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Ched Evans playing for Sheffield United in 2011 (Photo: Ben Hoskins/Getty)

Feeling morally superior? Time to sign an online petition

5 January 2015 15:32

Purely for the purposes of argument, it would be handy if Ched Evans had said sorry for the rape for…

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. Would prisoners kill for her wry, pungent volumes? Image: Getty

Would prisoners kill for Carol Ann Duffy?

30 March 2014 11:34

It is of course shocking that the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling should ban prisoners from receiving books sent by their…

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How legal aid reforms are clogging up the courts

20 February 2014 18:27

Litigants in person – individuals representing themselves, rather than relying on a lawyer – have always been a feature in…

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Zimmerman verdict: the American Left only likes juries when they get the result they want

16 July 2013 17:22

There is almost nothing more emotive than a murder trial, particularly when it takes place in the United States and…

crown court

Don’t privatise justice

29 May 2013 16:23

Privatisation has been a hugely successful policy over the past 30 years. Unfortunately, though, the government seems to have learned…

What effect are the large number of international cases having on the British justice system?

The View from 22 — Rough justice and autumn statement special

6 December 2012 9:07

Many of the great British institutions have taken a pounding in recent times. The BBC, Fleet Street, politicians but is…

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Rotherham’s ‘political commissars’ reinforce the need for a free press

25 November 2012 11:40

‘Clearly she has morphed somewhere in her career from social worker to political commissar.’ These are the words of Minette…

Home Secretary Theresa May Arrives To Speak At The Stonewall Workplace Conference

The struggle to deal with foreign terror suspects

3 July 2012 18:15

Abu Qatada, the Islamist cleric once branded ‘Osama bin Laden’s ambassador to Europe’, has dominated headlines in recent months as…


Secret justice concessions won’t silence its critics

29 May 2012 12:30

Two U-turns in 12 hours — even for this government that’s some going. Following George Osborne’s watering down of his…

What the riots mean for Ken Clarke

15 September 2011 14:51

The more we learn about the riots, the more it is becoming clear that experienced criminals were responsible for a…

Clarke is right to focus on reoffenders

6 September 2011 19:53

The Justice Secretary Ken Clarke – who was away during the disturbances last month – has signalled his return with…

Who were the rioters?

6 September 2011 9:33

Ken Clarke reveals today that three-quarters of convicted rioters aged 18 and over had previous convictions. Hence his term about…

Department of Sentencing: Riots Division

18 August 2011 0:37

I dare say some of the sentences handed down in the aftermath of the riots are on the stiff side…

Sympathy for the Devil

15 July 2011 14:10

There are few organisations that persuade one to root for Rupert Murdoch but the US Department of Justice is probably…

The American Way of Justice

1 July 2011 23:24

If the New York Times or the Washington Post had a proper measure of imagination one or other of them…

The dirty secrets of ‘no win no fee’

27 June 2011 15:59

Jack Straw’s column in the Times today (£) contains the following revelation: ‘Our records indicate that you may be entitled…

The Wages of Appeasement Are Paid in Foolishness

23 June 2011 13:52

On the other hand, some policy retreats are simply depressing. One of the telling and therefore ignored scandals of our…

Miliband May Know the Detail But His Policies Are Wrong

22 June 2011 14:55

For all the talk of Cameron and his grasp of detail the fact remains that Miliband may, as Swot of…

Audio of Ken Clarke’s rape comments

18 May 2011 13:52

So that CoffeeHousers can make their own minds up:

Ken Clarke contra mundum

8 March 2011 16:53

What to make of Sadiq Khan and Ken Clarke? As Pete has noted, Khan (and Ed Miliband) empathises with Ken…

Khan comes to Ken Clarke’s support (kinda)

7 March 2011 9:08

When it comes to the overall sway of British politics, Sadiq Khan’s article for the Guardian is probably the most…

Bringing rights back home

7 February 2011 16:46

Thursday’s debate on the backbench motion on prisoner voting tabled by Jack Straw and David Davis is set to be…

Act 3 in the prisoner voting farce

20 January 2011 12:13

An ingenious man, John Hirst. First he achieved the considerable feat of committing manslaughter with an axe; and he has…

Remember this?

20 January 2011 10:40

“We will want to prevent EU judges gaining steadily greater control over our criminal justice system by negotiating an arrangement…

Davis and Straw unite against prisoner voting rights

18 January 2011 13:38

David Davis and Jack Straw have joined forces to resist the enforcement of prisoner voting rights, an emotive issue bequeathed…