Why there will be no new shadow Cabinet for weeks

25 September 2016 11:11

Normally, a leadership election is followed by the leader appointing a new top team. But that won’t be happening in…

Labour’s leadership battle is over. The fight to control its governing council is now on

25 September 2016 9:47

Now that Jeremy Corbyn has won, the fight for the party’s soul moves to the jungle of Labour Party rules,…


What Jeremy Corbyn can learn from Clement Attlee

25 September 2016 9:45

History teaches no lessons but we insist on trying to learn from it. There is no political party more sentimental…


Labour’s conference, day one: The Spectator guide

25 September 2016 8:30

Jeremy Corbyn promised to wipe the slate clean following Labour’s fractious leadership race. Now that he’s officially clinched victory, it’s time for…

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Labour women attack Theresa May as ‘no sister’. How very un-feminist.

24 September 2016 17:38

The Labour Party is in a sour mood at present, that much we already know. Usually, most of the sourness…


Now Corbyn has triumphed, Labour’s real civil war begins

24 September 2016 14:57

Jeremy Corbyn has never been in a stronger position as Labour leader than he is today. A leadership contest that…

Owen Smith MP Poses For Leadership Campaign Pictures

This Labour leadership contest has represented an intellectual surrender to Corbynism

24 September 2016 9:05

The Labour leadership result isn’t announced until 11.45am today. But whatever the result—and no one seems in much doubt what…

Corbyn’s NHS plans reveal why Labour is doomed

22 September 2016 16:17

The NHS was the defining issue of the Labour leadership campaign because both candidates knew it had the power to…


Jeremy Corbyn promises to ‘wipe the slate clean’

22 September 2016 7:30

Yesterday evening, Jeremy Corbyn released a statement saying that: ‘As far as I am concerned, the slate will be wiped…

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How open borders killed the Labour party

21 September 2016 11:49

Barring a most spectacular Mossad operation – and I wouldn’t put it past them – Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected…

Owen Smith all but concedes defeat in Labour leadership race

21 September 2016 9:11

There are still a few hours left in the Labour leadership race but judging by Owen Smith’s mood you wouldn’t…


Tim Farron bangs the anti-Brexit drum as he reaches for the centre ground

20 September 2016 16:44

Tim Farron’s hardest task in his conference speech today was convincing people to actually listen. A test of how successful…

Labour’s internal battle is only just beginning

20 September 2016 8:48

Not even Owen Smith is pretending that he’ll defeat Jeremy Corbyn when the leadership election results are announced this weekend. Tom…

Jeremy Corbyn promises business as usual

19 September 2016 10:15

The big question in Labour’s leadership contest is not whether Jeremy Corbyn will win, but how much he’ll win by.…

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Leaked Corbyn abuse list shows the unbridgeable gulf in Labour

15 September 2016 15:49

The leaking – accidental or otherwise – of a list of Labour MPs allegedly guilty of abusive behaviour towards Jeremy…

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Owen Smith: UK could join euro and Schengen

11 September 2016 10:36

Why on earth did Owen Smith say that he might consider re-joining not just the European Union but also the…

Labour’s ex-frontbenchers make the most of life outside the shadow cabinet

9 September 2016 16:13

What can you fill your time with if you’re a former Labour frontbencher left twiddling your thumbs as a result…

MPs Enter Their Pets Into The Westminster Dog Of the Year Competition

Labour tastes success at Westminster Dog of the Year

8 September 2016 16:38

After seven years of Tory domination at the Westminster Dog of the Year competition, MPs from other parties had clearly…


Theresa May reveals her weakness

7 September 2016 16:01

Bit early for a lap of honour. At PMQs Mrs May congratulated her government (i.e. herself) on fifty marvellous days…

Jeremy Corbyn sits alongside his new Shadow Cabinet

Labour MPs back call for Shadow Cabinet elections

6 September 2016 17:40

Labour MPs have just voted 168 to 34 in favour of bringing back Shadow Cabinet elections. This doesn’t mean there will be…

Keith Vaz finally steps aside

6 September 2016 12:47

Keith Vaz has finally stepped down as chairman of the Home Affairs select committee following allegations surrounding a pair of…

Is the worst nightmare of Corbyn’s opponents about to come true?

31 August 2016 9:46

Could Jeremy Corbyn come out of the Labour leadership contest with an even bigger mandate? Few would be surprised and…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 2

How to reselect your MP – a handy guide for Corbynistas

31 August 2016 9:00

Once upon a time Jeremy Corbyn said that he would not bring back Labour’s mandatory reselection of the Eighties if elected leader. However,…


Owen Smith flounders in Brexit attack on Corbyn

26 August 2016 8:04

Owen Smith desperately needs to make up ground in Labour’s leadership contest (bookies’ odds, perhaps more reliable than the polls,…

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Labour’s security shambles takes a turn for the worse

25 August 2016 16:51

It’s exactly one month until Labour conference and the party’s security shambles just got a whole lot worse. After the…