The Good Wife (CBS/More 4)

Silk vs The Good Wife

24 March 2014 17:40

American TV drama trumps British TV drama – it’s a well-worn but unfair cliché. It’s not that British drama is necessarily bad – some of it is very good –… Continue reading

6 headshots in circles1

The View from 22 — Judgement day, rumour-mongering in the Twitter age and long-awaited dirty tactics from No.10

6 June 2013 8:21

Shakespeare once wrote ‘kill all the lawyers’, and as Harry Mount describes in this week’s Spectator cover feature, you could be forgiven for thinking Chris Grayling has made a similar… Continue reading

What effect are the large number of international cases having on the British justice system?

The View from 22 — Rough justice and autumn statement special

6 December 2012 9:07

Many of the great British institutions have taken a pounding in recent times. The BBC, Fleet Street, politicians but is it now time for lawyers to take some flack? In… Continue reading


Arsenal Behaving Badly: Fancy That!

8 September 2011 15:36

As world-class moaners it’s not a surprise that Arsenal football club behave in this fashion but it’s depressing to see their groundless whingeing tolerated by a judge, even a Spanish… Continue reading


More questions for UKBA

29 August 2011 10:53

The Home Office and the UK Border Agency (UKBA) completed the review into the asylum seekers legacy backlog ahead of schedule at the end of last month. 450,000 case files… Continue reading


You couldn’t make it up: Crook freed from jail to look after his five kids

28 May 2011 10:09

Sometimes I wonder if the judiciary and the human rights culture are just trying to make Richard Littlejohn’s columns look understated. Today’s story in the Daily Mail about how a… Continue reading


What Ken Clarke should have said

19 May 2011 18:04

The Ken Clarke media storm continues. But, talk to lawyers and they complain that the Justice Secretary did not have sufficient command of his brief to redirect Victoria Derbyshire’s line… Continue reading


The government has a problem with lawyers

28 April 2011 13:59

The government’s strained relationship with the Civil Service is a recurring story at the moment. Much of the disquiet seems to be the normal tit for tat exchanges immortalised in… Continue reading


Three Cheers for John Hemming MP

21 March 2011 13:58

Come the revolution, you’re supposed to hang the lawyers first. Which is fine. But it might be better to start with the judges. Specifically those that are happy to grant… Continue reading


Tipping the scales against legal aid

26 August 2010 15:15

Britain’s legal aid system continues to fail, and should be abolished for virtually all compensation claims. Reformed Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs for short) should take its place. Those are the… Continue reading


Carter-Ruck’s Own Goal

14 October 2009 1:21

I make no particular comment about this chatty stroll through the ways and means of getting an injunction, save to note that it was written by Nigel Tait, a partner… Continue reading


Under these criteria, the legal case against the repayment of expenses is unanswerable

13 October 2009 16:59

Sir Thomas Legg’s statement is yet to be published, but I’ve trawled through the internet and made some calls to discover its contents. It is plain that Sir Thomas has… Continue reading


Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

13 October 2009 13:52

The Guardian is reporting that, “Within the last hour, Trafigura’s lawyers Carter-Ruck, abandoned an attempt to prevent the Guardian from reporting proceedings in parliament which revealed its existence.” This is… Continue reading


British Press Banned from Reporting Parliament. Seriously.

12 October 2009 23:41

This time, perhaps even the lawyers have gone too far. It’s hard to recall, even in the long history of appalling gagging orders, a more disgraceful injunction than this: The… Continue reading