Jean Claude Juncker

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Kindred spirits? Nigel Farage wants Jean-Claude Juncker as his drinking buddy

16 February 2015 13:50

Nigel Farage wrote in the Spectator of his struggle to complete Dry January, while Jean-Claude Juncker is reported to be partial to a glass of cognac to kick start the day. So… Continue reading


Juncker wants more UK money for the EU budget – he could check Luxembourg’s coffers

6 November 2014 10:55

By rights, Jean-Claude Juncker should be in dire political trouble this morning, not lecturing Britain about paying an extra £1.7 billion to the European Commission. Documents obtained by the International… Continue reading

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The cruel kernel of truth in Jean-Claude Juncker’s huffing and puffing

5 November 2014 16:53

David Cameron’s desire to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with Europe means we’ll hear plenty of huffing and puffing from various bigwigs on the continent over the next few years. The trick… Continue reading

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Why the UK should should be subject to different rules on European migrants

23 October 2014 11:25

The rest of Europe has, predictably, reacted negatively to the suggestion that the UK should be able to impose some kind of cap on free movement while remaining in the… Continue reading

European Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker. Image: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images

The genius of Jean-Claude Juncker

11 September 2014 14:27

For all of the protestations about Jean Claude Juncker’s unsuitability for what is, ultimately, the EU’s top job (sorry, Angela Merkel), the unveiling of his new Commission yesterday has confirmed his reputation… Continue reading

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Britain gets better European Commissioner job than expected

10 September 2014 11:23

Jean-Claude Juncker clearly appreciated that high-five David Cameron gave him in Brussels recently: he’s appointed Lord Hill to a sizeable economic portfolio as the UK’s European Commissioner. The full list of… Continue reading

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Boris Johnson’s European crusade to save the Tory party

3 August 2014 10:55

The Sunday Telegraph has news that Boris Johnson will give a speech next week in which he will throw his weight behind a report, published by Volterra, calling for Britain… Continue reading


Janus-faced Juncker sets out his stall

15 July 2014 17:30

Jean-Claude Juncker delivered a speech to the European Parliament this morning. Its content was, from the British government’s perspective, provocative. Juncker had one watchword: integration: and a clear idea of… Continue reading

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Jean-Claude Juncker’s biggest challenge: energy

11 July 2014 12:37

‘Energy is the single biggest issue facing Jean-Claude Juncker,’ remarked a seasoned Eurocrat to me earlier this week. Europe’s energy infrastructure is decrepit and insular. Rates of cross-border interconnection, for… Continue reading

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Angela Merkel offers a sop to the poor old British

30 June 2014 17:28

The row over Jean-Claude Juncker was confected outrage which spectacularly failed to achieve what Cameron wanted. It was confected because the alternatives to the ghastly Luxembourg bureaucrat are scarcely less federalist than… Continue reading

David Cameron and Jean-Claude Juncker's phone call must have been as awkward as the afternoon tea scene in the Importance of Being Earnest. Picture: Carla Millar

The most awkward phone-call ever? Cameron congratulates Jean-Claude Juncker

29 June 2014 19:16

In an exchange so awkward it might rival Gwendolen and Cecily’s afternoon tea in The Importance of Being Earnest, David Cameron has this afternoon phoned Jean-Claude Juncker to congratulate him… Continue reading

David Cameron at his press conference following Juncker's ascension to EU president Photo: Getty Images.

Leaked: what David Cameron really told Van Rompuy and the EU leaders last week

29 June 2014 13:25

It’s well known that David Cameron voted against Jean-Claude Juncker and tried to persuade his EU colleagues to do the same. Thanks to today’s Mail on Sunday, we know exactly… Continue reading

David Cameron and Angela Merkel at the European Council summit at the end of last week. Picture: Getty

After being Junckered, the Cameron circle now fear for the renegotiation

29 June 2014 11:42

Getting Junckered was not an enjoyable experience for Downing Street. Not only has David Cameron lost his battle to stop the former Luxembourg PM becoming Commission President he has also… Continue reading


There is a silver lining to Juncker’s appointment

28 June 2014 9:55

David Cameron has been trying to look on the bright side after failing to stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming president of the European Commission. And while that might look like the… Continue reading

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David Cameron’s eurosceptic colleagues are pushing him to set out his renegotiation demands

27 June 2014 14:42

David Cameron has warned his European colleagues that there will be ‘consequences’ if they support Jean-Claude Juncker’s appointment today. He’s already seeing the consequences back home, with eurosceptics who are… Continue reading

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David Cameron is acting in a principled way over Juncker – so let’s back him

27 June 2014 12:52

It’s pretty rich hearing the Labour Party criticize Cameron for taking a principled stance on Europe. How vulgar, they say, how amateur. Doesn’t he know that the job is to… Continue reading


How will Cameron work with Juncker?

27 June 2014 8:50

David Cameron has been repeating his line about the importance of sticking to principles in opposing Jean-Claude Juncker this morning ahed of the European Council summit where his fate will… Continue reading

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What Cameron and Labour want to get out of the Juncker row

26 June 2014 17:38

Labour has supported David Cameron’s attempt to block Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission, but that hasn’t stopped it getting a little pre-emptive attack in today as the… Continue reading


Jeremy Hunt: Better to be isolated and right in Europe

24 June 2014 9:20

Is it a good thing that David Cameron now appears isolated in Europe as he continues to dig a hole that Jean-Claude Juncker almost certainly won’t fall into? Jeremy Hunt… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Cameron gives Van Rompuy the full and frank treatment

23 June 2014 17:34

David Cameron has this afternoon had a ‘full and frank’ discussion with European Council president Herman Van Rompuy about the candidacy of Jean-Claude Juncker for president of the European Commission.… Continue reading


The Commons is finally talking about Iraq. Will anyone notice?

18 June 2014 13:36

PMQs last week took place just hours after Mosul had fallen to ISIS. But despite this, not a single MP asked Cameron what the government’s position on the situation in… Continue reading

David Cameron in Downing Street today with Li Keqiang. Picture: Getty

Cameron adjusts language on Juncker: ‘I’ll go on opposing that right up to the end’

17 June 2014 17:46

As I reported earlier, Number 10 is adjusting its commentary on Jean-Claude Juncker’s bid to become president of the European Commission to include plenty of conditional verbs. David Cameron appears… Continue reading


Govt sources: die is not yet cast for Juncker

17 June 2014 14:28

Funnily enough, the government seems a little less bullish about blocking Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission than it did a fortnight ago. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman… Continue reading


Cameron needn’t worry too much about Juncker fallout – for now

17 June 2014 8:40

What happens if, as reports suggest today, David Cameron fails in his bid to block Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission? It will make the Prime Minister look… Continue reading

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Cameron: I speak for disillusioned European voters

13 June 2014 8:37

David Cameron is today pleading with European leaders to drop their support for Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission. In an article published in a series of newspapers… Continue reading