John Bercow


Watch: John Bercow takes Bernard Jenkin to task in the Commons

23 May 2016 15:40

Although Bernard Jenkin tabled an urgent question today, the Conservative politician didn’t seem to feel any sense of urgency when it came…

Today in audio: Bored Bercow lashes out

1 March 2016 16:48

John Bercow hit out at Greg Hands for his ‘long-winded, boring and unnecessary’ answer in the Commons: Ken Livingstone said…


Watch: John Bercow takes Anna Soubry to task in Commons showdown

30 January 2016 8:00

Last year Alex Salmond told Anna Soubry to ‘behave yourself, woman‘ after the pair clashed in the chamber. While it was Salmond who…


Sally Bercow gives ‘The Speaker’s Wife’ a miss

13 January 2016 16:14

Although Quentin Letts has made it clear that his new novel The Speaker’s Wife is fictional, the satirical tome has set…


Watch: John Bercow tells Corbynista to ‘get a grip’ during Autumn Statement

25 November 2015 14:00

Last month relations between the Tories and John Bercow hit an all-time low as the Speaker called Sajid Javid ‘incompetent’…


Watch: John Bercow calls Sajid Javid ‘incompetent’ in Commons showdown

20 October 2015 13:31

John Bercow’s war with the Conservatives looks set to return after a lively exchange of words this lunchtime. The incident occurred…

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Speaker Bercow: Corbyn will need to stick with new PMQs tone for months

22 September 2015 8:41

John Bercow has long made clear that he would like MPs to behave a little better at Prime Minister’s Questions,…

John Bercow attends Wimbledon

MPs enjoy a summer of freebies

17 August 2015 9:29

With MPs being awarded a 10 per cent pay rise this summer, politicians have been left having to defend their annual salary of…


John Bercow: clapping could be permitted in the Chamber

13 August 2015 10:55

The SNP may finally be having an effect on Westminster’s rules and traditions. Ever since the 56 SNP MPs descended…

John Bercow attends Wimbledon

John Bercow enjoys (yet another) sports jolly

20 July 2015 17:53

Last year John Bercow proudly boasted during an interview with Roger Federer on Radio 4 that he had watched 65…

The Speaker's number one admirer (Getty Images).

PMQs Sketch: Cameron’s lurches to the left

15 July 2015 16:08

‘Put that on your leaflets,’ snarled Cameron at PMQs. Inwardly he was gloating. Labour voted against Tory welfare reforms last…

Lionel Ritchie attended a Jewish Care dinner with Lord Levy and Prince William

Lionel Richie is an unusual ‘Face in the Crowd’ on Parliament visit

15 June 2015 17:16

You might expect to see Lionel Richie pass outside your door, if you were in the Ivy last night, or…


Karen Danczuk comes out in defence of Sally Bercow

19 May 2015 16:53

Of all the MPs’ wives, Karen Danczuk and Sally Bercow may have amassed the most column inches. So perhaps it’s…


The ‘backbenchers’ champion’ is back

18 May 2015 15:31

John Bercow has just been re-elected unopposed as Speaker of the House of Commons. Those who had been hoping to…

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

It’s time for John Bercow to hang up his gown

26 March 2015 15:25

There was a time when both MPs and viewers of Prime Minister’s Question Time would welcome an interjection from the…


‘The noes have it’: Government loses bid to topple John Bercow

26 March 2015 13:45

More crying in the Commons. More applause. John Bercow didn’t try to hide his tears as it became apparent that…

Charles Walker

Charles Walker: I have been played for a fool

26 March 2015 13:28

The Commons has gone beyond uproar on the vote on the secret ballot to re-elect the speaker. There has been…

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Parliament finishes in uproar over Speaker vote

26 March 2015 12:33

Well, after months of Parliament appearing boring, tired and without things to discuss, the zombie seems to have woken up.…


Revealed: Julian Lewis’ email on the ‘unworthy manoeuvre’ against John Bercow

26 March 2015 9:02

William Hague has given today’s vote that will set up a secret ballot on the re-election of the Speaker as…


Speaker Bercow apologises for comparing a minister to a washing machine

11 March 2015 13:05

If ever you needed evidence that politics at the moment is a bit, well, weird, John Bercow has just apologised…


Some poorly-timed heckles made for an unedifying PMQs

4 March 2015 16:21

Thank goodness there aren’t that many Prime Minister’s Questions left before the election. As James said, there was a rather…


Confirmed: Inside the Commons will reveal ‘rift’ between John Bercow and Robert Rogers

12 February 2015 16:24

Speculation has been rife that John Bercow’s decision to let cameras into the commons for a BBC documentary will backfire on…

Britain's Speaker of the House of Common

Rory Bremner takes John Bercow to task over million pound gym revamp

29 January 2015 8:08

John Bercow got more than he bargained for last night when he presented an award at Paddy Power’s Political Book Awards.…


John Bercow loses his battle to appoint Carol Mills as Commons clerk

17 December 2014 12:24

John Bercow has lost his biggest attempt at a power grab after MPs recommended that the appointment process for the…

Theresa May and Emily Thornberry. Photo: Alan Davidson.

Theresa May pulls out all the stops at the Spectator Parliamentarian awards

27 November 2014 17:08

If ever there was a tell-tale sign of who won the Great War between the Speaker and the Clerk of…