John Prescott


John Prescott: how I hopped before the Queen

27 September 2015 15:16

Given the criticism that Jeremy Corbyn received when he failed to sing God Save the Queen at a Battle of Britain…

John Prescott Is The Latest Labour Heavyweight To Visit The Northeast

John Prescott caught in live TV gaffe: who is Jamie Reed?

12 September 2015 13:02

With Jeremy Corbyn announced as the new leader of the Labour party, shadow health minister Jamie Reed immediately resigned from…

Andy Burnham addressing at Q&A at St Pancras Parish Church in London, 24 August 2015.

An evening with Andy Burnham and his conventional Labour supporters

24 August 2015 22:10

Andy Burham’s rally this evening had only one similarity with Jeremy Corbyn’s last week: it was held in a place…

Prescott won't be using his boxing skills to fight for sanity in the Labour party. (Image: Getty)

Who in Labour will fight to bring back sanity and honesty and dignity? Not John Prescott

23 July 2015 14:10

When I heard John Prescott was going on the Today programme, I must admit that I expected him to urge…

John Prescott Is The Latest Labour Heavyweight To Visit The Northeast

John Prescott: David Miliband should ‘shut up’

11 June 2015 14:22

David Miliband is falling rapidly out of favour with his former colleagues, thanks to his constant critique of Labour. John…


Eric Pickles puts John Prescott’s surplus stationery to good use

25 November 2014 10:37

Since 2010, every government department has tried to highlight the profligate spending of their predecessors in the most imaginative ways…

Image: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Miliband triggers an outbreak of political unity – though not the sort Labour wants

7 November 2014 18:31

Is the latest Labour leadership crisis actually triggering new wave of party unity? Lord Prescott, who has slammed Miliband as…

Will we ever learn to love Leicester's Opal Court, 2007 winner of the Carbuncle Cup?

Will we learn to love our ugly houses?

29 August 2014 15:57

What are the root causes of Britain’s housing crisis? The Philosophers’ Mail – which has copied the format of MailOnline but…

The North of England needs its own Boris Johnson. Illustration: Carla Millar.

The North of England needs its own Boris Johnson

2 January 2014 20:54

Could the north of England do with its own Boris Johnson? In a new report out today, the IPPR think…


Coffee Shots: John Prescott celebrates

15 August 2013 14:10

John Prescott took to Twitter today to congratulate all the pupils receiving their AS and A-level results  today. His message…


Trevor Kavanagh vs Hacked Off’s Brian Cathcart on press freedom

9 July 2013 16:09

Hacked Off are feeling pretty hacked off. John Prescott has resigned as a Privy Councillor, depriving the Queen of his…

John Prescott was defeated in his bid to become the Humberside PCC

Reasons for all three parties to worry

16 November 2012 18:01

Of the three main parties, Labour will be happiest with today’s results. They’ve won Corby, the contest that was always…

John Prescott won the first round in Humberside, but now faces a run-off against the Tory candidate. Image: Getty

John Prescott battling, and the Tories get thrashed in northern cities

16 November 2012 15:27

John Prescott’s trials continue. There will be a run-off between Prescott and the Tory challenger, Matthew Grove. This has been…

It is rumoured that John Prescott has a fight on his hands in the Humberside PCC election? Image: Getty

Too many elections and not enough votes?

16 November 2012 12:41

More people are interested in low turnout than turned out to vote at yesterday’s PCC elections; that is the story…

John Prescott was defeated in his bid to become the Humberside PCC

In defence of police and crime commissioners

27 October 2012 19:42

Have elected police commissioners become the new political piñata? This week, the upcoming elections have taken a battering most notably…

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott

The ladder to fulltime employment needs a bottom rung

8 June 2012 13:15

I know it’s wrong to take John Prescott seriously, but his attack on the government’s work experience programme epitomises a…


Prescott’s pitch for the police commissioner job

15 February 2012 17:50

How strange — John Prescott is fast becoming the poster boy for elected police commissioners. He appeared on the Today…

Labour is caught on a fork

21 September 2011 11:34

Listen to John Prescott on the Today programme this morning and you may begin to understand the complexity of the…

Tory and Labour grandees unite against AV

26 November 2010 9:07

The NOtoAV campaign has unveiled its patrons. It’s an impressive list. Margaret Beckett is the President, supported by Blunkett, Falconer,…

When Brown beat Blair in an election

30 September 2010 9:20

With the merry dance of shadow cabinet elections upon us, it’s a good time to look back on the last…

Labour turn up the heat on Coulson

3 September 2010 18:56

As we drift into the weekend, Labour are stepping up their attacks on Andy Coulson. Already today, Tom Watson, Alan…

Arise Lord Prescott

31 May 2010 11:26

It’s John Prescott’s birthday – or Lord Prescott, as he will soon be. How odd of JP to don the…

The Row Over Brown’s Temper Just Got Weirder

23 February 2010 10:15

The sight of two unelected members of the legislature and John Prescott lecturing Andrew Rawnsley about political propriety on Newsnight…

My Thoughts on Labour’s Predicament for Demos

14 June 2009 11:31

I have written an essay for a Demos pamphlet called What Next for Labour? In it I have compared two…

Prescott Does It Again

2 May 2009 11:28

It was vintage John Prescott on the Today programme today. Utterly incoherent, but the man just never, ever gives up.…