General View Of The Old Bailey

Reform human rights to save human rights

3 April 2013 17:31

The European Convention of Human Rights is developed and interpreted as times change; but is there a democratic imbalance when…

Theresa May has clashed again with the judiciary over the deportation of foreign criminals. Image: Getty

Stop blaming judges, Ms May, and repeal the Human Rights Act

18 February 2013 9:12

The latest session in May versus Judges over foreign criminals’ right to family life (Article 8 of the European Convention) is running as…

If only the Leveson Inquiry had been the James Mason Inquiry... Image: Getty

‘The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers’

29 November 2012 19:55

Given that David Cameron, rightly, seems to believe Lord Leveson’s recommendations are a crock of shit, what was the point…

Would their Lordships afford the same treatment to the general public as they have to Margaret Moran? Image: Getty

Margaret Moran: an MP too depressed for prison

15 November 2012 14:50

Are you happy that the former Labour MP Margaret Moran, who swindled more than £50,000 from the taxpayer in rogue…

Abu Qatada has again escaped deportation. (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Abu Qatada and the problem of freedom-stomping friends - Spectator Blogs

12 November 2012 16:13

And so, once again, the judges are in the dock for insisting that due process be followed even when, as…

Barclays Bank Fined Over Libor Investigations

Libor: the truth is out there

8 July 2012 15:00

Is parliament good for anything? This is, in effect, the question behind the coming Libor investigation. Ed Miliband’s assumption that…


The View from 22 — chancellor on the charge

5 July 2012 12:15

Did those around Gordon Brown create the conditions for the Libor fixing scandal? According to George Osborne, the answer is…

Home Secretary Theresa May Arrives To Speak At The Stonewall Workplace Conference

Theresa May and the right to family life

10 June 2012 12:15

Theresa May has been in the news recently, as she introduces plans to stop spouses coming to Britain unless they…

Pickles rebuffs calls for new taxes

20 August 2011 0:33

Anyone looking for a good blast of common sense on a Saturday morning should read Eric Pickles’ interview in the…

Cameron needs to move fast to regain the initiative

7 July 2011 14:13

Westminster is rife this afternoon with rumours that there’ll soon be a high-profile arrest in the phone hacking case. For…

Schooling the judges

6 July 2011 11:09

The judges are judging the judges, or at least judging by the cover of this morning’s Times (£) they are.…

You couldn’t make it up: Crook freed from jail to look after his five kids

28 May 2011 10:09

Sometimes I wonder if the judiciary and the human rights culture are just trying to make Richard Littlejohn’s columns look…

The government has a problem with lawyers

28 April 2011 13:59

The government’s strained relationship with the Civil Service is a recurring story at the moment. Much of the disquiet seems…

Parliamentary privilege must be protected from over-mighty judges

2 April 2011 18:38

Sometimes, one does really wonder about the British judiciary. Its decision to issue injunctions which bar people from talking to…