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Podcast: working with al-Qa’eda and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn

16 July 2015 9:06

How has al-Qa’eda become the ‘moderate’ option in the Middle East? On the latest View from 22 podcast, Ahmed Rashid and Douglas Murray discuss this week’s Spectator cover feature on how a fear of Isis is… Continue reading

Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby Visits Israel And The West Bank

Tories and the Church: the 30-year war continues

18 February 2015 9:37

Here are some observations from the ‘incendiary’ letter from the House of Bishops that has upset the Tories so much. ‘Our electoral system often means that the outcomes turn on… Continue reading

The Confirmation Of Justin Welby As The New Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop shows politicians a more honest way to answer the question

24 January 2015 11:46

After Islamist terrorist atrocities, political leaders often rush to say that the attacks had nothing to do with Islam. One can understand why they feel the need to do this… Continue reading


How can the Church keep earning its right to intervene in politics?

15 January 2015 11:09

Given the political parties are already well underway with their General Election campaigns, the Church of England couldn’t have waited much later to dispense its advice on how to campaign… Continue reading


Food bank report is a chance to end the toxic political stand-off

8 December 2014 8:45

It has been quite difficult for anyone following the growth food banks over the past few years to avoid growing dispirited. The debate in Parliament runs along the lines of… Continue reading

Rt Rev Justin Welby, the incoming Archbishop of Canterbury (background) looks on as Dr Rowan Williams, the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury is given a hug,

Justin Welby defends Rowan Williams against Spectator’s criticism

15 November 2014 16:39

We at 22 Old Queen Street have never been great fans of Rowan Williams. At a time when strong ecclesiastical leadership was needs he served up abstract, pew-emptying waffle. But as this week’s… Continue reading

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Justin Welby: I worry about damage caused by language on immigration

27 October 2014 15:46

When Justin Welby spoke to the Parliamentary press gallery today, he took great care to emphasise a number of points. One was about the influence the Church of England has… Continue reading

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At last! An Archbishop of Canterbury recognises that Islamists slaughter Christians

8 August 2014 16:01

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has just issued a statement about the slaughter of Christians in Iraq that is both brave and perfectly judged. What an outstanding representative of… Continue reading

David Cameron on a visit to the Church of the Nativity. Picture: Getty

Doing God works well for Cameron

24 April 2014 18:00

David Cameron’s decision to hug-a-Christian seems to have worked pretty well, judging by the political response he’s provoked. For starters, his comments about Britain being ‘evangelical’ about its status as… Continue reading

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The UK is a Christian country, whether the Left like it or not

22 April 2014 11:20

As the crucifixion of Damian McBride over Easter in 2009 proves, the four-day news void can be gruesome for Downing Street, yet it seems congratulations are in order this year.… Continue reading

Christmas starts with Christ poster in Manchester today.

CofE takes aim at payday lenders. But what about the banks?

17 December 2013 13:16

Does Christmas have to start with a payday loan? No, according to the Church of England. The Church has unveiled its annual advertising campaign this morning, posing this very question… Continue reading


Justin Welby and the Downing Street grid

21 October 2013 11:14

One man who isn’t on message at the start of the government’s economy week is Justin Welby, who has been warning against excessive jubilation at the end of this week… Continue reading


Archbishop Welby poaches the Queen’s spinner

20 September 2013 12:44

As Mr Steerpike reported last week, the Archbishop of Canterbury has been seeking an apostle to spread the good news to the media. Today it has been announced that Alisa… Continue reading

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Blessed are the spin doctors

13 September 2013 16:08

After spilling the communion wine down his cassock in an attempt to wade into the ongoing Wonga-row, the Archbishop of Canterbury has been rather quiet of late. Justin Welby faced… Continue reading


The Guardian’s latest crush: Justin Welby

20 August 2013 13:52

The Church of England has had some surprisingly good press recently. Who knows how these things happen, but the media seems to have decided to stop attacking its homophobia, and… Continue reading

Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby Visits Israel And The West Bank

Justin Welby pleases both left and right with clever Wonga comments

25 July 2013 18:53

Justin Welby is a clever man. His comments about payday loan companies in Total Politics have managed to please both the left and right, which is no mean feat on… Continue reading


Justin Welby, a very political Archbishop

13 July 2013 10:23

In this increasingly secular age, you would expect the Archbishop of Canterbury to be a figure of diminishing importance. But Justin Welby is fast becoming the most politically influential Archbishop… Continue reading

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The Pope, Welby, and the new evangelical swagger

14 June 2013 13:27

There’s excitement in Christian circles today about the first meeting of Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby. The two men have important things in common. Both reached their positions of power… Continue reading

The Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby's First Easter Sunday In Office

Live from Golgotha

31 March 2013 18:04

A rather charming and typically self-deprecating Easter sermon from Archbishop Justin at Canterbury Cathedral; I’m beginning to like him. His subject was the inevitability of disillusion with things like governments… Continue reading


The spy who went into the fold?

7 March 2013 15:00

What are the Times trying to say about noted Spectator fan and new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby? They have delved into his past. It turns out to have been… Continue reading

The Confirmation Of Justin Welby As The New Archbishop of Canterbury

Church of England 2.0

4 February 2013 16:47

Welcome Rt Rev Justin Welby, who became the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury this morning at St Pauls. The Church of England’s first tweeting ABC has been a bit quiet online… Continue reading

Justin Welby will meet MPs and peers on Thursday to discuss women bishops. Picture: Getty

Justin Welby to face MPs and peers on women bishops row

11 December 2012 16:34

Justin Welby is certainly a bold chap: I understand the man set to take over from Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury is due to meet MPs and peers on… Continue reading

Justin Welby has been profoundly influenced by the social teaching of a nineteenth century pope, Leo XIII. Image: Getty

Justin Welby’s social conscience

25 November 2012 14:32

One of the things we know about the next Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is that he doesn’t like bankers. Another is that he has given a good deal of… Continue reading

Liz Truss' seamed tights, with bow. Photo: © Alan Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd

Boris, bishops and other gossip from the Spectator Parliamentarian awards

21 November 2012 16:04

Justin Welby, the nominated Archbishop of Canterbury, accepted his Spectator award for Peer of the Year (in recognition of his work on the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards) by conceding… Continue reading

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The Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards

21 November 2012 14:51

The Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year awards are being held this afternoon at the Savoy Hotel. In total 14 awards were presented by Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education,… Continue reading