Demonstration Outside Houses Of Parliament As MPs Debate Lobbying Bill

The Crisis at Index on Censorship

31 March 2014 17:13

Index on Censorship, once home to the most important defenders of free speech in Britain, is falling apart. Seventeen full-time staff members in place when Kirsty Hughes, a former European… Continue reading

A Sterling pound note is pictured in Lon

The Mumsnet racketeers

23 December 2013 14:59

The other day Mumsnet asked whether I would talk to its audience about my Spectator pieces (here and here) on the universities’ plans to authorise the segregation of men and women on… Continue reading

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

I’m ashamed of myself

9 November 2013 10:30

On waking up (at noon) on Thursday morning, I found I had a text from one of my fellow History freshers. Sent at 6am and accompanied by a screenshot of… Continue reading

Are self-published bloggers with limited incomes journalists?

Is Sunny Hundal the best person to lecture on journalism?

25 October 2013 17:02

Farewell then Sunny Hundal. The libellous blogger and tweeter has announced that he is no longer going to keep up his self-published website ‘Liberal Conspiracy’. One reason – far beyond… Continue reading

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A-level students: why university isn’t as big a deal as you think

15 August 2013 14:32

My A-level results day almost passed me by. It took an early morning email from an editor asking for a piece about the experience for me to remember. After a… Continue reading

Andrew Flintoff of England consoles Brett Lee of Australia after England defeated Australia on day four of the Second npower Ashes Test match between England and Australia at Edgbaston on August 7, 2005 in Birmingham, England.   (Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Why do words and cricket go together?

4 July 2013 9:30

‘Words and cricket,’ wrote Beryl Bainbridge, ‘seem to go together.’ Why should this be? The Ashes series starting next week might not be the most eagerly anticipated of recent times,… Continue reading

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The Sunday Times jails its source

11 March 2013 17:31

In a long piece in the last issue of the Sunday Times (£) Isabel Oakeshott, its political editor, wrote of her relationship with Vicky Pryce. She sobbed and sighed. She was… Continue reading


Frank Keating, 1937-2013 - Spectator Blogs

26 January 2013 13:53

A while back a friend remarked that a piece I’d written – on cricket probably though, perhaps, darts – was “worthy of Frank Keating”. I can’t say if the compliment… Continue reading

Britain Basks In Sunshine As The Easter Holidays Get Underway

Correction of the Year - Spectator Blogs

21 January 2013 10:34

Courtesy of Time magazine: This article has been changed. An earlier version stated that Oxford University accepted “only one black Caribbean student” in 2009, when in fact the university accepted… Continue reading

Robbie Savage in his playing days. Image: Getty

The BBC: ‘It’s professional to cheat’

20 January 2013 15:15

In this morning’s Observer I write about the collapse of the old notions of honour and fair play in sport, banking, politics, journalism, the law and much else. As I… Continue reading

Will Self is poised to return to Radio 4 as writer in residence. Image: Getty

Will Self, writer in residence at BBC Radio 4

20 January 2013 14:46

I see that Will Self is being lined up as a “writer in residence” at BBC Radio Four. I think this is very good news. Self is an excellent writer… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 11.28.21

Syria exposé shows the BBC at its best

19 January 2013 10:33

Superb piece of journalism on the BBC News from Lyse Doucet. A horrible story, of some appalling mass murder in Syria – told calmly and bravely; unpartisan, questioning and undoubtedly… Continue reading

Hadley Freeman has committed the feminist's cardinal sin: dissing fellow sister Caitlin Moran's sense of humour. Image: Getty

Claws out for Caitlin Moran

14 January 2013 17:17

The ladies of the London chatterati are at each other’s throats. Left-wing identity politics has been eating itself since the New Year, when the leading feminists of Fleet Street went… Continue reading

Mary Fitzpatrick's work at the BBC has made John Simpson a rarer breed among the corporation's foreign correspondents. Image: Getty

Mary Fitzpatrick made the BBC less ‘hideously white’

14 January 2013 11:15

Anyone remember Mary Fitzpatrick? She was the BBC’s ‘Diversity Czar’ back in the middle of the last decade, paid £90,000 p.a by the licence payer to spout egregious pc bollocks.… Continue reading

William Rees-Mogg, editor of the Times 1967-1981 passed away today. Photo: Getty Images.

The genius of William Rees-Mogg

29 December 2012 15:01

At my first-ever Tory party conference, I saw William Rees-Mogg leave a reception and chased him down the corridor like a groupie. I asked him if he had any tips:… Continue reading

Bashar Assad, back when he was a 'goodie', meeting President Khatami of Iran in 2001. Image: Getty.

Tyranny’s fellow travel writers (Part 3)

9 December 2012 19:21

Earlier this year I noted a piece by Michael Moynihan in Foreign Policy. He looked at how the authors of the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet guide books were producing… Continue reading

Lena Dunham is making money by being a voice of a generation of women. Image: Getty.

Jobs for the girls

22 October 2012 13:34

Unless you’re a twenty-something year old woman, you probably have no idea who Lena Dunham is. Well you will soon. Until now Dunham’s cult followers have been downloading her HBO… Continue reading

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2009 Melbourne Cup Day

Breakfast of champions

18 October 2012 18:01

Peter York, the ageing Sloane Ranger and style guru, ditched his popped collar and brogues this morning and took to the stage in a Gaddafi-style dictator’s outfit to present the… Continue reading

Daniel Finkelstein inadvertently derails the re-shuffle. Image: Getty.

How Danny Finkelstein botched the reshuffle

4 September 2012 14:19

Word reaches Mr Steerpike that Times columnist Danny Finkelstein played a decisive role in the reshuffle. As is widely known, Danny speaks to George Osborne regularly and those inside Whitehall know… Continue reading

Karl Rove believes in the eternal political truth that are elections are won from the centre. Image: Getty.

Karl Rove’s a believer

1 September 2012 16:27

I’m indebted to John Rentoul for drawing my attention to this report of a talk given by Karl Rove to mega donors at the Republican National Convention. Rove is an… Continue reading


Johann Hari’s apology gets lost in the post

13 August 2012 19:25

Over the pond journalists are one by one being accused of plagiarism, while here our old friend Johann Hari popped back up on my radar. Though the Indy columnist was… Continue reading

Henry Kissinger, Getty Images

Henry Kissinger’s education

7 August 2012 18:01

Only America, a friend of mine once insisted, could produce the New Criterion. This friend happened to be American, but his point stands nonetheless. America alone is sufficiently large, wealthy and… Continue reading

Medhi Hasan, BBC

Peter Hitchens vs Mehdi Hasan

6 August 2012 14:54

A fascinating column in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday by Peter Hitchens asks ‘Am I an “animal”, a “cow” — or just another victim of BBC bias.’ The spur for asking… Continue reading

A picture taken on February 26, 2012 in

The unusual case of Matt Nixson, the hack with the big heart

30 July 2012 15:14

This is not a great time to be a tabloid journalist. It is an even worse time to be an out-of-work tabloid journalist. Few tears are shed when red-top hacks… Continue reading

Silhouettes on Capitol Hill, Getty Images

Department of lapdogs

16 July 2012 16:05

Via Kevin Drum, this is really rather remarkable: ‘The quotations come back redacted, stripped of colorful metaphors, colloquial language and anything even mildly provocative. They are sent by e-mail from… Continue reading