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Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

What if Jeremy Corbyn has a successful start as Labour leader?

28 August 2015 9:41

Jeremy Corbyn has taken to the Times to defend his Labour leadership campaign and attack both the press and his critics within his own party. He writes: ‘Despite the barrage… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn's Policy Ideas For Young People Launch

Labour asks school pupils to act as informants ahead of vote

27 August 2015 11:46

Although Buzzfeed managed to successfully register a cat to vote in the Labour leadership election, the party remains insistent that they are successfully weeding out ‘supporters’ who are not genuine. However,… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn and Gerry  Adams

Stripping the bark from Jeremy Corbyn will be the easiest campaign in modern political history

21 August 2015 13:06

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Willie Horton and Michael Dukakis. That’s what Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to prominence will do to a fellow. Horton, you will remember, was the convicted murderer… Continue reading

A portrait of William Shakespeare is pic

Poets4Corbyn: Jeremy Corbyn is immortalised in rhyme

21 August 2015 11:32

If you thought Corbynmania was limited to female obsession and male politicians growing their facial hair, it’s time to think again. It turns out that Jeremy Corbyn is also inspiring poets everywhere.… Continue reading

Andy Burnham delivers a speech at the Peoples Museum on August 17, 2015 in Manchester, England

Unite distances itself from Burnham camp after email blip

20 August 2015 18:41

Oh dear. Andy Burnham’s efforts of late to appeal to Jeremy Corbyn’s left-wing voters may have gone to waste after an email blip this morning. Steerpike understands that he has risked… Continue reading

The First Editions Of The Sun On Sunday Hit The Newstands

Rupert Murdoch comes out in support of Jeremy Corbyn

20 August 2015 10:32

First Russell Brand, and now Rupert Murdoch has joined the list of ‘endorsements Jeremy Corbyn might not actually want’. The News UK media mogul, whose papers backed the Tories in the… Continue reading


Lucy Powell’s Mean Girls moment: ‘I have never, ever met Jeremy Corbyn’

19 August 2015 9:25

After the Queen’s Speech in May, a number of Labour MPs including Chuka Umunna and Rachel Reeves enjoyed a group trip to Nandos. Alas the invite didn’t manage to make… Continue reading


Yes, Jeremy Corbyn actually is the most dangerous man in British politics

18 August 2015 12:17

No, Nicola Sturgeon does not have much reason to be worried about Jeremy Corbyn. But the rest of the country does. To borrow from the tabloids, Corbyn is The Most Dangerous… Continue reading


Could Jeremy Corbyn be removed as Labour leader?

17 August 2015 15:22

If Jeremy Corbyn is elected as Labour leader, how long would he last? Blairities, such as John McTernan, have promoted the idea of an instacoup — taking him out as soon as possible. Or the party… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Is the dream over? Corbyn’s friend comes out against him

13 August 2015 17:56

It’s safe to say that today has not been a great day for the Corbyn campaign. After Yvette Cooper gave a speech claiming her Labour leadership rival’s policies are neither original… Continue reading


Podcast: Big trouble in Big China

13 August 2015 10:49

Forget Greece; China’s economic slowdown is the biggest story of the year, says Elliot Wilson in this week’s issue of The Spectator. China’s long boom may finally be ending and the… Continue reading

Labour Leadership Candidate Jeremy Corbyn Continues His Welsh Tour

Corbynmania has shaken my faith in my own loony right-wing opinions

12 August 2015 16:38

I used to consider myself to be in tune with the general public on politics, by which I meant – on the loony wing of the Tory party. After all,… Continue reading

Andy Burnham met his wife Marie-France van Heel at Cambridge University

Is Andy Burnham telling the whole truth about his time outside Westminster?

11 August 2015 18:49

The Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham, who has worked in politics for 21 years, makes much of his life outside the Westminster bubble. As well as releasing a campaign video… Continue reading

Labour leader contender Liz Kendall speaks at De Montfort University Leicester, where she made a pitch for party votes in the party's leadership contest.

Are you the heir to Blair? Liz Kendall: ‘I don’t think so, actually.’

10 August 2015 14:23

Unless something entirely undetected is happening in the Labour membership, Liz Kendall is not going to be elected party leader in the next few weeks. Today in an interview with… Continue reading

Diane Abbott

Jeremy Corbyn appears to endorse Diane Abbott for London Mayor (again)

6 August 2015 13:39

Last week Diane Abbott was caught in a sticky situation after her campaign sent out a text to supporters that was allegedly from Jeremy Corbyn. It claimed that the Labour leadership… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn and Gerry  Adams

How Jeremy Corbyn could boost David Cameron’s majority

6 August 2015 11:46

Tories tend to think that Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader will be fabulously useful for their party, returning them an even bigger majority in 2020 and pitching his own party… Continue reading

UK Labour Party Leadership Hustings

Labour out Conservative MP in #Tories4Corbyn crackdown

5 August 2015 16:11

Labour’s verification process has been under a lot of scrutiny in recent weeks as more and more Tories have claimed they have successfully joined as a supporter of the party… Continue reading

(Credit: @i-Images)

David Cameron’s former speechwriter is ‘rooting’ for Jeremy Corbyn

5 August 2015 12:41

After David Cameron’s former speechwriter Clare Foges kicked off her new career outside of No.10 with a blistering editorial in the Times criticising her former employer over a range of issues… Continue reading


Milifandom founder: I back Andy Burnham (aka my headmaster’s brother)

4 August 2015 15:16

Over the weekend Andy Burnham’s leadership campaign received a much needed boost from the founder of the Milifandom Abby Tomlinson. The 17-year-old declared that after meeting with each of the leadership… Continue reading


The discreet charm of the Labour bourgeoisie

3 August 2015 17:17

In the early 1960s a satirical combo called the Chad Mitchell Trio sang of the anti-communist paranoia of the John Birch Society (a forerunner of today’s Tea Party, as those among… Continue reading

(Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

The Guardian launches inquiry into Corbyn coverage: ‘worse than reporting of Vietnam war’

3 August 2015 12:51

It’s only lunchtime but the Guardian may have already reached ‘peak Guardian’ for the day. The paper has published an article penned by Chris Elliott chronicling an in-house investigation into their coverage of… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

There’s nothing hip about Jeremy Corbyn’s beard

3 August 2015 12:36

Mr Corbyn has a beard. If he becomes leader, he will be the first bearded leader of any main party since Keir Hardie. The beard as a fashion item is… Continue reading

The magazine Red Pepper have mocked up an image of Jeremy Corbyn in the style of Shepard Fairey's famous 'Hope' poster

Coffee Shots: Jeremy Corbyn, the ‘British Obama’

31 July 2015 17:04

Ahead of the election, Ed Miliband’s senior advisor David Axelrod was asked if the Labour politician had as much potential to succeed as his former client Barack Obama. His reply? ‘I think… Continue reading

British politician George Galloway celeb

Friends reunited: how George Galloway hopes to ‘work closely’ with Jeremy Corbyn

28 July 2015 11:45

Things could start to get very strange indeed if Jeremy Corbyn is successful in his bid to be the next Labour leader. Corbyn’s old chum George Galloway has today voiced his… Continue reading

People's Assembly Against Austerity Hold Demonstration And Festival

‘Prosecco socialist’ Charlotte Church backs Jeremy Corbyn

26 July 2015 9:17

As Jeremy Corbyn edges closer to victory in the Labour leadership race, his critics grow more vocal with both Tony Blair and John McTernan attempting to thwart his campaign this… Continue reading