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Would Jeremy Corbyn prefer George Galloway to be Mayor of London?

10 February 2016 17:21

If a dirty mind is a perpetual feast, then a filthy mind is an open sewer. You see where the…

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Is Cameron considering holding the Trident vote in the Autumn?

10 February 2016 16:38

One of the more intriguing exchanges at today’s Prime Minister’s Questions was between Julian Lewis and David Cameron on Trident.…

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PMQs: Has Labour given up on opposition?

10 February 2016 12:54

A walk in the park for David Cameron at PMQs this week. Jeremy Corbyn asked six questions on housing, but…

Shadow cabinet reshuffle

Labour in ‘terrible place’ after avoiding Shadow Cabinet Trident showdown

9 February 2016 16:14

Shadow Cabinet members are a little disorientated after the heated discussion on Trident that they were expecting at today’s meeting…

Labour's Trident debate is best viewed through the peculiar prism of the 'new politics' (Photo: Getty)

We can’t let Labour’s leadership use Trident to destroy the party

9 February 2016 14:26

These are wild times in the Labour party, as an appetite for self-destruction grips the party leadership. Central to the ‘new…

Multi-Million Nuclear Submarine Upgrade To Secure 2,000 UK Jobs

How can Labour resolve its Trident row?

9 February 2016 10:26

The Shadow Cabinet has its session with Emily Thornberry on Trident today. At least there are fewer people so she…

Labour shadow cabinet

Emily Thornberry confronted by Labour MPs over Trident

8 February 2016 22:16

Emily Thornberry, the new Shadow Defence Secretary, held a meeting with her fellow Labour MPs this evening. It either went ‘swimmingly’ or…


Corbyn to miss Labour Trident briefing tonight

8 February 2016 16:49

Emily Thornberry will tonight address Labour MPs at the weekly meeting of the Parliamentary Labour on her Trident policy review.…

"The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies" - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Labour’s election star on ‘evil left-wing bastards’

6 February 2016 20:30

Since Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader, the party have had a fair few run-ins with dictators of the past. After John…

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Labour Leave to split from Vote Leave

5 February 2016 9:47

Following reports of a furious row between Labour Leave and Vote Leave in the Guardian and the Times, I understand…

Labour must make home ownership its priority

4 February 2016 12:03

Housing is now the biggest domestic public policy failure since the Second World War. A broken market that doesn’t meet…

Multi-Million Nuclear Submarine Upgrade To Secure 2,000 UK Jobs

Labour delays Shadow Cabinet row on Trident

3 February 2016 15:37

Labour has delayed its Shadow Cabinet discussion of the party’s Trident review until next week, after yesterday’s meeting ran out…

Jeremy Hutchinson outside court in the 1960s

Jeremy Hutchinson discusses his ‘short fling’ with Margaret Thatcher

3 February 2016 9:51

As the oldest living peer in the Lords at the grand age of 100, Baron Hutchinson of Lullington has a name that…

New Scottish Labour Party Leader Announced

Scottish Labour, peering into the abyss, wake up and decide to do something

2 February 2016 16:45

Last week Kezia Dugdale, the leader of the Scottish Labour party, ventured south to the Imperial capital to brief the…

Demotix 30/06/2015

John McDonnell challenges George Osborne to publish his tax return

31 January 2016 13:15

Today is deadline day for all self-assessment tax returns, with those who fail to submit their return in line for…


Watch: John Bercow takes Anna Soubry to task in Commons showdown

30 January 2016 8:00

Last year Alex Salmond told Anna Soubry to ‘behave yourself, woman‘ after the pair clashed in the chamber. While it was Salmond who…


Watch out Laura! Corbynistas strengthen ties with Robert Peston

27 January 2016 13:18

Even though Robert Peston has only been in his new job as ITV’s political editor for little more than a week, he…

Google tax row is convenient for Labour

27 January 2016 9:04

In the Google tax story, which continues to run in the papers today, Labour has found a theme that it…

A Trident nuclear submarine (Getty).

A Trident debate could send chaos into the heart of Scottish Labour

26 January 2016 16:42

When will ministers hold their vote on Trident renewal? The Sun reports today that the ‘main gate’ decision on the size…

Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon ridicules Labour’s ‘tortured’ Trident debate

24 January 2016 15:20

Given last year’s election was so much about the possibility of the SNP and Labour working together in government, Labour…


Corbyn didn’t consult Shadow Business Secretary over controversial business policy idea

22 January 2016 18:46

Angela Eagle wasn’t told about a controversial plan to ban companies who do not pay a living wage from paying…


RIP ‘EdStone’: the fate of Labour’s 8ft policy cenotaph is finally revealed

21 January 2016 18:14

There was one infamous invoice missing from the Electoral Commission’s campaign spending data yesterday — that of the EdStone. Labour…


Tories worry about plan to Short change opposition parties

21 January 2016 16:22

Labour is a very poor opposition at the moment, and no amount of money could fix that. But the government…


Trying to analyse the election spending data? Follow Deep Throat’s advice…

21 January 2016 15:05

The publication of expenses for last year’s election is a useful reminder of the reality of much of politics. It…


PMQs sketch: Labour’s yellow submarine

20 January 2016 16:03

A new face at PMQs becomes samey after a few months. Corbo reached that point some time ago and Cameron…