Israel, radical Islam and the EDL

20 November 2010 21:51

I realise the title of this post looks like an open invitation to every lunatic conspiracy theorist on the web. But I’m afraid there’s no avoiding this. Israel and the… Continue reading


Will there be peace in the Middle East in time for X-mas?

17 November 2010 9:17

Two years into her term, and after carefully avoiding any success-free issues, Hillary Clinton has finally launched herself into the Middle East peace process. According to Roger Cohen in the… Continue reading


The winning entry

13 November 2010 15:00

So just how good is it? Because of course those splendid people, the Man Booker judges, have rather prejudiced this review by going and giving their prize to Jacobson’s latest.… Continue reading


In international politics, the pursuit of stability is not enough

3 November 2010 16:59

One of the biggest challenges facing the post-Iraq generation of foreign policy decision-makers, like William Hague and Hillary Clinton, is to balance the pursuit of overseas stability with promotion of… Continue reading


Israel Notes: The Price of Gilad Shalit

29 October 2010 15:14

Gilad Shalit’s mother, speaking earlier this summer at a rally demanding his release. At dinner in Tel Aviv last week discussion turned to the strange, awful case of Gilad Shalit,… Continue reading


Hello Again

28 October 2010 0:06

The Judean Desert, above Jericho. So, Israel was interesting. Lots more on that in the coming days. Not the least pleasure of spending a week abroad was missing George Osborne’s… Continue reading

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17 October 2010 1:04

Yarrow. Things could be pretty quiet around here these next few days. This week, I’m visiting Israel (for the first time) and while there may be Holy Land blogging there… Continue reading


A hard-headed case of déjà vu

6 October 2010 11:20

It was as if we’d been transported back a week – here was William Hague talking about ‘hard-headed foreign policy’, the very phrase that David Miliband had used before he… Continue reading


The coalition’s inept EU referendum lock

13 September 2010 16:45

At least this government is honest. ‘There will be,’ Europe Minister David Lidington says, ‘no referendum on the transfer of competence or power from the UK to the EU during… Continue reading


Burning the Koran

8 September 2010 9:15

The US constitution cannot stop Pastor Terry Jones from burning 100 Korans to mark the 9th anniversary of 11 September, and neither should it – the right to free speech is absolute… Continue reading


A question of judgement

2 September 2010 18:02

Up until today, the Hague-Myers story was confined to scurrilous rumour on Guido’s blog and the occasional cautious article in the Telegraph or the Mail; the rest of the media… Continue reading


Officials: Better than 50 percent chance that Israel will strike Iran next year

12 August 2010 18:44

The Iran issue has dropped down the news agenda in recent months. But that doesn’t mean it has gone away. Even with the difficulties that Iran’s nuclear programme has faced,… Continue reading


Is the real love affair between Fat Pang and Dave?

29 July 2010 18:30

We know that Chris Patten is advising David Cameron over the Pope’s visit – the Spectator interviewed him in that capacity recently. But a number of events this week suggest… Continue reading


Cameron’s provocative language over Gaza serves to obscure the issue

27 July 2010 10:42

And there’s me thinking that David Cameron’s overtures to Turkey were newsworthy enough, when he drops this into his speech in Ankara: "Let me also be clear that the situation… Continue reading


No more Turkish delight?

27 June 2010 11:38

I’m sitting at the Ciragan Palace’s glass-filled halls on the banks of the Bosporus. I have joined the UN Security Council’s annual retreat, organised by the Turkish government, to give… Continue reading


Trimble frozen out of government

14 June 2010 17:54

The announcement that Lord Trimble will join the Israeli review into the flotilla incident is a reminder that he has no role in the current government. Trimble takes the Tory… Continue reading


The other Rachel

6 June 2010 9:25

The boat the Israelis peacefully intercepted was called Rachel Corrie  – named after a young American protester accidentally killed when  offering herself as a human shield in Gaza. Her name… Continue reading


Flotilla follies

3 June 2010 17:58

Two groups in the Conservative party that have worried most about Con-Lib government are the social conservatives and the neo-conservatives. The latter have been particularly worried about UK relations with… Continue reading


Worse Than A Crime, A Blunder

1 June 2010 17:05

What a disaster. For Israel that is. One may appreciate two things simultaneously: that the "peace" activists en route to Gaza were not necessarily as innocent as that appellation might… Continue reading


A PR disaster for Israel

1 June 2010 15:32

Prematurely, the world’s press has condemned Israel. As I wrote yesterday, the facts have to be established before Israel can be adjudged to have acted disproportionately. At the moment, the… Continue reading


Hague pitches it right

31 May 2010 14:35

It would be wrong to pass comment on the loss of life on the Gaza Flotilla; the facts are not established. Israel is right to investigate convoys that it feels… Continue reading


Nick Clegg and the 3 am phone call

21 April 2010 10:27

Compared to many CoffeeHousers, I don’t find the Liberal Democrat’s foreign policy positions as problematic. Nick Clegg is smart, internationalist and has – unlike David Cameron and Gordon Brown (and… Continue reading


Obama and the Jews

28 March 2010 17:46

Granted there was something about George W Bush that sent plenty of otherwise reasonably normal people a little nuts too and perhaps the nature of politics and technology today is… Continue reading


US-Israeli spat ends, but may have long-term effects

19 March 2010 10:33

Week two and the US-Israeli spat has calmed. More than a dozen Republican and Democratic Congressmen have pressed the Obama administration to tone down its criticism, following initial outrage of… Continue reading


The Limits of American Power: Israel and Iran Editions

10 March 2010 19:04

I agree with Melanie Phillips that the principle reason there’s no middle-east preace prcess worth the name is the Palestinian’s reluctance to recognise and guarantee Israel’s security. I believe there… Continue reading