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Gerry Adams has said that he is willing to help the police with their inquiries into the 'disappearance' of Jean McConville. It would be good if the police took up his offer. (PETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images)

We need to know the truth about Gerry Adams’s alleged involvement in the ‘disappearance’ of Jean McConville

3 April 2014 11:44

Readers will know that I am interested in the subject of post-Good Friday agreement ‘justice’ in Northern Ireland. Having been one of the few people to have followed the possibilities… Continue reading

Soham Trial Nears Conclusion

Our criminal justice system is institutionally racist, surely?

15 December 2013 21:32

I think this following quote, from the Romanian ambassador Ion Jinga, may go down as my favourite of the year: ‘In their overwhelming majority, Romanians in the UK are well… Continue reading

Image: GEORGES GOBET/AFP/GettyImages

The EU is corrupt because southern Europe is corrupt

6 December 2013 14:47

What with Britain’s dreadful performance in the PISA educational rankings, there has been comparatively little attention given to another international league table– Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. The good news… Continue reading


Chris Grayling gets a relatively easy ride over reoffending rates

10 November 2013 12:19

Theresa May accepted her Spectator Politician of the Year award with the quip: ‘It used to be a joke that I lock them up and Ken Clarke lets them out,… Continue reading

Abu Qatada smiles as he evades deportation once again in April 2012. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/GettyImages)

Countering Terrorism in Britain and France, by Frank Foley – review

4 June 2013 9:18

Have you ever wondered why we’re stuck with the radical cleric Abu Qatada? It’s a question the last four Home Secretaries will have asked as they battled, and failed, to… Continue reading

Gin Lane

Vice is vanishing from Britain

24 May 2013 16:42

In this week’s issue of the Spectator, Leo McKinstry argues that Britain is dropping all its most harmful habits. Here is an excerpt: ‘According to the pessimistic narrative of national decline, Britain… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Sexual abuse: Don’t toe the party line

25 February 2013 15:33

A scandal broke in the Socialist Workers Party a few weeks ago after a woman member claimed a Trotskyist tribune of the working class had taken time off from promoting… Continue reading

'Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali had hoped to carry out a wave of suicide bombings in Britain which would have exceeded 7/7 and rivalled 9/11 in terms of impact and casualties.' (Stephen Munday/Getty Images)

What if the terrorists were Jews?

22 February 2013 15:00

‘Would you say the same thing about Jews? Gays? Or any other minority?’ This is one of the witless questions asked of anyone who writes about Islamic extremism.  And it… Continue reading

(Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

Crime and Guilt, by Ferdinand Von Schirach

9 January 2013 10:00

Tis the season for shopping mall scuffles. A man with a red face prized the last Magimix (steel, 600 rotations per minute) from my hands yesterday, citing ‘the stress of… Continue reading

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Turnout for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections was predictably and avoidably low, Conor Burns MP says. Image: Getty

Why I regret voting for the Bill that introduced PCCs

19 November 2012 10:47

So much has been written about the lead up to, and the fall-out from, last week’s elections for Police and Crime Commissioners that it seems almost futile to try to… Continue reading

Liberal Democrat members have mobilised against their leadership by calling for the Justice and Security Bill to be dropped. Image: Getty

The crime of the Justice and Security Bill

17 November 2012 16:30

The Coalition Agreement states: ‘We will be strong in defence of freedom. The Government believes that the British state has become too authoritarian, and that over the past decade it… Continue reading

The Adrian Smith case suggests that 'the Internet is proving that it is the friend of the censorious rather than a tool for emancipation.' Image: Getty

The internet is proving to be a tool of censorship, not emancipation

16 November 2012 14:07

The case of Adrian Smith, the Christian the Trafford Housing Trust demoted for politely expressing his opposition to gay marriage on Facebook, is one of the most disgraceful I have… Continue reading

John Prescott is one of the few celebrities to be standing in tomorrow's PCC elections. The other candidates are ordinary members of the public with an interest in their communities. Image: Getty

Who are the BBC to question the legitimacy of Police & Crime Commissioners?

14 November 2012 18:07

What’s the test of success of the Police & Crime Commissioners policy? It is, surely, whether the 41 individuals who will be elected tomorrow succeed in cutting crime and antisocial… Continue reading

David Cameron on the election trail. At least someone is listening to him. Photo: Getty Images.

They’re nearly here but still, no one cares about elected police commissioners

14 November 2012 13:30

This time tomorrow, the country will be flocking to the polls to select their first ever police commissioners. Or at least some of them will. Turnout has long predicted to… Continue reading

A teeanger from Chorley has been sentenced to 3 months in prison for causing 'gross offence' by cracking tasteless jokes on Facebook about April Jones and Madeleine McCann. Image: Getty.

Chorley teenager imprisoned for Facebook jokes

9 October 2012 17:05

I suppose we should not be surprised that the Tweet-police (formerly the British police) have now extended their remit to become the Facebook Police. Today, getting caught for an actual… Continue reading


Minimum pricing, maximum controversy

15 February 2012 9:00

Just because there’s no PMQs today, it doesn’t mean you won’t hear from David Cameron. The Prime Minister is readying his anti-booze cruise once again, and taking it on tour… Continue reading


Taking the ‘cat-flap’ seriously

4 October 2011 18:34

              Today’s ‘cat-flap’ between Ken Clarke and Theresa May exposes one of the largest divides in the Conservative party today. May, along with most Tory… Continue reading


The Tory split over the ECHR

4 October 2011 13:43

Ken Clarke is speaking at a Daily Telegraph fringe event and he was quick to play a few of his favourite European games in response to Theresa May’s assault on the… Continue reading


Good Boris

4 October 2011 13:02

Boris Johnson must be one of the very few politicians in the world to make the audience laugh before they even start their speech. Just by walking on stage, he… Continue reading


Gearing up for the Tories

29 September 2011 18:27

Westminster is preparing for the Tory conference and Ben Brogan reports that a confident mood pervades the blue camp. The positive briefings have begun. The Guardian reveals that the speed… Continue reading


Labour wants to be the party of law and order

27 September 2011 11:33

Andy Coulson was right to worry about the coalition’s law and order policies: Labour is trying to outflank the government from the right. Sadiq Khan and Yvette Cooper have cut… Continue reading


Ed’s “something for something" society

27 September 2011 7:00

Fraser’s already commented on the welfare angle of Ed Miliband’s keynote speech to the Labour party; the welfare proposals are part of a broad analytical sweep that can be reduced… Continue reading


Hard Labour

24 September 2011 13:07

The sense of unreality that hangs over party conference seems particularly heightened this year. As events outside roll on at a dramatic pace, the conferences try to proceed as normal.… Continue reading


Residents of Dale Farm win injunction

19 September 2011 17:33

The residents of Dale Farm have been granted a last gasp reprieve by the High Court. The BBC reports: ‘Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart granted the injunction at London’s High Court on… Continue reading


What the riots mean for Ken Clarke

15 September 2011 14:51

The more we learn about the riots, the more it is becoming clear that experienced criminals were responsible for a lot of the looting. The Standard reports today that in… Continue reading