James Harding

Investigation In Jimmy Savile Allegations Continues

Why should the licence fee payer fund the BBC’s cultural imperialism?

22 May 2014 17:45

Picture the scene. BBC executives convene in a glass think pod in Salford to consider the latest expensive external report…


The View from 22 — Margaret Thatcher’s secret Kremlin files, remembering her funeral and the Boston bombings

18 April 2013 9:31

Were Margaret Thatcher’s relationships with foreign leaders as straightforward as they appeared to the public? In this week’s Spectator cover…

Why did Harding leave The Times? Steerpike may have the answer... Image: Getty

The rumble of the Thunderer

10 January 2013 9:00

Steerpike is back in this week’s Spectator, and here’s a little taster from Wapping: James Harding, the ousted Times editor,…

Why did Murdoch lose confidence in Times editor James Harding? Photo: Getty Images.

Why James Harding had to quit as Times editor

13 December 2012 14:31

Given that James Harding is generally regarded as the best editor of The Times to have worked under Rupert Murdoch,…