Jeremy Browne

London Landmarks At Night

Is the era of stable government over?

26 March 2015 18:33

Everyone agrees: the outcome of this election is impossible to predict. But are we witnessing the end of the stable, two-party…

The Lib Dems say winning is dangerous. (Photo: Getty)

In football as in politics, the Lib Dems have a losing policy

7 October 2014 12:36

The Liberal Democrats now have an official party policy that football clubs wanting to win is a cause for concern.…

Put the liberal back into the Lib Dems (Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/GettyImages)

In a saturated political market, the Lib Dems must define themselves by their liberalism

6 June 2014 17:18

The British political marketplace increasingly represents a busy bazaar. It is chaotic and unpredictable. The old assumptions about fixed allegiances…

United Kingdom Minister of State for For

What are the Liberal Democrats for?

12 April 2014 10:06

Of the three main parties, none is clearer about how they intend to fight the next election than the Liberal…

United Kingdom Minister of State for For

Alas poor Jeremy Browne, the man who loved this government not wisely but all too well

8 April 2014 11:20

Poor Jeremy Browne. Sacked for believing in the government in which he served*. Then again, no-one claims politics, or life,…

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Jeremy Browne: Some bosses are a bit ‘control freakish’

10 March 2014 13:33

What makes a good Secretary of State? Today Jeremy Browne was interviewed on the Daily Politics about what it’s like…

Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference 2004

Norman Baker’s liberal input

12 February 2014 14:47

Norman Baker was dispatched to the Home Office at the last reshuffle in order to have a strong liberal voice…


The runners and riders for deputy leader of the Lib Dems

20 December 2013 12:50

The election of the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat parliamentary party is hardly hold the front page stuff. However,…

United Kingdom Minister of State for For

Lib Dems crush #TeamJezza

19 December 2013 13:28

Sanctimonious Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes has accepted a government job, despite having said that he would not. Speculation…

Some of the ministers who are in or out in today's reshuffle.

Small Reshuffle in Britain; Not Many Dead

7 October 2013 14:56

First things first: a reshuffle in which only one cabinet minister is sacked redeployed is a reshuffle in name only.…

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What’s the difference between Romanian immigrants and second home owners? Well…

15 September 2013 9:41

Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants to this country are ‘just like’ British people who have second homes in France, according to…

A marijuana shop in Los Angeles. MPs today recommended that the government should consider decriminalising some drugs. Picture: Getty

Drugs report looks destined to languish on ministers’ shelves

10 December 2012 8:56

The Home Affairs Select Committee spent a year on its drugs inquiry, and its hefty report is finally published today.…

The scenes that Hogarth depicted in Gin Lane in 1751 may have evolved over time, but policymakers have still not managed to stop Britons boozing. Picture: Three Lions/Getty Images

What shall we do with the drunken British?

2 December 2012 12:10

Being in government has forced the Liberal Democrats to decide whether they are liberal in the British sense of the…

Policemen hold their helmets as they sta

Lib Dem conference: police remain unhappy about Mitchell and elected commissioners

25 September 2012 16:44

‘I can see there are several journalists here, so we might as well get Andrew Mitchell out of the way’.…

Vince Cable, Getty Images

Cable on the move

21 July 2012 15:00

Vince Cable’s decision to speculate publicly about a post Nick Clegg leadership race is a significant moment. To be sure,…


A matter of honour

27 January 2012 9:35

Condemnation’s coming from all sides for the £963,000 bonus awarded to RBS’s Stephen Hester, on top of his £1.2 million…


Will Huhne survive this?

20 January 2012 12:28

What odds, this morning, on Chris Huhne retaining his ‘Survivor of the Year’ crown at this year’s Spectator Parliamentarian Awards?…

Europe looms its head to threaten the coalition and the Tories

19 September 2011 19:03

The Telegraph’s splash on Europe indicates that the issue, which proved so toxic to the last Conservative government, has risen…

The final sting

24 December 2010 10:16

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Daily Telegraph have wrapped up their sting operation in time for tomorrow. The final victims…