Anita Sarkeesian – threats against her have become part of the ‘#Gamergate’ controversy. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Why Social Justice Warriors are losing

12 November 2014 17:46

What has happened to social justice warriors recently? Every campaign seems to fail, the latest being a cack-handed attempt to police Twitter in order to win the Gamergate saga (turn… Continue reading

George Cruikshank's  bank note of 1819 (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

‘Hang ‘em high!’ – leftists for the death penalty, re Pistorius et al

23 October 2014 13:32

O, the fury of my Sisters over the risible punishment (I’ve seen longer sentences in Ulysses) handed out to Oscar Pistorius! I’m with them all the way on this one.… Continue reading

Antiwar Demonstration In London

The Iraq War's Real Victims? Laurie Penny and the Narcissistic Left

14 February 2013 16:18

Don’t take my word for it. Ask the redoubtable Ms Penny herself. Contemplating the “lesson” of the anti-war protests a decade ago, she writes: Tony Blair’s decision to take Britain… Continue reading


Livingstone will get away with it, of course — because he’s on the ‘left’

9 February 2012 19:54

When is a homophobic comment not a homophobic comment?  When it is spoken by somebody on the ‘left’ of course. Ken Livingstone has just reminded us of a prevailing rule… Continue reading


The laughing lefty

16 January 2012 15:17

What a shame the Christmas literary recommends season is over: otherwise I would have loved to draw this to your attention as quite the funniest book of the year. In… Continue reading


When FIFA Meets the Bilderbergs*

30 November 2011 13:30

Via Norm, Verso are publishing a very silly book by Marc Perelman titled Barbaric Sport: A Global Plague. Norm reports what the publishers promise: Marc Perelman pulls no punches in… Continue reading


Working-Class People Can Like Opera Too, You Know

10 April 2011 3:30

Brother Korski is right to draw attention to Rachel Sylvester’s interview (£) with Unite’s Len McCluskey and right too to note that his defence of Castro’s island gulag* is indefensible.… Continue reading


Revolting Students Are Not Actually Freedom Fighters

2 March 2011 23:27

I think that nice Laurie Penny over at the New Statesman must actually be a conservative mole dedicated to undermining leftism from within. How else to explain this sort of… Continue reading


David Cameron arranged Prince William’s Wedding to Distract Attention from his Plan to RAPE Britain

23 January 2011 1:53

Oh dear. That is to say, three cheers for this comedy post by the New Statesman’s Laurie Penny. It turns out there is scarcely any limit to David Cameron’s deviousness.… Continue reading


Dave Spart Returns to the Guardian

24 November 2010 1:26

Well, perhaps he’s never left. There’s much to enjoy in – and something nostalgic about – this piece by Michael Chessum and Jonathan Moses in today’s Guardian. Apparently "politics as… Continue reading


Oh No! English People Support England! Racists! Think of the Children!

18 June 2010 0:49

Sunder Katwala has already done a terrific job dismantling this fatuous piece of New Statesman guff by James Macintyre. But that doesn’t mean other people can’t play the game too.… Continue reading


A Communist Mr Pooter

21 May 2010 17:33

From the Morning Star and noted without any need for much further comment: Veteran Communist Monty Goldman is jubilant over his outstanding result in Hackney’s mayoral election this month. Goldman,… Continue reading


A New Dawn for the "Decent" Left?

29 March 2010 10:24

Readers of The Bright Stuff may be interested in the launch of Arguing the World, a new blog from Dissent, the American journal of the American democratic Left.  The idea… Continue reading


Does America Point to a Future for the British Left?

23 March 2010 21:20

I have had the pleasure of meeting two major figures of the American intellectual left over the past two weeks: Washington Post columnist EJ Dionne and Michael Kazin, co-editor of… Continue reading


Raping Haiti!

7 February 2010 1:34

Connoiseurs of the Guardian will not be surprised by this masterpiece from Mike Gonzalez. The only thing that could improve it is if his piece also found a way to… Continue reading


Rod Liddle’s Education Policy is Antediluvian Piffle

3 November 2009 15:05

Rod Liddle reminds us that he’s no liberal. This will not, I imagine, trouble him unduly. Nevertheless, his disaste for the middle-classes gets the better of him when he writes:… Continue reading


Stickies vs Provos

18 October 2009 22:05

Tory Bear is upset with the continuing brouhaha over the Conservatives’ pals in the European parliament. Well, fair enough. I find it hard to believe that anyone, apart from euro-obsessives,… Continue reading


The Madness of Michael Moore

6 September 2009 23:25

Not, I suppose, terribly surprising that Michael Moore’s latest "documentary*" should receive an enthusiastic review from the Guardian, but even by Moore’s lofty standards this new venture sounds exceptionally stupid:… Continue reading


Welcome to Guardian Country…

25 August 2009 14:32

From the Guardian’s Comment is Free today: 1. Cuba is an inspiring country for Americans like me to visit – and going there is an important act of civil disobedience… Continue reading


Harriet’s At It

6 March 2009 23:57

My politics students at City University in London were delighted to have a visit from a master hack today. Kevin Maguire was an entertainining and marvellously indiscreet guest. The final… Continue reading


The Opening Salvo

6 February 2009 22:57

What I am about to do makes me more nervous than any other piece of writing I have embarked on since my first forays into journalism in the late 1980s.… Continue reading


Jon Snow Tries to Get Me To Hope for a McCain Miracle

4 November 2008 19:54

Channel 4 News' anchor, Jon Snow, has just been talking about how electing Barack Obama means "America has come of constitutional age". Yes, really. Apparently none of those previous elections… Continue reading


Financial Crisis: All Uncle Milton’s Fault?

9 October 2008 14:24

Will Wilkinson has some fun with Naomi Klein's latest nonsense. Naomi Klein says [the financial crisis discredits neoliberalism]. Or she wants it to. She thinks it discredits Milton Friedman in… Continue reading


Is Jonathan Freedland working for John McCain?

10 September 2008 15:28

I was going to write about Jonathan Freedland's absurd column in today's Guardian, but thankfully Norm has said pretty much all that needs to be said. Do these people really… Continue reading


Polly’s Britian

17 June 2008 6:45

A faithful correspondent emails: "I know it rightly pains you to contemplate the existence of Polly Toynbee, but is she actually saying that the worst thing about New Labour was… Continue reading

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