Jose Mauel Barroso

David Cameron: I will scold Barroso for lecturing my party

12 September 2013 18:04

José Manuel Barroso’s comments about euroscepticism might have revealed something rather warped about the Eurocrat mindset, but it has also provided quite an opportunity for David Cameron to show his… Continue reading

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Is José Manuel Barroso after the top job at Nato?

24 July 2013 13:30

José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, put on a suspiciously big-time press conference today to launch what were really no more than some modest proposals to standardise the… Continue reading

Jose Manuel Barroso’s spokesman-in-chief took questions from journalists at the European Commission on David Cameron's speech. Picture: Getty

The EU renegotiation pantomime

23 January 2013 17:35

Today’s midday press briefing at the European Commission was of course dominated by questions about the Cameron speech. This was despite efforts by Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, Barroso’s spokesman-in-chief. First she… Continue reading

José Manuel Barroso gave his annual State of the Union speech yesterday. Picture: Getty.

What Barroso should have said

13 September 2012 14:36

José Manuel Barroso gave his annual ‘State of the Union’ address in Strasbourg yesterday. If you are a glutton for punishment, you can read the full speech here, but in… Continue reading


Was the PM reasonable?

13 December 2011 18:28

As the effects of last week’s European Council become clear, debate about the rights and wrongs of David Cameron’s diplomacy hinge on one question: were his demands ‘reasonable and modestly… Continue reading


Barroso’s warning

13 November 2011 10:52

José Manuel Barroso’s article in The Observer today is a plea for relevance. When you cut through the usual EU jargon, what you find is the Commission President—predictably—declaring his opposition… Continue reading