Lembit Opik

Former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik r

Guess who’s back?

28 January 2014 15:33

You just knew Lembit would make an appearance sooner or later, didn’t you? I only noticed this morning, reading back through some of the weekend papers I’d missed. Anyway, as… Continue reading

Lembit Opik wades into the Rennard allegations. Photo: Getty Images.

Lembit twists the Clegg knife

24 February 2013 20:18

The Lord Rennard scandal is spreading, not least because of Nick Clegg’s willingness to bring in other characters. He even directly named Danny Alexander as central to the disastrous investigation… Continue reading


What’s Lembit up to nowadays?

7 February 2012 12:20

Why, this, of course: And that’s not him singing, in case you were wondering. Hat-tip: Guido