Jeremy Corbyn


The irony of Corbyn’s three-line whip

19 January 2017 18:02

Jeremy Corbyn is a famous rebel, so famous that when he was elected, many in his party wondered how he…

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn’s team are trying – and failing – to turn him into a famous wit

18 January 2017 16:28

Poor grey sad Mr Corbyn. So angry. So useless. And so weird as a visual spectacle. His sharp-featured head looks,…


PMQs: Corbyn’s confusion over the single market

18 January 2017 14:00

Jeremy Corbyn’s attack line on Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions today might have been more effective had the Labour…

What the papers say: Donald Trump’s deal with Britain

16 January 2017 8:51

It’s difficult to escape from Donald Trump’s interview with Michael Gove in the Times this morning. The president-elect’s view that he wants a…

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Florida Day After First Debate

Jeremy Corbyn needs to work on his Trump impression

15 January 2017 9:59

‘I’m really interested about the similarities between me and Donald Trump,’ joked Jeremy Corbyn this morning on Marr. ‘Is it…

Why Theresa May isn’t the new Iron Lady

15 January 2017 8:00

Curbs on executive pay, restrictions on foreign takeovers and workers on boards. Not Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for Britain, but ideas…

Jeremy Corbyn dodges disaster but fails to inspire at PMQs

11 January 2017 13:36

At PMQs today, Jeremy Corbyn didn’t have a disaster: there was no repeat of yesterday’s shambles. But he didn’t take…

What the papers say: Jeremy Corbyn’s day to forget

11 January 2017 9:04

Jeremy Corbyn’s botched relaunch yesterday was successful in only one way: it kept the Labour leader in the headlines throughout…

Image by Carla Millar

Jeremy Corbyn attacks the government for ‘disarray’ while tripping over his own policies

10 January 2017 16:44

For a man prepared to stick to his principles over decades, no matter how unpopular they make him, Jeremy Corbyn…

Full text: Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit speech

10 January 2017 15:57

Listen to the whole speech here: Whether you voted to Leave or to Remain, you voted for a better future…

Can Jeremy Corbyn reinvent himself as a Trot Trump?

10 January 2017 15:45

‘Populism’ is a useless word. By definition, anyone who wins an election is more popular than his or her opponents…

Why isn’t Labour focusing its efforts on the NHS crisis?

10 January 2017 15:33

Jeremy Corbyn will shortly give his speech on Labour’s position on freedom of movement, hopefully clarifying whether that is his…


A maximum wage: Corbyn’s stupidest idea yet

10 January 2017 14:08

Is there nothing Jeremy Corbyn can’t screw up? This week his advisers whispered to the press that their leader was about…


Coffee House Shots: Jeremy Corbyn’s first interview of 2017

10 January 2017 10:58

Ahead of a scheduled speech later on Tuesday, Jeremy Corbyn appeared on the Today Programme to outline the ideas he…


Audio: Jeremy Corbyn’s extraordinary Today programme interview

10 January 2017 8:50

Jeremy Corbyn tends to avoid interviews, and we were reminded why this morning. Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme, he…

Battle Of Britain 75th Anniversary St Paul's Cathedral Service

Corbyn and Watson’s relationship woes

9 January 2017 8:00

In the past week, a report predicted Labour will win less than 20pc of the vote in the 2020 election, Britain’s…


Face it, Labour: you are now a painfully middle-class party

3 January 2017 16:34

Today’s Fabian Society paper on the state of the Labour Party — and what a state it is — has…

Speakers Rally To Commemorate The 80th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Cable Street

Labour is heading for electoral disaster – will Corbyn now put his money where his mouth is?

3 January 2017 13:28

New year, new start? Not for Labour. The party’s 2017 has got off to a bad start with the publication of…

The Royal Family Lay Wreaths At The Cenotaph On Remembrance Sunday

Sorry, Jeremy, but comparing Theresa May to Henry VIII is depressingly ignorant

30 December 2016 15:18

Another day, another Tudor throwback. This time, Jeremy Corbyn has accused Theresa May of acting like Henry VIII by avoiding…

Podcast: Will Tories or Ukip profit from abandoned Labour voters?

23 December 2016 11:42

The Copeland by-election will be a fascinating test of whether Brexit can open up more votes for the Tories in…

What the papers say: Labour’s ‘new low’, ‘meddling’ EU courts & ‘Merry Brexmas’

22 December 2016 8:22

The hunt continues for the man thought to be responsible for the attack on Berlin’s Christmas market. But despite the urgency of…

Labour MP Jamie Reed takes the nuclear option and quits parliament

21 December 2016 14:04

Jamie Reed, the Labour MP for Copeland, has announced he is stepping down from Parliament from the end of January…

What the papers say: ‘Power-mad’ unions, strike ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘misguided’ aid spending

19 December 2016 8:36

Thousands of workers are walking out this week in a series of strikes affecting post offices, railways and airports –…

People's Assembly Against Austerity Hold Demonstration And Festival

Charlotte Church gives up on Corbyn

19 December 2016 8:30

Oh dear. Since Jeremy Corbyn first announced he would run to be Labour leader, Charlotte Church has been one of his…

Commuter Trains Are Carrying 40 Per Cent Above Their Passeneger Capacity

Strikes shouldn’t be able to shut down key railway lines

17 December 2016 10:31

300,000 people were hit by Aslef and the RMT’s strike on Southern Rail yesterday. The bad news for commuters is…