Labour leadership

Behind the times

28 September 2010 11:39

Anyone who isn’t interested in political party websites look away now. For both of you remaining, then it’s worth adding to Ben Brogan’s observation about Labour’s site. The photograph of… Continue reading


Opportunistic Ed stuttering for an authentic voice

28 September 2010 9:00

The fightback begins here. To that end, Ed Miliband is being offered plenty of advice by the swords around his throne. The Mirror trails his speech, pleased that it will… Continue reading


Miliband hampered by Labour’s ongoing vacuum

27 September 2010 18:12

Time is against Ed Miliband: there is a void where there should be a new shadow chancellor. The party leadership cannot refine its arguments ahead of next month’s spending review,… Continue reading


The speech that David Miliband would have given on Saturday?

27 September 2010 13:56

Caveats about positioning after the event, of course, but Andrew Pierce’s account of the speech that David Miliband would have given on Saturday is still worth noting down: "You could… Continue reading


The penny drops

27 September 2010 12:15

David Miliband is a tease. The speech he just gave was one of his best: it was self-deprecating, had gravitas, humour, and he spoke down to the Tories, telling William… Continue reading


The defeated brother delivers a winning speech

27 September 2010 11:32

David Miliband’s address to the Labour conference ended as it began: with a  standing ovation. Sentimentality and sympathy, perhaps – but it was also deserved. This was a speech that… Continue reading


Why Ed Miliband shouldn’t be underestimated

26 September 2010 18:26

There is a feeling on the right that with the election of Ed Miliband it is back to the good old days. The thinking goes that Labour have elected a… Continue reading


The Whelan factor

26 September 2010 15:26

Is Ed Miliband is in cahoots with the unions? My guess is that he will have to be – and perhaps is – more centrist than all that. But, in… Continue reading


Labour’s subdued response to Miliband’s victory

26 September 2010 12:27

There’s an odd mood in Manchester at the moment. The leadership election result has discombobulated the Labour establishment. In some circles, there is irritation that union votes delivered the leadership… Continue reading


Ed Miliband tries to detoxify his brand

26 September 2010 10:24

The scrubbing job starts in earnest this morning, as Ed Miliband tries to erase that "Red" epithet from before his name. Exhibit A was his appearance on the Andrew Marr… Continue reading


The dignity of David Miliband

25 September 2010 20:28

We spend a lot of time criticising politicians so it behoves us to praise one when they behave with as much dignity as David Miliband has today. He has lost… Continue reading


The aftermath of Labour’s contest

25 September 2010 18:59

As soon as the first round result popped up the screen, an expert on the Labour electoral college turned to me and said ‘Ed has won’. David was not far… Continue reading


Will Ed Miliband face facts?

25 September 2010 18:26

I knew that David Miliband had lost the moment I saw him walk in the room, smiling like Michael Portillo on election night 1997. And when I saw Ed Balls… Continue reading


The unions deliver Ed Miliband to the throne

25 September 2010 17:42

In the end, it was all quite exciting. After four months of soporific campaigning, after a speech by Gordon Brown, after tribute video upon tribute video, it all came down… Continue reading


Ed Miliband elected Labour leader: live blog

25 September 2010 15:30

1704, PH: We’ll leave it there, although we’ll have more reaction on Coffee House shortly. 1702, PH: I’ve already forgotten Miliband’s final line, although it involved the phrase "new generation".… Continue reading


The real battle begins tomorrow

25 September 2010 9:46

So what’s all the fuss about today, then? Ah, yes, the election of the new Labour leader. We should know the result around 1640 this afternoon – but, this morning,… Continue reading


It’s all over

24 September 2010 18:22

The word here in Westminster is that the result of the Labour leadership contest has been certified. The significance of this is that it means the result is not close… Continue reading


David Miliband preparing for defeat

24 September 2010 18:19

There are rumours swirling around Westminster, supposedly issuing from the elder Miliband’s camp, that David Miliband already knows he’s lost. As we know, he has said he will serve loyally… Continue reading


Ed Balls steps up his bid for the shadow chancellorship

24 September 2010 9:02

With the result but a day away, there’s plenty of radio chatter about the Labour leadership election this morning. The Guardian reports that MiliD will work for MiliE if he… Continue reading



23 September 2010 17:59

No doubt attempting to affect affability and languid charm, one of the Milibands has goaded his team into mastering a hybrid of semaphore and tic-tac to bring him early news… Continue reading


The ballot closes

22 September 2010 17:56

"Quietly confident." That’s how Diane Abbott felt as the Labour leadership ballot entered its final hours today. I can only assume that she meant "…of victory," but the bookies, and… Continue reading


Why David Miliband is the most dangerous candidate for the coalition

21 September 2010 12:08

Now how’s this for an opinion? Writing for Labour Uncut, Dan Hodges announces that David Miliband has won the Labour leadership contest. His piece starts: "This Saturday David Miliband will… Continue reading


Balls, McBride and off-the-record briefings

17 September 2010 15:34

John Rentoul has already pulled the best passage from this preview of a forthcoming radio series on Gordon Brown. But I reckon that the testimony of Spencer Livermore, the former… Continue reading


The Labour leadership contest, all over bar the voting

17 September 2010 0:14

The Labour leadership hustings are over, tonight’s one on Question Time was the last one. As has been the case at so many previous hustings, Ed Balls was the most… Continue reading


Ed Miliband is No Abraham Lincoln but David Miliband is a Little Like Hillary Clinton

15 September 2010 14:43

Are Labour really going to make Ed Miliband their next leader? Tea leaves and whatever passes for momentum in this race suggest that this is quite possible. If the younger… Continue reading