Jeremy Hunt

The NHS is a vast, gaping, fathomless void

14 January 2017 10:00

The language of the left is a truly transformative grammar, so I suppose Noam Chomsky would heartily approve. There are…

Jeremy Hunt has a point about A&E

9 January 2017 17:15

One of the supposed rules of modern politics is that you shouldn’t tell the voters they are wrong. So, Jeremy…

What the papers say: Should Carney stay?

31 October 2016 10:26

Mark Carney’s appointment in 2013 as Governor of the Bank of England was almost universally applauded. Yet more recently Carney…

Conservative party conference, day three: The Spectator guide

4 October 2016 7:46

The Conservative party conference is now in full swing, with a host of top cabinet ministers taking to the stage…

Labour must share the blame for the junior doctors’ row

6 September 2016 14:44

The BMA’s decision to cancel the first of its planned five-day strikes yesterday was justified as a response to concerns over patient safety.…

The BMA sees (some) sense over junior doctor strikes

5 September 2016 16:30

Junior doctors have scrapped plans to strike next week. In a dispute which looks increasingly messy and interminable, this is a…


Why won’t junior doctors just admit they want more money?

2 September 2016 11:00

Junior doctors are striking again: this time, for five days in a row over several weeks. This level of industrial…

It’s no surprise fellow medics are turning against junior doctors

2 September 2016 8:18

When the BMA announced a new round of strikes they will have been prepared for a backlash from certain quarters.…


The latest junior doctor strikes are a sign of desperation

1 September 2016 9:36

The junior doctors row bubbles on. This time, medics will walk out for five back-to-back days starting on September 12.…

Junior doctors deal blow to Government after rejecting contract. What happens now?

5 July 2016 13:33

Just when it looked as though Britain’s vacuum Government had enough on its plate, the junior doctors row – which…

George Osborne rules himself out of Tory leadership race

28 June 2016 7:49

George Osborne has ruled himself out of the Tory party leadership contest. The Chancellor said that whilst he accepted the…


Why the BMA are no better than Arthur Scargill’s rabble

26 May 2016 15:09

That’s the trouble with conducting a strike via social media — press the wrong button and what was supposed to…

What now for Jeremy Hunt?

19 May 2016 9:41

The junior doctors strike will be remembered not only as the first time in NHS history that a complete walk…

A deal has been reached in the junior doctors dispute

18 May 2016 17:54

A deal has been reached between the government and the BMA on the new junior doctors contract. The deal now…

Today in audio: Boris vs Dave

9 May 2016 16:56

With the May elections over, the EU referendum campaign is now in full swing. David Cameron started the day warning…

David Cameron And Jeremy Hunt Visit A Hospital To Mark The 65th Anniversary Of The NHS

Department of Health’s PR push backfires

26 April 2016 9:41

With the junior doctors’ strike now in full swing, it’s fair to say that these aren’t the most harmonious days…

Hunt hits back – but is he now pulling his punches?

26 April 2016 9:10

Jeremy Hunt has not done himself any favours in the past with his comments about junior doctors. But today –…


All-out strikes will not kill patients. An exodus of junior doctors will

26 April 2016 7:49

Until now, it has not been clear to most people what the junior doctors’ strikes are all about. It began…


Watch: Dennis Skinner tells Jeremy Hunt to ‘wipe that smirk off his face’

25 April 2016 18:50

Given that the last time Dennis Skinner criticised a Tory Cabinet member in the Chamber he was ejected from the…

Today in audio: Jeremy Hunt stands firm ahead of junior doctors strike

25 April 2016 17:20

Jeremy Hunt has been facing questions in the Commons ahead of tomorrow’s junior doctors strike. The Health Secretary said the…

Jeremy Hunt steps up war of words with junior doctors ahead of strike

25 April 2016 8:35

Now that Jeremy Hunt has rejected a proposed cross-party pilot scheme for new junior doctors’ contracts it seems this week’s…


No, the NHS isn’t killing off A&E doctors at a young age

7 April 2016 11:24

The junior doctors’ dispute has been characterised by a series of extraordinary claims by the BMA. At one time the…

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Jeremy Hunt is a fool, but the junior doctors’ strikes are becoming embarrassing

6 April 2016 11:26

Today, thousands of doctors lay down their stethoscopes in a valiant defence of the state religion. More than 5,000 operations…


Members of Cameron’s Cabinet are now free to speak their mind on the EU. Here’s what they’re saying

20 February 2016 12:02

David Cameron’s two hour Cabinet meeting is now over, and the campaign has now started. His Cabinet members are now…

Today in audio: HMRC boss Lin Homer plays down her tax expertise

11 February 2016 15:50

It was a bad day in front of the Public Accounts Committee for Dame Lin Homer. Despite being the outgoing…