Labour leadership

Can Labour make the right kind of news this week?

25 September 2011 15:23

The great Labour worry about this week is that they’ll be relegated to the ‘in other news’ section of the evening bulletins. There’s a real sense of a struggle for… Continue reading


Miliband versus the Brothers

13 September 2011 9:26

Ed Miliband is the Brothers’ man, or so the popular myth relates. Miliband has been trying to shake that perception ever since his election was secured by the union vote. He… Continue reading


Miliband: We can’t go on like this

25 June 2011 10:56

It’s odd how political leaders often address their parties in the clichéd terms of soap operas’ most tortured romances. Ed Miliband pre-trailed speech to the Labour’s National Policy Forum in… Continue reading


Miliband tries to strengthen his hand

23 June 2011 22:05

Ed Miliband is to abolish shadow cabinet elections. Tony Blair, fearful of the reaction of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP), shied away from doing this. But Miliband has decided that… Continue reading


More than a soap opera

14 June 2011 16:41

David Miliband is considering a return to frontline British politics. At least that is what Andrew Grice has heard. He reports: ‘David Miliband is considering a surprise comeback to frontline… Continue reading


David Miliband should join the shadow Cabinet or quit British politics

12 June 2011 18:39

David Miliband’s statement today declares that he ‘wants no part’ of the ‘soap opera’ of leadership drama. But as long as David Miliband remains outside the shadow Cabinet and, therefore… Continue reading


The Milidrama

11 June 2011 13:23

No paper has been more critical of Ed Miliband than The Times. So it is in some ways not a surprise that the paper’s leader column today declares that he has… Continue reading


What David Miliband would have said if he had become Labour leader

10 June 2011 22:14

Tonight’s Guardian scoop revealing that the speech that David Miliband would have given if he had been elected leader makes this one of the most difficult—and leaky—weeks for Labour since… Continue reading


Cameron’s easy ride

8 June 2011 13:15

Having u-turned on two more policies in the last two days, one would have expected David Cameron to have a hard time today at PMQs. But he didn’t. Ed Miliband… Continue reading


Labour’s malfunctioning front bench

2 June 2011 15:09

The old adage that it’s hard to make an impact in Opposition is ringing true. Dan Hodges has denigrated Labour’s opposition thus far in the New Statesman’s political column today.… Continue reading


Why Miliband needs to be more specific — and quick

23 May 2011 13:07

Ed Miliband owes Coffee House contributor Ed Howker a drink. In his speech today, the Labour leader borrows the central idea — and the title — of the stunningly insightful… Continue reading


From the archives – Labour’s road to recovery

13 May 2011 18:15

The coalition is just a year old and Coffee House compiled an exhaustive Coalition A to Z to mark the occasion. It’s also a year since the Labour leadership saga… Continue reading


Another disappointment for Ed Miliband

6 May 2011 14:01

The final tally from Wales is just in — and it’s a minor disappointment, on a day of many disappointments, for Ed Miliband. There was a time when Labour looked… Continue reading


Charting Labour’s future

15 April 2011 11:16

The Labour Party is still ambling in the wilderness – sure of its destination, but uncertain of the route. Its response to last year’s general election defeat has been silence,… Continue reading


David Miliband’s never-to-be-made best man speech

30 March 2011 17:41

Good afternoon. I’d like to thank you all for coming to this godforsaken hell hole – sorry, I mean, Ed’s constituency. Believe it or not, I once expressed an interest… Continue reading


Labour divided on electoral reform

16 March 2011 9:14

John Healey has become the most senior shadow cabinet minister to declare that he will be voting no to AV. In a pugnacious article for the Independent, the Shadow Health… Continue reading


Miliband: I won’t share a stage with Clegg

14 March 2011 16:12

Ed Miliband has been on Sky, talking about the alternative vote and Nick Clegg. The normally consensual Miliband was in strident mood. He said: ‘I want to win the AV… Continue reading


David Miliband hurtles back into orbit

8 March 2011 15:21

Ah, there it is, in the final sentence of the fourth paragraph: a flattering reference to Ed Miliband. Phew. Good job David Miliband squeezed his brother’s name into his article… Continue reading


Mandelson casts doubt on Miliband’s vision

25 February 2011 15:36

The Kindly Pussycat has returned to the fray with a revised version of his memoirs. The FT’s Jim Pickard has highlighted an arresting passage about Ed Miliband’s decision to execute… Continue reading


A fraternal fix

24 February 2011 12:37

"Now he and his leader know what it’s like to be people’s second choice," trilled George Osborne during his recent encounter with Ed Balls over the dispatch box. But might… Continue reading


All across the political spectrum

1 February 2011 14:01

Yesterday’s polls may seem like yesterday’s news – but it’s actually worth returning to YouGov’s effort from, erm, yesterday. It contained some distinctive questions, and results, all set around the… Continue reading


Re-introducing Ed

23 January 2011 18:02

We already knew Ed Balls was behind Gordon Brown’s economic policy. He devised the policy on spending that left Britain with the worst deficit heading into the crisis, and wrote… Continue reading


Renaissance Balls

20 January 2011 17:43

Balls is back. The author of Gordon Brown’s economic policies for 15 years. The man who bears more responsibility for anyone else – other than Brown – for the asset… Continue reading


Johnson resigns as Shadow Chancellor

20 January 2011 16:47

James Kirkup is reporting a rumour that Alan Johnson is to resign. More to follow. UPDATE: He has resigned. Sky News is reporting that Johnson has gone for personal reasons.… Continue reading


Miliband’s first hundred days in five points

2 January 2011 11:46

Ok, so Ed Miliband’s one hundred day anniversary actually falls on Tuesday – but what’s a couple of days between bloggers? Besides, even with two days to go, it’s safe to say… Continue reading