The Limits of American Power: Israel and Iran Editions

10 March 2010 19:04

I agree with Melanie Phillips that the principle reason there’s no middle-east preace prcess worth the name is the Palestinian’s reluctance to recognise and guarantee Israel’s security. I believe there… Continue reading


Mossad’s suspected actions in Dubai may be a crime, but will they help Israel?

18 February 2010 15:08

One of Israel’s most potent weapons has been the mixture of awe and fear with which its spy services are held. Now that Mossad is suspected of killing Mahmoud al-Mabhouh… Continue reading


Labour’s Revolting Over Israel

14 January 2010 11:42

As the Labour Party descends further into student union gesture politics, it is perhaps appropriate that the last backbench rebellion before the election is set to be over Israel and… Continue reading


The Guardian and Tzipi Livni

18 December 2009 8:04

Since working at the Jewish Chronicle, I have discovered that many in the Jewish community will have nothing to do with The Guardian. This is based on the pre-conception that… Continue reading


What on earth was Daud Abdullah doing on Channel 4 News?

15 December 2009 22:03

What a bizarre decision by Channel 4 News to invite the Muslim Council of Britain’s Daud Abdullah on to talk about the attempt to arrest the Israeli politician Tzipi Livni… Continue reading


Rediscovering Paul Berman

11 December 2009 23:02

Six years ago I wrote a review for the Observer about Paul Berman’s Terror and Liberalism, a quite brilliant polemic about the way the legitimate liberal desire to overturn the… Continue reading


Israel’s Enemy Within

8 October 2009 4:21

I confess I don’t know very much about Isi Leibler, but he’s a columnist at the Jerusalem Post who wrote this week that: The exploitation of Judge Goldstone’s Jewish background… Continue reading


Following a strike, would Iran close the Straits of Hormuz?

1 September 2009 17:59

In most discussions about what would happen following a strike on Iran it is taken as a given that the Iranians would close the Straits of Hormuz, through which 90… Continue reading


The Swedish-Israeli War of Words

24 August 2009 14:00

I am just back from holidaying in Sweden. And while I dutifully kept away from blogging, I did follow the news and the developing Swedish-Israeli dispute, the implications of which… Continue reading


You Can’t Believe Everything You Read in the Swedish Press Either…

19 August 2009 12:54

So, in addition to everything else the Israeli Defence Forces are organ-hunters, feasting on the livers and kidneys of murdered Palestinians? From Haaretz: A leading Swedish newspaper reported this week… Continue reading


Iran’s Red Line? A Case for Caution, Not Action

3 August 2009 19:33

As is customary, James and I disagree about Iran. Or perhaps we merely have different ideas about what constitutes the most important Persian questions. James, I think (and I’m sure… Continue reading


Who leads Iran?

2 June 2009 0:12

Marty Peretz makes a sensible point: A story by Parisa Hafezi at Reuters knocks the wind out of the expectation that, if Dr. A’jad loses his re-election campaign, Iran’s nuclear… Continue reading


Ken Loach’s Bullying Ghastliness

19 May 2009 13:47

This is normally Melanie’s territory and it is disgraceful. The chain of events seems to be this: 1. The Edinburgh International Film Festival invites Israeli film-maker Tali Shalom-Ezer to show… Continue reading


Bombing Iran? Counter-productive and unlikely to even work.

16 April 2009 17:32

Of all the many reasons to be wary of bombing Iran, one of the best is also one of the simplest: it won’t work. Or, rather, whatever advantage there may… Continue reading


Benjamin Netanyahu’s Recipe for Disaster

31 March 2009 20:22

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg has a very interesting interview with Benjamin Netanyahu which includes this passage: Netanyahu offered Iran’s behavior during its eight-year war with Iraq as proof of Tehran’s… Continue reading


Charles Freeman

9 March 2009 10:59

Appointing Charles Freeman to run the President’s National Intelligence Council is not quite the same thing as asking him to be National Security Advisor or Secretary of State. How many… Continue reading

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How do you know Obama will defend Israel? John Bolton says he won’t.

27 February 2009 1:17

How do you know the Obama administration isn’t "soft" on Israel? John Bolton says it is. To wit, Bolton was asked at CPAC today if Obama would defend Israel "when"… Continue reading


Obama and Israel

20 February 2009 20:41

Melanie Phillips makes a pretty remarkable claim at the end of this post: The fact is that Israel faces the nightmare scenario that it now stands alone — and against… Continue reading


Reporting protest

16 February 2009 18:01

Anyone who has ever been on a protest march or felt the heady frission of student rebelliousness should check out Hugo Rifkind’s piece in the Times today. A really subtle… Continue reading


The Evening Standard on Israel

10 February 2009 12:30

A somewhat surprising headline in today’s Evening Standard: UPDATE: The headline has been changed to read "Israelis go to the polls in tight election race".


Concerned about Obama?

2 November 2008 15:47

Via Yglesias, here's a charming leaflet from the Republican Jewish Committee that helps demonstrate just why the GOP deserves – even needs – to lose on Tuesday. Nice touch too,… Continue reading


Why oh why oh why indeed?

26 March 2008 2:47

Is this Glenn Reynolds post a plea for more coverage of Tibet or less of Palestine? GOOD QUESTION:  Why Do Palestinians Get Much More Attention than Tibetans? But, just perhaps,… Continue reading

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Hold the foreign page…

18 October 2007 22:29

Matt Yglesias writes:              People often note that there appears to be a more vigorous debate over Israel’s approach to the Israeli-Arab conflict in the mainstream Israeli… Continue reading


Supper with Rupert

3 August 2007 21:51

I’ve defended Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal, but that’s not an endorsement of his political sensitivity. From the Campbell diaries: Thursday January 17th, 2002:Murdoch was coming in… Continue reading