Jeremy Corbyn lets Theresa May off the hook again at PMQs

26 October 2016 13:18

Today’s PMQs could have been a tricky affair for Theresa May. Her decision on Heathrow has seen one Tory MP…


Labour fined £20,000 for the EdStone

25 October 2016 11:39

Just when you thought it was confined to political folklore, the EdStone returns again to haunt Labour. Mr S was interested to…

Theresa May’s Ukip opportunity

23 October 2016 11:13

Since Nigel Farage’s latest resignation as Ukip leader, it has become clear that he is the only person who can…

Blue Labour: Yvette Cooper is a great admirer of Sir Robert Peel. Image: Getty.

Labour moderates return to the frontline

19 October 2016 17:44

Although Jeremy Corbyn has managed to tempt some MPs who resigned from his shadow cabinet back to the frontbench, there are…

Tories on 47 per cent share of the vote in latest poll

19 October 2016 16:27

Polls have made miserable reading for Jeremy Corbyn ever since he won his first leadership election last year. And the…

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My crush on Jeremy Corbyn is no longer cool

19 October 2016 11:34

There are some crushes that ought to be crushed. When I was about nine, I fancied our village vicar —…

Theresa May is Blue Labour at heart

15 October 2016 12:18

I never really agreed with the central-thesis of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — that ‘42’ is the answer…


Watch: Emily Thornberry’s calamitous Question Time appearance

14 October 2016 16:49

Emily Thornberry put in a memorable performance on Question Time last night. Unfortunately for the shadow foreign secretary, it was…

Stop The War Christmas Fundraising Dinner

Labour: why not protest outside the American embassy?

12 October 2016 13:48

Well that didn’t last long. Just minutes after Jeremy Corbyn completed a fairly successful turn at PMQs, his spokesman plunged…


Jeremy Corbyn gives Theresa May a tougher time at PMQs

12 October 2016 13:26

PMQs isn’t the total walk over it once was. Jeremy Corbyn has improved, albeit from a low base, and Theresa…

Labour asks the Government 170 questions about Brexit. But has no answer on migration

12 October 2016 9:42

Labour wants to ask the Government 170 questions about its plan for Brexit. Yet when it comes to answering questions…

V Festival 2010 - Day One

Breaking: Jeremy Corbyn wins over a Tory voter

12 October 2016 9:03

Mr S has an apology to make. On Monday, Steerpike suggested that the news that Paul Weller — a man who…

Speakers Rally To Commemorate The 80th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Cable Street

Tories open 17-point lead over Labour, in post-conference poll

10 October 2016 15:12

Today’s ICM poll makes grim reading for Labour MPs. The poll – based on samples taken from Friday to Sunday – shows that…

Labour shadow cabinet

Labour’s frontbench hypocrisy on grammar schools

10 October 2016 8:11

On Sunday, Shami Chakrabarti was forced to use an appearance on Peston on Sunday to claim that she was not…

Controversy Surrounds Trump's Bid For President After 2005 Recording Reveals Lewd Comments About Women

Republicans revolting against Donald Trump should look at the Labour Party, and despair

9 October 2016 11:07

The Donald Trump story and the Jeremy Corbyn story are same tale told by different countries. A political party reinvents…

Theresa May’s plain style is a blessed relief

8 October 2016 15:06

Mrs May’s plain style may well come to irritate people in a few months, but just now it is extremely…


Corbyn leaves Ukip an open goal, and they miss it

8 October 2016 10:31

Jeremy Corbyn is taking Labour ever further away from its traditional working class voters in the north and the midlands.…


Corbyn tightens his grip

7 October 2016 18:59

Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow Cabinet reshuffle is all about strengthening, and demonstrating, his control over the party. Jonathan Ashworth, a Corbyn-sceptic, has…

‘Submission not unity’: Labour MPs react to Corbyn’s reshuffle

7 October 2016 9:15

Jeremy Corbyn’s reshuffle is a clear show of intent. Having won re-election as Labour leader, Corbyn is shoring up his authority…


Paul Mason vs the MSM

30 September 2016 11:24

With Seumas Milne on the way out, Jeremy Corbyn will soon be on the prowl for a new Director of…


The Labour party’s struggle with the F-word

29 September 2016 22:05

This year, Labour’s Women Conference saw Harriet Harman take to the stand to describe Theresa May as ‘no sister‘. Hoping…


The Brexit charlatans are getting away with it

28 September 2016 18:00

Opponents of demagogues from Donald Trump to Nigel Farage have suffered from a huge political disadvantage. They were either politicians…


‘Awesome’, ‘amazing’ & ‘divisive’: Jeremy Corbyn’s speech, the conference verdict

28 September 2016 17:07

Jeremy Corbyn has just brought down the curtain on the Labour conference. He earned a standing ovation at the end,…


Corbyn talks past the country

28 September 2016 16:58

Jeremy Corbyn’s second leader’s speech was much better than his first. One has to beware the soft bigotry of low…


Full speech: Jeremy Corbyn at Labour party conference

28 September 2016 15:32

Thank you for that introduction. And how brilliant it is to see the hall here in Liverpool, absolutely packed for…