Stop The War Christmas Fundraising Dinner

Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight on after day of resignations

26 June 2016 22:07

Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies in the Labour party had hoped that the leader would do the ‘decent thing’ and stand down…

Jeremy Corbyn Sacks Hilary Benn Over Leadership Coup

Jexit: running tally of Labour frontbench resignations

26 June 2016 11:37

Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbenchers are now resigning one after the other to show that they no longer have confidence in their…


What Labour coup? Tom Watson parties the night away at Glastonbury

26 June 2016 10:49

As Jeremy Corbyn tries to hold off the threat of a coup from members of his shadow cabinet, it’s probably for the…


Watch: Jeremy Corbyn heckled over Europe at London Pride – ‘it’s your fault!’

25 June 2016 14:11

It’s not turning out to be a great weekend for Jeremy Corbyn. First he had to pull out of a…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 2

Will Jeremy Corbyn step down as Labour leader?

25 June 2016 9:58

Jeremy Corbyn is giving a speech this morning about Labour’s response to the EU referendum. Rumours have been sweeping the…

Jeremy Corbyn Visits The North East

Labour MPs table no confidence motion in Jeremy Corbyn

24 June 2016 12:22

In the past few minutes, two Labour MPs – Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey – have submitted a motion of…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3

Leaked: Labour’s script responding to its terrible referendum result

24 June 2016 6:42

As Katy reported earlier, Labour has prepared a script that attempts to exonerate Jeremy Corbyn for the party’s terrible night…


Jeremy Corbyn refuses to take the blame for a Brexit in lacklustre Sky debate

20 June 2016 19:55

After finding himself accused of putting forward a half-hearted case for Remain, tonight Jeremy Corbyn had the chance to prove the naysayers wrong in his…


‘Our Jo’: MPs unite in grief to pay tribute to Jo Cox in Parliament

20 June 2016 15:03

MPs from all parties have gathered in the Commons to pay tribute to murdered Labour MP Jo Cox. Parliament was…

Tories pledge not to contest by-election after Jo Cox killing

17 June 2016 13:43

There are few moments in politics when parties put aside their differences to come together. Yesterday’s tragic events in Birstall…


‘Our Jo’: Newspaper front pages pay tribute to tragic Labour MP Jo Cox

17 June 2016 7:53

Unsurprisingly, the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox dominates the front pages this morning. The 41-year-old MP for Birstall died…

Jo Cox shooting

RIP Jo Cox. Let’s call the referendum off as a mark of respect

16 June 2016 18:46

RIP Jo Cox MP. A hugely talented young politician possessed of great clarity of thought and principle. Shot and stabbed…


Labour MP Jo Cox dies after being attacked in the street

16 June 2016 17:16

Labour MP Jo Cox has died after being shot and stabbed in a brutal street attack. The MP for Batley…

Will the Tories manage an upset in today’s forgotten by-election in Tooting?

16 June 2016 15:28

Amidst the fanfare surrounding the EU referendum, today’s Tooting by-election has come around virtually unnoticed. Triggered by Sadiq Khan stepping…


Labour MP Jo Cox critically injured in shooting

16 June 2016 14:11

Labour MP Jo Cox is in a critical condition after being injured during a shooting in her constituency. Eyewitnesses said…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 4

Tom Watson dumps all over David Cameron’s EU renegotiation deal

14 June 2016 17:39

Tom Watson’s comments today that a future government would have to try to reform freedom of movement rules in the…


John McDonnell to reunite with ‘loony left’ comrades for rate-cap rebellion anniversary

13 June 2016 16:32

Although John McDonnell is tipped to be Jeremy Corbyn’s likely successor, Mr S doubts his appearance at an an event next month will…


Gordon Brown shows once again he’s learnt nothing from his run-in with Gillian Duffy

13 June 2016 13:50

Gordon Brown’s intervention in the EU referendum debate was meant to be all about putting forward the positive case for…

Labour IN Bring Their Campaign Bus Tour To Wales

Who is to blame for Labour’s lacklustre ‘In’ campaign?

13 June 2016 10:29

Gordon Brown is busy trying to reset the Remain campaign with a rather leftier tone today. As Tom writes, Labour…


Can Gordon Brown give the ‘Remain’ camp the boost it so badly needs?

13 June 2016 8:21

As the countdown to the EU referendum debate continues, the momentum appears to have continued to swing towards Brexit: ‘Leave’…

(Credit: Ben Glaze)

Friday caption contest: Boris attack!

10 June 2016 12:40

Just in case last night’s Boris-bashing in the ITV debate wasn’t enough, Labour have decided to take another jab at…

Ken Livingstone Leave Millbank Amid Calls For His Resignation

Ken Livingstone makes a comeback

7 June 2016 11:36

After Ken Livingstone claimed that Hitler supported Zionism, he found himself suspended from the Labour and his media presence dwindle…

Marlene Ellis, far right, poses for a photo with Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott

Revealed: Corbyn’s Momentum comrade suspended from Labour over blog on Ken Livingstone’s ‘unjustified suspension’

5 June 2016 20:49

After the recent local elections, John McDonnell put Labour’s ‘better-than-expected’ results in part down to the efforts of Momentum activists.…


Corbynistas heckle Laura Kuenssberg at Labour press conference

2 June 2016 11:47

Given that Jeremy Corbyn described the BBC as ‘obsessed with trying to damage the Labour leadership’ in yesterday’s VICE News…

How the TUC is doing Labour’s job for them in getting the EU vote out

1 June 2016 8:11

Labour voters will prove crucial in determining the outcome of the EU referendum, which makes the party’s near silence on…