Lance Armstrong

Oprah Interviews Lance Armstrong. Picture: Getty

Lance Armstrong had an easy ride with Oprah

18 January 2013 15:41

Lance Armstrong could yet manage to emerge a hero. ‘What’s the crime?’ is all he needs to ask. ‘Who died?’…


Lance Armstrong, the Greatest Cheat in the History of Sport, Prepares to Admit His Sins - Spectator Blogs

5 January 2013 20:21

The news, reported by the New York Times, that Lance Armstrong is preparing to confess his sins reminds me of…

Le Tour 2010 - Stage Sixteen

Lance Armstrong: It Wasn't Just About the Bike - Spectator Blogs

24 August 2012 12:01

In one sense, I have some sympathy for Lance Armstrong. He has been hounded by the American anti-doping agency USADA…

No More Facts for Lance

9 June 2011 17:07

It seems that, in cycling as everything else, when the facts become intolerable it’s no longer credible to insist upon…

The Crack-Up

13 July 2010 2:47

Lance Armstrong, shattered, is surrounded by the press after hauling himself to the finish line at Morzine on Sunday. Photo:…

Is Lance Armstrong a Cheat?

21 May 2010 1:02

This is a question of faith and those who believe won’t let anything change their mind, while those who can’t…

Lance Armstrong and the Giro: Part 2

28 May 2009 23:31

I’ll give Lance Armstrong’s fans this: they know how to count to seven. Beyond that, however, they’re rather like members…

Lance Armstrong and the Giro d’Italia

21 May 2009 15:34

Among the plethora of things I hold against Lance Armstrong is the way that his story – no matter how…