Justine Greening

Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Defence (Photo: Getty)

Exclusive: Michael Fallon says UK should reconsider military action in Syria to combat ISIS

23 September 2014 14:01

The Ministry of Defence is like a sauna on Sunday. The air circulation system has been switched off and the place is hot—and deserted. Yet when you reach the Secretary… Continue reading

Minister for International Development Justine Greening addresses delegates on the first day of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on September 29, 2013. Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Justine Greening: Cameron’s government needs more people who have worked at Morrisons

3 September 2014 16:46

David Cameron is in need of advice right now and there’s plenty of it in the new Spectator – not least from Justine Greening, his International Development Secretary. Her interview… Continue reading


Shock as Government agrees with Bill Cash

11 December 2013 16:36

Something extraordinary happened on the Committee corridor in Parliament today. A government Secretary of State turned up to a session led by veteran troublemaker Bill Cash to accept a bill… Continue reading


Why can’t Justine Greening pretend to enjoy her job?

29 September 2013 16:11

Does Justine Greening enjoy being International Development Secretary? I ask only because while the text of her speech to the Conservative party conference contained a lengthy defence of aid spending,… Continue reading


What’s wrong with foreign aid?

3 January 2013 12:58

Justine Greening is a robust politician and bean counter who reportedly used extremely fruity language when told she was being reshuffled to the International Development Department. Even though the new… Continue reading

David Cameron goes to the Tory conference at a low ebb. Image: Getty.

What else could go wrong for the Tories?

7 October 2012 12:16

Beyond being implicated in the Jimmy Savile scandal it’s hard to imagine how last week could have been worse for the Tories. The build up to their conference in Birmingham… Continue reading

Andrew Mitchell

Justine Greening is a reluctant contestant on Mitchell’s Millions

17 September 2012 10:03

The reshuffle allowed David Cameron to place what many ministers (and sacked ministers in particular) are calling ‘Osborne’s spies’ in each government department to help the Chancellor rein in spending.… Continue reading


Justine Greening may be tighter on international aid

8 September 2012 15:05

Sending an ex-accountant to run the International Development department was always a bit of a risk, given that its remit – to spend as much as it can – inverts… Continue reading

Croupiers Hone Their Skills At Casino School

Morning of the Blunt Knives - Spectator Blogs

4 September 2012 13:40

Provided you remember a few simple rules the Expectations Game should be the easiest test to pass in politics. It is not complicated: under-promise and over-deliver. Or, more succinctly, never… Continue reading

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Jeremy Hunt has made an unexpected comeback. Photo: Getty Images.

Morale, communication and party discipline are key to David Cameron’s first reshuffle

4 September 2012 13:14

Iain Duncan Smith’s decision to stay at DWP means that the reshuffle is not quite as radical as some in Downing Street were hoping it would be. But it still… Continue reading

Could Boris Island one day become a reality? Image: Foster + Partners.

Of mice and men: the options for airport expansion

28 August 2012 18:00

Hugh Robertson was trying to stick up for the Prime Minister this afternoon when he said David Cameron was ‘absolutely a man’. He was defending the government’s decision to stay… Continue reading

A Downing Street spokeswoman said this morning that the government would not break its pledge in the coalition agreement on Heathrow. Picture: Getty.

Downing Street rejects Yeo’s ‘man or mouse’ threat

28 August 2012 11:53

Justine Greening will be relieved: Downing Street has just poured cold water on suggestions the government could U-turn on a third runway at Heathrow. At the morning lobby briefing, a… Continue reading

Transport Secretary Justine Greening accepted this morning that it would be 'difficult' for her to remain in the cabinet if the government U-turned on development at Heathrow.

Justine Greening’s impossible job

28 August 2012 9:12

It was difficult not to feel sorry for Transport Secretary Justine Greening this morning as she twisted and turned to avoid questions fired at her by Jim Naughtie on a… Continue reading

1400 Jobs To Be Cut At Bombardier, The UK's Last Train Making Company

Railing against government policy

16 July 2012 8:45

The cabinet is out and about today, trying to smooth feathers ruffled by last week’s Lords reform row by splashing out on £9 billion worth of investment for railways. Today’s… Continue reading

1400 Jobs To Be Cut At Bombardier, The UK's Last Train Making Company

Railing against government policy

16 July 2012 8:45

The cabinet is out and about today, trying to smooth feathers ruffled by last week’s Lords reform row by splashing out on £9 billion worth of investment for railways. Today’s… Continue reading

Long-term Demonstration Removed From Parliament Square

Fuel for a duel

26 June 2012 9:00

Dear commuter, how’s your journey panning out after you were woken by the sound of Ed Balls politicking about fuel duty? The shadow chancellor was a ubiquitous presence on the… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron lea

Tory minister: HS2 is ‘effectively dead’

13 June 2012 15:15

Why was David Cameron so lukewarm in his endorsement of HS2 at PMQs today? (In response to a question about the project’s future, he offered, ‘I believe we should go ahead… Continue reading


Walking beyond parody

15 May 2012 9:59

As the Times’s Sam Coates suggests, this official Department of Transport video lands right in the middle of The Thick of It territory. Remoding (1:00 in), anyone?


Cameron needs a proper party chairman

29 March 2012 19:50

Normally, when a Tory government is in trouble, the party chairman is sent out to put themselves between the bad story and the Prime Minister. But Baroness Warsi and Lord… Continue reading


A slight change of heart on HS2?

3 December 2011 17:49

There’s been an intriguing, if minor, development in the HS2 case this afternoon. The Guardian reports that the Department of Transport has miraculously found £500 million to spend on 1.5 miles… Continue reading


The government’s airport conundrum

21 November 2011 11:45

There is a growing acceptance in government that the South East needs more airport capacity. But, as today’s Times outlines, there’s nowhere near agreement on how best to achieve this.… Continue reading


How will Greening deal with the airports issue?

16 October 2011 14:09

One Cabinet minister fretted to me yesterday about the implications of Justine Greening’s appointment as Secretary of State for Transport. Their worry was not Greening’s position on the Tory ideological… Continue reading


Cameron’s party management problems

15 October 2011 18:01

Parliamentary party management is, perhaps, the subtlest of the political arts. It is, obviously, particularly difficult in coalition. But the Cameroons are still scoring a ‘must do better’ grade on… Continue reading


Greening’s rapid promotion

14 October 2011 18:44

David Cameron has sent the Cabinet’s safest pair of hands to the Ministry of Defence. Philip Hammond, a robust Euro-sceptic with a belief in firm fiscal management, will bring calm… Continue reading


Hammond fills Fox’s shoes

14 October 2011 18:24

It’s official: Philip Hammond is the new Defence Secretary and it’s a wise choice. The tough work: making the cuts, axing Nimrod, leaving the east coast undefended etc.: has been… Continue reading