Lance Armstrong

Oprah Interviews Lance Armstrong. Picture: Getty

Lance Armstrong had an easy ride with Oprah

18 January 2013 15:41

Lance Armstrong could yet manage to emerge a hero. ‘What’s the crime?’ is all he needs to ask. ‘Who died?’ On one side, a lot of people interested in the… Continue reading


Lance Armstrong, the Greatest Cheat in the History of Sport, Prepares to Admit His Sins - Spectator Blogs

5 January 2013 20:21

The news, reported by the New York Times, that Lance Armstrong is preparing to confess his sins reminds me of this passage from the Book of Daniel: Thou, O king,… Continue reading

Le Tour 2010 - Stage Sixteen

Lance Armstrong: It Wasn't Just About the Bike - Spectator Blogs

24 August 2012 12:01

In one sense, I have some sympathy for Lance Armstrong. He has been hounded by the American anti-doping agency USADA who, like other federal agencies, are remorseless foes. Once they… Continue reading


No More Facts for Lance

9 June 2011 17:07

It seems that, in cycling as everything else, when the facts become intolerable it’s no longer credible to insist upon them. That being the case it’s not, perhaps, a great… Continue reading


The Crack-Up

13 July 2010 2:47

Lance Armstrong, shattered, is surrounded by the press after hauling himself to the finish line at Morzine on Sunday. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images When a great champion cracks in the… Continue reading


Is Lance Armstrong a Cheat?

21 May 2010 1:02

This is a question of faith and those who believe won’t let anything change their mind, while those who can’t believe in the Miracle of Lance won’t be satisfied until… Continue reading


Lance Armstrong and the Giro: Part 2

28 May 2009 23:31

I’ll give Lance Armstrong’s fans this: they know how to count to seven. Beyond that, however, they’re rather like members of a cult who refuse to accept that there could… Continue reading


Lance Armstrong and the Giro d’Italia

21 May 2009 15:34

Among the plethora of things I hold against Lance Armstrong is the way that his story – no matter how inspiring and heroic and extraordinary it has been – has… Continue reading