 10 Downing St today, there was an awkward moment when someone asked…

Gotcha 2

The British press is still trapped in a fight for survival

1 December 2012 11:01

The newspaper industry is apparently working this weekend on a new response to the Leveson inquiry. This should be an…