Labour leadership

Laws on the formation of the coalition: Labour were simply too divided

2 December 2010 17:35

David Laws has responded to Andrew Adonis’ partisan review (no link apparently) of 22 Days in May. Laws’ account of the formation of the coalition and its infancy in government.… Continue reading


A grim turning point for Ed Miliband

2 December 2010 11:44

Yesterday’s PMQs already feels like a turning point. It wasn’t so much the nature of David Cameron’s victory – comprehensive though it was – but rather the way  Labour MPs… Continue reading


What the statist left thinks of the liberal right

2 December 2010 10:41

The Tories have the evil gene – that was the subtext to Ed Miliband’s jibes about the complacency of the children of Thatcher. Labour’s former General Secretary, Peter Watt, disagrees.… Continue reading


Nothing Miliband says can rain on Mr Confident’s parade

1 December 2010 14:38

Back from Zurich, where he’s been helping FIFA determine the winner of the world’s greatest bribery festival, Cameron was in hearty form at PMQs today. He faced Ed Miliband who… Continue reading


Solutions to the Mili-woe

26 November 2010 17:45

Ed Miliband’s day today rather sums up his problems. His morning media round has all been seen through a negative prism. Nick Robinson mocks the new leader’s attempt to talk… Continue reading


Ed Miliband: “Yes, I am a socialist”

26 November 2010 12:52

Ed Miliband was doing the interview rounds today, and CoffeeHouses may be interested in the below – an edited version of his exchange with Nicky Campbell on Five Live. NC:… Continue reading


Caught REd handed

23 November 2010 19:07

Hat-tip: Tim Montgomerie


Ed Miliband needs to make some noise

18 November 2010 18:24

Today’s press will not have made happy reading for Ed Miliband and his supporters. Alan Johnson’s comments to The Times about the need to change the way Labour elects its… Continue reading


Miliband’s colossal misjudgement

5 November 2010 12:55

The question at the bottom of this shoddy leaflet must surely join John Rentoul’s famous list. Who on earth will stand by the egregious Phil Woolas now? As with the… Continue reading


Ed Miliband has had a good week – only 200 to go

15 October 2010 23:07

No one would begrudge Ed Miliband the plaudits for his fine first performance at PMQs. He has made a good start and seemed to take David Cameron by surprise. The… Continue reading


Ed Miliband calls for humility – now let’s see some

12 October 2010 21:51

So Ed Miliband told the Parliamentary Labour Party that he and they need to show humility. He is right, but this is easy to say and much, much harder to… Continue reading


Many Lib Dems want to be part of the New Generation

1 October 2010 13:29

Politics tends to ruin an evening in the pub. On Wednesday, I came across a friend who had been a card-carrying Lib Dem prior to the coalition’s formation. He confessed… Continue reading


Smutty Hattie closes the conference

30 September 2010 13:28

Those earnest, pale and dimpled young men who staff the Labour party need to watch their drinks: Ed Miliband’s ‘New Generation’ is a haven for a well-heeled cougar. Inspired by… Continue reading


David Miliband keeps the door ajar

29 September 2010 17:36

The list for the shadow Cabinet elections shows that no David Miliband supporter who was going to stand for the shadow Cabinet has decided not to run following Ed Miliband’s… Continue reading


Farewell David Miliband – for now

29 September 2010 17:00

There we have it, David Miliband has announced that he is standing down from frontline politics. In his statement just now, he fluted all the anticipated notes. "The party needs… Continue reading


Balls spills the beans

29 September 2010 14:08

File David Miliband’s decision not to stand in the shadow Cabinet elections in the folder marked "Worst kept secrets in Westminster". Here’s what Ed Balls has just told ITV: "I… Continue reading


David Miliband torpedos his brother’s big speech

28 September 2010 18:43

Make no mistake: David Miliband has handled himself with a fair amount of dignity over the past few days. But now some of his frustration has simmered to the surface.… Continue reading


Behind the times

28 September 2010 11:39

Anyone who isn’t interested in political party websites look away now. For both of you remaining, then it’s worth adding to Ben Brogan’s observation about Labour’s site. The photograph of… Continue reading


Opportunistic Ed stuttering for an authentic voice

28 September 2010 9:00

The fightback begins here. To that end, Ed Miliband is being offered plenty of advice by the swords around his throne. The Mirror trails his speech, pleased that it will… Continue reading


Miliband hampered by Labour’s ongoing vacuum

27 September 2010 18:12

Time is against Ed Miliband: there is a void where there should be a new shadow chancellor. The party leadership cannot refine its arguments ahead of next month’s spending review,… Continue reading


The speech that David Miliband would have given on Saturday?

27 September 2010 13:56

Caveats about positioning after the event, of course, but Andrew Pierce’s account of the speech that David Miliband would have given on Saturday is still worth noting down: "You could… Continue reading


The penny drops

27 September 2010 12:15

David Miliband is a tease. The speech he just gave was one of his best: it was self-deprecating, had gravitas, humour, and he spoke down to the Tories, telling William… Continue reading


The defeated brother delivers a winning speech

27 September 2010 11:32

David Miliband’s address to the Labour conference ended as it began: with a  standing ovation. Sentimentality and sympathy, perhaps – but it was also deserved. This was a speech that… Continue reading


Why Ed Miliband shouldn’t be underestimated

26 September 2010 18:26

There is a feeling on the right that with the election of Ed Miliband it is back to the good old days. The thinking goes that Labour have elected a… Continue reading


The Whelan factor

26 September 2010 15:26

Is Ed Miliband is in cahoots with the unions? My guess is that he will have to be – and perhaps is – more centrist than all that. But, in… Continue reading