John Bercow

John Bercow. Image: Getty

Heckler’s verdict: Bercow ‘wounded’

1 September 2014 16:49

‘It was an utter humiliation’, says Bercow’s biographer, after the Speaker was openly mocked by MPs as he retreated in the row over who will be the new Commons clerk. listen… Continue reading

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The growing campaign against John Bercow’s choice for Commons clerk

22 August 2014 13:03

The campaign against Speaker Bercow’s plan to appoint Carol Mills as Clerk of the House is growing on the Tory backbenches. Coffee House has today been contacted by a series… Continue reading

John Bercow sits in the royal box on centre court before the start of the men's singles third round match between Serbia's Novak Djokovic play France's Gilles Simon on day five of the 2014 Wimbledon Championships at The All England Tennis Club in Wimbledon. Image: CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images

The ‘Buckingham Bonaparte’ is cornered

22 August 2014 8:41

With the interventions of former Speaker Betty Boothroyd, ex-ministers — including Jack Straw, Malcolm Rifkind and Margaret Beckett – and the Clerk of the Australian Senate, Rosemary Laing, it is becoming… Continue reading

Rebekah Brooks And Andy Coulson Appear At Court Facing Charges Linked To Alleged Bribery

Ed Miliband bruises Cameron over Coulson. But will it make a difference?

25 June 2014 16:38

The pressure was all on Miliband today. With Cameron hurt, he needed to show that he can still press home an advantage. First, we all had to listen to the… Continue reading

Miliband visits Trafalgar Place

Ed Miliband slapped in the face by bouncy Dave

30 April 2014 16:54

As the economy bounces back it keeps smacking Ed Miliband in the face. At PMQs today he tried to pose as the people’s champion fighting fat-cat capitalism. He started with… Continue reading

Speaker John Bercow. Image: Getty

David Cameron is linking Ed Miliband to Labour’s past mistakes

30 April 2014 14:41

What a very long PMQs today, presided over by a very bumptious John Bercow. The Speaker let the exchanges run into what he called ‘injury time’, made a rather poisonous… Continue reading

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John Bercow’s problem with PMQs

17 April 2014 17:27

John Bercow doesn’t like Prime Minister’s Questions. He’s told the BBC in an interview that it is ‘so bad’—in other words, rowdy—that a bunch of female MPs no longer attend.… Continue reading

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MPs push ministers on regional benefit cap – as Tories mull putting it in manifesto

24 February 2014 16:23

One of the regular duties of a Work and Pensions minister is to defend his or her programme of reform against criticisms from all sides about how it is administered.… Continue reading

Angry shouty politicians — the hallmarks of Prime Minister's Questions.

PMQs needs reforming but it shouldn’t be toned down

11 February 2014 21:57

To anyone in Westminster, Prime Minister’s Questions is terrific fun and a good measurement of how the leaders are doing every week. But what does the rest of the country… Continue reading


John Bercow presided well over a stormy PMQs

20 November 2013 14:00

Both sides came to PMQs today armed with prepared lines. David Cameron had the ‘nightmare’ emails and the whole Reverend Flowers and the Co-Op scandal. Ed Miliband had Nick Boles’… Continue reading

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John Bercow is his own worst enemy

14 November 2013 18:20

John Bercow has done many good things as Speaker. But he’s in danger of being the second Speaker in a row to be turfed out. Why? Because he can’t let… Continue reading

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The View from 22 podcast: Blackout Britain, the rudeness of John Bercow and breaking the immigration taboo

14 November 2013 9:03

Is Britain on the verge of an energy crisis? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Mail on Sunday’s David Rose discusses how Britain’s choice green energy over efficient… Continue reading

John Bercow has been stamping his little feet again.

The strange case of Speaker Bercow’s Whisky

11 November 2013 14:01

John Bercow has opened a new front in his war with Tory MPs: he has apparently withdrawn the very fine Speaker Bercow’s Whisky from the gift shop in Parliament. The… Continue reading


PMQs: Relations between Cameron and Bercow break down

6 November 2013 13:45

PMQs today was a typically bad tempered affair. The Tories have responded to David Cameron’s mauling two weeks ago, by upping the aggression in Cameron’s answers and the noise levels.… Continue reading

Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons is a prestigious post, albeit with a few onerous duties thrown in.

Who wants to be Deputy Speaker?

14 October 2013 13:27

A new Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons will be elected on Wednesday. Eleanor Laing is said to be the favourite; but Mr S has been reading the runes… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Receives The Addresses From Both Houses Of Parliament

Bercow baiter Simon Burns to run for deputy speaker

4 October 2013 14:38

We’re about to find out what Tory MPs really think of John Bercow. Simon Burns, Bercow’s biggest Tory critic–and that’s says something, has resigned his ministerial post to run for… Continue reading

John Bercow has been laying out his ideas for parliamentary reform. (VESA MOILANEN/AFP/GettyImages)

John Bercow reinvents being Speaker of the House of Commons

9 August 2013 16:39

If only he’d read the job description a little bit more closely, we might have avoided all these rows. Unfortunately for John Bercow, the man who loves the sound of… Continue reading

Justin Welby returns to his seat after addressing the General Synod of the Church of England, which includes the House of Laity. Image: Getty

In defence of the CofE’s House of Laity

22 November 2012 11:52

Even friends of an Established church like myself – though I’m a Catholic – should think twice about the wisdom of the idea after the naked political interference in the… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Receives The Addresses From Both Houses Of Parliament

Be careful what you wish for, Bercow plotters

1 July 2012 12:15

Tory MPs are plotting to oust Speaker Bercow, the Sun on Sunday reports today. They are apparently furious that Bercow allowed Chris Bryant to brand Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt a… Continue reading


Their drinks are still on us

1 May 2012 18:32

It has been a busy day for Commons committees, and I don’t just mean the education and media select committees either. The John Bercow-chaired House of Commons Commission has released… Continue reading


The Queen’s speech to Parliament (minus John Bercow)

20 March 2012 12:37

The Queen has just delivered her Diamond Jubilee address to Parliament, which you can watch below. CoffeeHousers will be terribly disappointed, I know, that the video doesn’t include John Bercow’s… Continue reading


Bercow finally gives a fig

24 February 2012 11:57

It looks like those £32,500-a-year figtrees won’t be staying in Portcullis House for long. While they may add a pleasant ambiance to the building, the huge rent bill has caused much… Continue reading


Miliband snipes, Cameron deflects, Bercow bobs

22 February 2012 15:59

Let’s be honest. I shouldn’t say this but I can’t help it. I’m fed up. The NHS reform process has been dragging on for months, and still there’s no end… Continue reading


Miliband revels in his NHS attack

22 February 2012 13:21

Today’s PMQs was a reminder that whenever Ed Miliband goes on the NHS he is guaranteed a result. Indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Miliband enjoying himself as much… Continue reading


A fairly bland PMQs

11 January 2012 13:06

Today’s PMQs was rather a bland affair. Ed Miliband started with three questions on train fares that David Cameron batted away, but there is a little row brewing over whether… Continue reading