Law and order

Cameron: I’m a common sense Conservative

2 September 2011 9:35

David Cameron weathered an awkward interview on the Today programme earlier this morning, in which the Strategic Defence Review was savaged and the recent riots were compared to the Bullingdon Club,… Continue reading


Miliband re-opens campaign with same old weapons

30 August 2011 16:53

Party politics is back from the summer and the summer’s events are defining the strategic dividing lines. Ed Miliband reopened hostilities by threatening to force a vote on police cuts.… Continue reading


The danger of disproportionate sentences

26 August 2011 20:02

It’s great that hundreds of looters are being punished properly, and the police are to be congratulated for working hard to find the thugs responsible for damage during the riots.… Continue reading


Clegg paints the world yellow

26 August 2011 9:10

Nick Clegg laughed-off the dousing of blue paint he received in Glasgow yesterday, like one of Noel Edmonds’ unwitting victims. Today, Clegg has turned into the grinning douser: drenching his… Continue reading


Cameron needs to take this opportunity

24 August 2011 16:34

Libya has elbowed the riots off the front page. But, in the medium-term, how Cameron responds to them remains one of the big tests of his premiership. In the Evening… Continue reading


The riots, Whitehall and universality

24 August 2011 11:30

Away from the excitement of Libya and Colonel Gaddafi’s singular definition of ‘tactical retreat’, the post-riots debate continues. The government has announced that unemployed offenders will have to work a minimum… Continue reading


An encouraging start for the new Libya

22 August 2011 14:28

The press conference by Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the head of the National Transitional Council, was encouraging. Jalil stressed that he wished Libya to be a country governed by the rule… Continue reading


Human rights wrangle

21 August 2011 14:44

A set-to has broken out this morning over the Human Rights Act. David Cameron has declared that he is going to fight the Human Rights Act and its interpretation. Cameron… Continue reading


Cameron: Governments should provide enough prison places to satisfy the courts

19 August 2011 16:37

The row over sentencing rioters has morphed into a row about prison numbers and safety. Cathy Newman has been issuing a steady stream of tweets all afternoon, revealing that the… Continue reading


Riot sentencing row brews

17 August 2011 11:07

David Cameron promised that looters would feel the full force of the law. Courts have been sitting round the clock holding defendants on remand and issuing stern sentences. This is causing… Continue reading


Cameron’s missed opportunity

16 August 2011 11:31

As David noted earlier, the big headline in Nick Clegg’s speech this morning is that the government will hold some kind of inquiry into the riots after all. This climb… Continue reading


Clegg joins the jamboree

16 August 2011 9:07

Cometh the hour, cometh Nick Clegg. The Independent reports that the Deputy Prime Minister is to announce that first-time offenders convicted of looting but not given custodial sentences will be… Continue reading


“Zero tolerance”

14 August 2011 18:00

The law and order debate has come full circle: the coalition is going to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. David Cameron’s promise that crime… Continue reading


From the archives: the Bill Bratton edition

14 August 2011 13:48

As James Forsyth says today, No10 wants Bill Bratton to not just take charge of the Met but start a revolution in policing. A ‘Stop Bratton’ campaign has duly begun… Continue reading


Boris’ long-game strategy

13 August 2011 17:36

Has the sheen come off BoJo? The question is echoing around some virtual corridors in Westminster this weekend. The Mayor of London was caught off guard by the recent riots… Continue reading


Blunt’s flawed rehabilitation programme

13 August 2011 14:19

The decisions of Crispin Blunt, the prisons’ minister, are hard to fathom. One wonders why-as the Daily Mail reports today — he allowed a man convicted of killing five people… Continue reading


Cameron lands Supercop as police acrimony mounts

13 August 2011 10:54

Internationally renowned policeman Bill Bratton has agreed to advise the government on how to defeat gang culture. Bratton’s role is not official, but he will arrive for duty in the… Continue reading


In response to CoffeeHousers

13 August 2011 9:16

CoffeeHousers have been generous in their response to my post on the need for an inquiry. I thought I’d respond in a post, rather than the comments. 1) Why rush… Continue reading


Why we need a post-riot inquiry

12 August 2011 18:18

Today we learnt that David Cameron is looking at the experience of Los Angeles’ recovery from the 1992 riots. The first lesson he should learn is the value of an… Continue reading


Justice is being done as relations between Downing Street and Sir Hugh Orde sour, again

12 August 2011 9:08

“Busy?” I asked a friend who’s training as a criminal barrister. “You could say that.” Magistrates’ courts have sat through a second straight night. “I finished at five,” said my… Continue reading


Cameron sets out his stall

11 August 2011 13:27

David Cameron’s statement to the House of Commons was clear about the circumstances that led to these riots. ‘This is not about poverty, it’s about culture. A culture that glorifies… Continue reading


Coalition united in restoring law, order and property

11 August 2011 9:07

David Cameron’s convictions are best expressed in anger. Cameron exuded an air of the patrician yesterday with his righteous moral certainty. This may have made some observers squirm, but others… Continue reading


When the underbelly roars

9 August 2011 18:42

When the first riots hit Brixton, I was 12 years old. My mates and I came from south London council estates and, while we were no angels, we certainly couldn’t… Continue reading


Policing the Olympics

17 July 2011 9:35

The reputation of the police may be as black as mud at the moment, but the Met has a chance to atone during the Olympics. Security forces have been making… Continue reading


Clarke’s bill still not tough enough for the Right

26 June 2011 15:56

David Cameron made a great show on Tuesday of pledging to be tough on crime. He bowdlerised the most contentious and liberal elements of Ken Clarke’s proposals and vowed that… Continue reading