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Spectator Books of the Year: The myth of meritocracy

29 December 2016 9:30

I must admit that I write a beautiful essay about my dad in My Old Man: Tales of Our Fathers…


Why would I want to lose weight? Being lazy and fat is far more fun

9 June 2016 14:57

Let me start by putting my podgy little hand up – the one not ferreting fervently through a big box…

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Are there any Jews who still support Labour?

4 May 2016 11:10

Many years ago, sometime in the last century (how worldly I feel writing that!) I was at the launch party…

Maxine Peake as Rebekah Brooks in Red Top

Maxine Peake is wrong: Margaret Thatcher and Rebekah Brooks are feminist role models

25 January 2016 17:05

Margaret Thatcher has been out of power for twenty-six years and dead for three, but in our brave new world…

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There’s nothing wrong with public grieving

14 January 2016 11:28

One of the things that repeatedly comes up with David Bowie fans talking about their hero is how much he…

Anti-austerity protesters gather outside Manchester Central during on the second day of the Conservative party conference on October 5, 2015 in Manchester, England.

If you are so rich, how come you are so left wing?

17 December 2015 15:16

A few days ago the Telegraph revealed that the leader of Momentum was – inevitably – the privately educated son…


Meet the Cry-Bully: a hideous hybrid of victim and victor

21 April 2015 16:57

In the 1970s, there was a big difference between bullies and cry-babies. Your mum would have preferred you to hang…


The fat debate – Julie Burchill vs Katie Hopkins

16 April 2015 12:00

In this week’s issue, Julie Burchill explains why she is not dieting. Ever. As Kingsley Amis said, no pleasure is worth…

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Spectator books of the year: Julie Burchill on Julie Burchill

16 November 2014 12:44

I couldn’t work out whether Caitlin Moran’s How to Build a Girl (Ebury, £14.99) was aimed at mature adolescents or immature adults,…


Podcast: Britain’s jihad, the Pope vs the Vatican, and the existence of ‘The One’

21 August 2014 9:46

The murder of James Foley by an Isis fighter ‘with a London accent’ has been treated with understandable revulsion. But…

Mutilating young girls is not something Britain should tolerate (Photo: AFP/ Nichole Sobecki)

The campaign against FGM must ignore intersectionality

25 February 2014 17:58

Two terms have been bouncing around a lot recently: FGM and intersectionality. Julie Burchill dealt with the latter in the…

Lynne Featherstone was working for you this week, by distracting you from all the hideousness in the world. Image: Getty

Moore, Burchill etc. redux

18 January 2013 11:32

It’s an odd thing. I had been a little nervous of writing (subscribe here) about the Suzanne Moore twitter business because,…

It's all getting out of hand. Lynne Featherstone has waded into the Suzanne Moore 'transexual' row. Image: Getty

In defence of Suzanne Moore

15 January 2013 18:30

Tell me if you have heard this already but it appears that Suzanne Moore has offended the trans-gender lobby. She…